Songkran Bangkok 2015

The water fight Festival


The festival of Songkran is an old tradition in Thailand. It marks the New Year according to the Thai lunar calendarThe tradition is an example of beautiful Thai culture revealing the joy, generosity, warmth, and respect of the Thai people.


a water-throwing funfest, in which anyone and everyone is liable to get thoroughly drenched.
There is some interesting points to note:  Travel costs may be higher (supply and demand), less locals (many return to their family homes to celebrate new year) so enjoy smaller queues. 

Most everyone is committed to a three (3) day celebration - "throwing water" AND BE WARNED - if you don't like it stay indoors - getting angry is BAD culture.

PLAN AHEAD: get your tours and shopping sorted and allocate the three water days to "len naam" (play water) or rest in your hotel.

When & where

The actual festival dates in Thailand vary a little.. 
  • North Chiang Mai 10th,  
  • Phuket 13th,  
  • Bangkok 15th, 
  • Pattaya 19th the fun starts about 3 days before the actual festival date in each location

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2015.04 Songkran Bangkok

Videos bkk

Video short - Khaosan
extracts of water fights in the area of Khaosan  external link this video

Video long
extracts of water fights in the area of Khaosan and Bangkok external link this video

Travel diary

Phill Smith - Green shirt (verteran 10 yrs +)
It’s sooooooo difficult to define “the magnitude” of awesomely cool happy fun experiencing Songkran IN THAILAND. 

Sooooo many people ooozing patience, kindness, innocent fun to play .. our long lost childhood yada

Our Journey: 
Monday "Khaosan Rd" (backpackers zone), arrived about 3pm, we wadded through the crowds to get inside the main area zone 1), during the next 7hrs of water battles we must have seen a crowd of 200,000 circulating the khaosan zones - see map. We retired by about 10.30pm for dinner. The tuktuk ride home was an invitation for water conflicts with other tuktuks or people along the roads with buckets of water (iced or not).  Did I mentioned the ice water in Khaosan priced at 5baht to 10baht

Tuesday: rest day and Garry (Blue shirt - newbie) had to return to Aus after a 10 day convention.

Wednesday - Craig (black shirt vet 4yrs) and I slipped into Siam square - OMG trillions of people almost everyone armed with water guns and street vendors selling the coldest ICE water you can imagine

Sooooo many people ooozing patience, kindness, innocent fun to play .. our long lost childhood yada

Truly enjoyable fun, if that don't float your boat - stay indoors or be drenched ... lol
Street vendor beers, drinks and food everywhere, cheap and accessible without all the politics, common sense hospitality super charged with charming Thai Smiles ... BRILLIANT!

Videos Thailand


YouTube Video

Silom (BKK)

Business area

YouTube Video

RCA (bkk)

Royal Central Avenue, nightlife district

YouTube Video


Island South Thailand - popular tourism destination

YouTube Video

Chang Mai

Northern Thailand, colder climate more traditional

YouTube Video

Udon Thani

Eastern Thailand, hotter and dry farming area

YouTube Video


South East coastal (Largest Foreigner settlement)

YouTube Video

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