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Aussie & Thai Team Challenge @ Madame Tussauds Bangkok

posted 4 Feb 2012, 05:08 by Fin Chockdee   [ updated 5 Feb 2012, 06:43 ]
Team building with a touch of fame 
Game hosts "Exec Tours Bangkok" and Bangkok A.P.A.C. (Personal Assist <> Concierge) are rolling out a super fun team building game, there are many options to suit, it all includes fun and smiles as is Bangkok

Venue: Madame Tussauds, Siam Bangkok
Theme: Celebrity Encounters 

The Challenge: Teams are let loose in the interactive Museum, capturing as many photos as they can. Almost all of the 60 + themed wax figures have props so there's no limit to the imagination.

Duration: usually 2 hrs, with the option for pre or post game tourism

Phase 1:  Establish a team culture and with that teams generally jump straight into "clowny or  artistic" mode and that means "stretching your thinking". 

This fundamental behavioural change is the catalyst for experiencing tourism as a travelleropposed to a tourist for premiere Bangkok.

                        • "It's really quite hilarious", said David Ellis from Perth,  "Everyone just let's go and has fun and it follows into the day and night !!!
The finish line: Generally, within an hour teams complete the journey with a bag of photos, usually around 100 or more. 

Phase II: Brainstorming.  The Team has to come up with their best six (6) photos (conditions apply) with a supporting story line (this is a make or break point), but it should be about keeping the laughter and move on.

Teams are now free to return to the museum, return to work or pursue tourism Siam with support from the Bangkok A.P.A.C. team.

The Winners: The production room transfers the photos to a story book page which is then judged by a panel. Notification and awards are generally presented at a team winner.  The production team also uploads the entire collection to a private web album for the team members to share with friends/family.
Cost: variable based on pre / post game tourism options
  Options: Shopping and/or Tourism Siam with Bangkok APAC, Dinner presentation followed by nightlife tour Bangkok
  Prices: see details the brochure on the webpage link below, there are many options, it's flexible to achieve your team goals!

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webpage: Team Challenge "Celebrity Encounters"...........
Photo album, brochure; picture stories and costs