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30 Hilarious awkward Beach Photos

posted 17 Nov 2022, 18:47 by Happi Mess   [ updated 8 Dec 2022, 15:55 ]


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Awkward beach Photos

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30 Hilarious awkward Beach Photos

The beach is allegedly this relaxing place, but we're not convinced. From seagulls waiting to nab whatever you're eating to the sand that always manages to work its way into all the wrong places, there's more than enough to ruin the fun. 

Thankfully, these people managed to whip out their phones just as things started to go wrong at the beach. These hilarious photos will make you want to skip the ocean and just watch the Travel channel instead — but better wear some sunscreen just to be safe! 

Lost Leafer

Gator Glam

I don’t care what species you are—who wears pearls to the beach? Who are you trying to impress? This gator sure is incredibly vain and superficial for being so scaly and terrifying.

How or why this photo was taken is beyond us, but we're sure glad it exists. We knew the dangers of throwing your pearls before swine, but we never that would apply to gators too!


She was just minding her own business when his smol boi showed up to say hello.

Forgot The Top

When you go to grab a snack and you become a snack. nom

Did You Really Need Those Kids Anyways?

I’m sure these kids will grow up to be brilliant scientists because they’re about to get an important but brutal physics lesson. So much for a happy day at the beach!

We're sure that everyone will be able to look back years later and laugh at this photo, but that won't be happening any time soon. No one is better at holding a grudge than a kid!
They're Friends and They Don't Even Know

For one shining moment in his life, he was finally one of the popular girls. He may be a little past high school, but better late than never! We're sure this guy thought he was being absolutely hilarious.

These ladies were probably less than thrilled that he ruined their group shot, though. You never know what kind of weirdos you're going to run into at the beach, and now these ladies have firsthand experience!
Does Anyone Really Need a Working Neck?

Sand might seem like it’s soft and forgiving, but I’m sure this lady would beg to differ. A day at the beach is definitely not the time or place to figure out if you're good at gymnastics...and this lady definitely wasn't!

A sore neck might be bad enough, but we imagine that she'll be picking sand out of her teeth long after the pain goes away! Hopefully she learned to leave the flips to the professionals!
He's Got Game, I'll Give Him That

She’s such a gold digger. I heard that monkey was a venture capitalist. Considering that primates have been known to rough up humans, this lady is probably lucky he just wanted to cop a feel!

Monkeys are adorable, but we're fine not getting up close and personal with them. They clearly have boundary issues that we don't want to deal with!
Does This Kid Have a Mother? I Hope It's Not One of These Ladies.

Sometimes the view from the bottom is better than the view from the top, no matter what motivational posters may try to tell you. We have so many questions about this photo that, honestly, we don't want the answers to!

Everyone looks like they're having a good time, but this photo just creeps us out. It just looks like a beach wedding photo gone horribly, horribly wrong! Kids see the darndest things!
Look at This Beach Bum

Someone is clearly unhappy to be at the beach. She needed a couple more weeks to be truly swimsuit ready. This dog is definitely not having a fun day at the beach, and she looks like she's never had a fun day in her life!

Who ever heard of a dog having a terrible time at the beach? Not us until we saw this photo! Some people are just born party poopers, no matter how furry and adorable they may be!
Don't Feed the Locals

Whatever happened in the moments after this photo was either extremely cute or extremely terrifying. It could either way when you mix monkeys and food. I'd rather deal with a hungry, grumpy person than a hungry, grumpy monkey!

They may be adorable begging for food, but let them pay for it if they want the full vacation experience! It's expensive enough to go on a trip without a bunch of freeloading monkeys always hitting you up!
She Got the Wrong Directions to the Nude Beach

Sometimes covering up is a two-person job. She might want to put a padlock on that bikini top to make sure it stays up next time. You never know when you're gonna get an eyeful at the beach!

Hopefully, this guy actually knows the woman and isn't some poor stranger who had the misfortunate of having to fetch her clothes! We're all for human kindness, but even that has its limits sometimes!
He's Just One of the Girls

Making friends is hard. Making inter-species friends is even harder—especially when you’re venomous! At least this guy is giving it a go and putting himself out there. That's the one thing you always have to do when making friends.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like these women are too happy to have a new entry into their friend group. They shouldn't judge based on appearances, but they should definitely always keep an eye on that stinger!
Dumbo and the Princess

Sweetheart wanted to ride an elephant and it promptly ran off leaving her struggling.

Beach Selfie

Self-respect? What's that? It's clearly unimportant in the quest for the perfect selfie. We have to hand it to her—she's got some serious flexibility. Too bad she's using her powers for this sad state of affairs!

We get it...everyone wants to snap the perfect beach photo, but there has got to be a better way. If she wasn't striking this ridiculous pose in the middle of everyone, it would be a little more understandable!

Water You Doing?

Kim Kardashian isn't known for particularly clever photoshoots on her Instagram page, but as one of the most recent Sports Illustrated cover models, we expect a little bit more thought in her seaside photos than... whatever this is. She's literally in one of the most beautiful vacation spots in the world and decides that it's the perfect time to empty out her water bottle.

We assume her pouring out perfectly good (and definitely Brita filtered) water into the ocean is supposed to be symbolic somehow, or even "sexy," but it's a complete fail. She's not even pouring the water on her hair to make it look like she's showering. We can only imagine the thoughts running through her head before taking this hilarious snap. Hello, dehydration!
Sprite... Shower?

We thought that the point of beachfront showers was to clean off all of the sand, sunscreen, and salty ocean water, not to get splashed in a fine coat of sugary soda! Okay, yes, we know that these Sprite-themed showers (probably) aren't soda fountains, but I wouldn't trust it for a post-beach shower.

Don't get us wrong, it's a pretty clever idea to construct a beach shower in the shape of a soda fountain. But we have a few problems. Primarily, it's just a giant ad in the middle of the beach, and we already have enough advertising bombarding us online. At least it's funny to look at!
Kourtney Conehead

Soak in the glory that is Kourtney Kardashian (yes, it's really her) wearing a trendy beach hat that doesn't quite fit the way she intended. Unless the uber-rich socialite was trying to cosplay as a bikini-clad Conehead, we don't understand how she didn't catch the slip-up.

What makes this snap even funnier is two-fold. First, Kourtney thought it was a good enough snap to upload directly to her Instagram feed. Second, this photo was the first featured photo in a carousel of other perfectly acceptable pool snaps. Maybe the eldest Kardashian really is a huge fan of Conehead!
Monkey Around

Who needs a boyfriend to take pictures with when you have a perfectly good monkey to take his place? This girl certainly knows which option is better in this situation. She definitely made the right decision! Oh no... He's flipping off the camera... Maybe he wasn't the better choice after all?

All jokes aside, where do people find wild animals like chimps roaming around the beach? Hopefully, there's no zoo nearby that had a breakout of monkeys taking down the town! This guy looks nice, though. At least, he's nice enough to pose for a groovy beach pic!
Cowabunga — Holy Edition!

This girl might look like a nun, but we think she misunderstood the assignment. The ocean doesn't count as holy water, right? We doubt any Catholic priest is around to bless the beachgoers yet some might still feel blessed to see a surfing nun. What are the odds?


More likely than not, she's surfing for some kind of Halloween event or costume party, but we'd rather believe that she's surfing for the Holy Spirit. Hey, when you have the Lord on your side, you can do anything! This includes catching monster waves in Hawaii.
Eyes Up Here, Not On the Unicorn!

Rita Ora, a British singer who first rose to fame in early 2012, is showstopping in any bikini she wears. The artist, who is routinely featured on the covers of famous magazines, definitely understands the demands of the covergirl life. However, this snap is less "covergirl" and more "fail" material.


Sure, she's showstopping! But what on earth is going on behind her? One girl is struggling to stay afloat on a blow-up unicorn tube. Another girl could be drowning — we can't be sure. And way in the background are hillbillies on a giant boat that are most definitely too close to the girls nearly drowning in their tubes.
Hang in There

That branch has all their hopes and dreams living on a prayer. I'm sure our readers know what the universe thinks of dreams. Yeah..

"Who Forgot the Sunscreen?!"

These kinds of beach fails could be easily prevented if people had any sliver of motivation to reapply their sunscreen! UV rays are especially damaging during the summertime, and you can't go wrong with added protection from the sun during the spring either — especially at the beach.


Don't be these guys! We can't deny that the results are hilarious, but we honestly feel bad for them. That's gotta hurt! And what's going on in the first photo? We imagine this guy fell asleep facedown on the sand and his wife wrote the hilarious message on his back. He'll never forget to apply again!
Laugh at Doja Cat

Doja Cat — a sensational singer and performer who exploded in popularity during 2020 — doesn't take herself too seriously. Can you tell? Her Instagram feed is catered to her target audience, providing the perfect balance of styled red-carpet snaps and grainy, context-free selfies.


Remember Kourtney Conehead? Doja Cat must have been inspired by the eldest Kardashian's trendy sunhat snap. Just look at the height of that thing! It defies gravity! We're sure it must be a photoshopped photo, but we like to believe that it's all-natural just like her.

(Image via Instagram 1 & 2)
Phoenix Shmoenix

Ben Affleck’s giant back tattoo has gotten a lot of attention from the media over the last few years. While any publicity is considered "good" publicity, we doubt that anyone wants this kind of attention... Affleck originally claimed the tattoo was only temporary for a movie he was starring in. But the tat never appeared in the film and has been spotted on Affleck since.

So, we come to the conclusion that it is in fact, real. Affleck told several sources including Ellen DeGeneres that he loves his Giant Phoenix back tattoo. We can't knock someone for liking what they like, but if we're being objective here, the design placement is super awkward. The linework isn't overly terrible, and the colors have the potential to save the design, but why did it have to be so big?!
She Belongs to the Ocean Now

Those family beach photos just never turn out like you want them to. They probably should have done a test jump before turning the camera on. Has there ever been a beach family photo that actually went as expected?

Hopefully, they got some good shots before this one because something tells us this kid won't be in the mood for a photo shoot after taking a fall like this. And who could blame her? Her parents did her dirty!
Dolphins Aren't as Wholesome As They Pretend to Be

Dogs do the same thing, but at least they don’t have bottle noses. Dolphins may be cute, but they're too clever for their own good, and, as it turns out, some of them can be a bit pervy too! The ocean is a terrible place.

Everyone knows that wildlife can act in some pretty unexpected ways, but we would never have thought they could be so handsy. Or, in this case, nosy! That dolphin should probably be put on some kind of watch list at the very least!
Who Needs the Beach When You Have VR?

That headgear is going to lead to some hilarious tan lines. At least this kid is having a fun day at the beach, even if it is in a pretty disappointing way. How could you pick VR over those gorgeous views?

What would be really hilarious is if this kid was playing some kind of beach simulator while he was at the beach. At least digital sand doesn't follow you home in your shoes and bathing suit!
The Beach is Fun for Everyone

That stingray has clearly had too much to drink, but at least he’s a happy drunk. We would never have expected these marine creatures to be all smiles, but he just can't keep one off his "face"!

Why people love these buddy-buddy photos with rays is beyond us, but it looks like they're more than happy to snap a seaside selfie for every tourist that wants one! He should start charging by the shot!
This is Some Sort of Important Life Lesson for Her

Physics and children just don’t mix. At this point, we should all know that. And that's especially true at the beach because that sand just isn't as forgiving as it might look.

What makes this photo particularly hilarious is the dad's face in the background. His daughter might be taking a fall, but he's still having a great day at the beach. Every parent gets a freebie to laugh at their kids, and this is his one!
Sometimes Life Hits You in the Face Like a Frisbee

I’m not sure what breed this is, but they should have gone with a golden retriever instead. Frisbee might look deceptively simple, but it's clearly a bit more complicated than this person thought it was!

Hopefully, she survived this brutal encounter with her nose and teeth intact—those things fly fast! Sometimes it's just better to sit back and enjoy the beach views instead of trying to get in on all the action.
Nothing About This Makes Sense

I can’t tell who’s more unhappy to be in the ocean—those horses or that guy. Horses are pretty stubborn animals; how in the world did they even get them that far out into the water? It hardly seems worth it!

Hopefully, they'll just crop this poor guy out of the photo entirely because this shot is a lot less romantic when you've got a guy who looks like he's about to drown right in the middle of your PDA.
Visit the Ocean? Why Not Let the Ocean Visit You?

The starfish are tired of humans using them as decor, so they’ve come to take their revenge. At this point, she looks to be more starfish than human! We just hope that they'll be benevolent overlords when they take over entirely.

We understand the desire to get the perfect beach photo, but sometimes people just take things way too far. She's basically covered herself in slimy tentacle monsters just for a few laughs. So not worth it!
When a Seagull's Gotta Go...

It looks like Hollywood is working on a remake of The Birds. Something tells me it won't be as good as the classic. The lead actor is definitely not as good-looking as in the original!

Does anyone ever really deserve to be pooped on? Not really, but we have a hard time summoning any sympathy for this guy. What in the world did he think was going to happen? It's not like seagulls are known for their tact and decorum!
Please Leave Your Dog at Home

If you think this is disgusting, just realize that this probably happens a lot more off camera than you know. Someone is clearly a bad boy, and we're not just talking about the pooping dog!

It's not really any one person or animal's fault, though. The ocean is basically a giant toilet for fish, so why shouldn't some other creatures get in on the action? Regardless, this is a great day to ruin everyone's day at the beach!
It's Better Than the Real Thing

Who needs the real thing when you can have your own private ocean? At least there won’t be any shark attacks—unless they brought a few along with them for more realism!

A couple of those kids look pretty young, so maybe they're not ready for the ocean, but bringing a kiddie pool to the beach is still one of the more baffling things we've seen—and that's saying something considering the weird stuff on this list!
The Power of the Human Spirit

They were trying to prove that surfing is a team sport. And they succeeded...almost. It may be impressive on some level, but it leaves us with one pressing, important question—why, just...why?

Plus, this is basically a surfing all-you-can-eat buffet for sharks! I'm sure they're all huge superfans of group surfing, and we can't blame them!
Turns Out Every Dog Isn't a Good Boy

Having a special moment? Mother Nature will always be there to knock you down a peg. When a dog's gotta go, he's gotta go, and there's no heartwarming human moment that's going to stop him from doing his business.

You might think it would be fun to bring your dog to the beach, but this picture will probably cause you to think again! But hey, at least you're at the beach, so you've got plenty of water to wash off with!
He's Becoming One with the Beach

Not sure how that’s more comfortable than a chair, but at this point, he looks stuck, so hope he’s happy with his decision. Who knew that a day at the beach could be such hard work?

Everyone loves playing in the sand, but this is just getting ridiculous at this point. We don't even want to know how long it took to dig out that huge hole with such a tiny toy shovel!
A Romantic Walk on the Beach...for One

If there's no one to walk you, sometimes you've just got to walk yourself. Dogs can get pretty crazy at the beach, but we weren't expecting to see one walking like a human. Should we be expecting an imminent dog takeover?

This good boy looks like he needs to catch a few rays on the beach after his walk because this is one soggy doggy. He may be walking on two legs, but he has a way to go before walking on water.
Someone's Having a Good Time

This guy is officially cut off from the pina coladas. And he was supposed to be our ride home... We're not one to judge on appearances, but this horse is definitely testing that principle. You won't see us asking for a ride any time soon!

We get that the beach is a fun place to be, but this fella is taking a happy day at the beach to ridiculous levels. Someone needs to keep a close eye on this guy because he's clearly up to no good.
The Beach Got Breezy All of the Sudden

If you have the opportunity to ruin someone's serious beach photo, you take that opportunity. Every time. Sure, she was probably furious, but this is one prank photo that was well worth it!

If you want to try one of these cheesy photos for yourself, you'll definitely want to do the writing yourself, or you might just end up with something ridiculous like this. People these days—you just can't trust 'em!
There's No Such Thing as a Good Family Vacation

These poor people. This is clearly a family that’s been beaten down by the tides of life--at least this one time, anyways. The sea is a harsh mistress, and she has no time for your cheesy family photos!


This is probably not the photo they wanted, but we imagine they'll probably cherish this one for a lifetime. Sometimes the unexpected things in life are also the best ones!
Playing Fetch on the Beach

If you've ever wanted to see someone in the moments immediately before their life was ruined, here's your chance. This guy's fun day at the beach is about to take a seriously painful nosedive!

This is yet another reason to leave your dog behind when you go out for a day on the beach. They want us to think that they're man's best friend, but this photo proves otherwise. We're on to you, dogs!

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Awkward beach Photos

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