ANNOUNCING in partnership with professional improvisor Drew McCreadie 

The opening of Bangkok's first dedicated English language comedy venue - The Comedy Club Bangkok, Friday September 12th.

Located above The Royal Oak, Sukhumvit 33/1, this is somewhere where people can go to watch all manner of comedy, from open mic stand-up, to pro stand-up shows, to improv, to comedic theatre, gameshows, workshops and lots more. If it's funny we want it!

We are starting with one night a week, Friday nights - so stand-up twice a month (tentatively 2nd and 4th weeks) and Improv the alternating weeks.


Some shows like the open mic and improv are in-house but we plan to also be a presentation house where we can host shows by other entertainment organisers.  We will also be hosting workshops, such as acting, improv, and stand-up as part of our goal to develop and cultivate the local comedy community.

The introduction of a dedicated comedy venue takes the scene to a new level.  We are also working closely with other comedians and organisers in S.E Asia and beyond.

We are aiming to make the club a tourist destination as much as a resident expat or Thai 'thing to do' on a Friday night. Be in touch!


Chris and Drew (Creative Directors of The Comedy Club Bangkok)


includes location map and more