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Loy Krathong November 10 2011 Bangkok

posted 9 Nov 2011, 04:21 by Fin Chockdee   [ updated 9 Nov 2011, 04:40 ]
November 10 this year is the full moon night of the twelfth lunar month and is your evening to celebrate Loy Krathong and thank Nang Noppamas, the consort of the King of Sukhothai.

The history behind Loy Krathong begins 700 years ago, give or take a century or two, when a young woman called Nang Noppamas, the daughter of a Brahmin priest, made a tastefully decorated small boat to pay homage to Mae Nam, the goddess of rivers and waterways. 

This was a Brahmin celebration, but the king incorporated some Buddhist concepts to suit the local customs and religion and the forerunner of today’s Loy Krathong festival was born.

traditional kratong made from banana leafs and fresh flowers

Inside the krathong are three incense sticks representing the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha, plus an orange candle, some nail clippings and few locks of hair (in my case - a very few hairs, there are no locks left), plus a few coins.

All the women in the household get dressed up, in memory of the beautiful Nong Noppamas, as does almost every woman in Pattaya. The traditional costume hirers make a bundle that day, as do the hairdressers and beauticians.

Loykrathong's lyrics

November full moon shines, Loi Krathong, Loi Krathong,
and the water's high in the river and local klong,

Loi Loi Krathong, Loi Loi Krathong,
Loi Krathong is here and everybody's full of cheer,

We're together at the klong, We're together at the klong,

Each one with this krathong, As we push away we pray, We can see a better day.

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