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Test kits UK & Euro contaminated with Covid-19

posted 14 Apr 2020, 20:59 by Happi Mess


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Coronavirus testing kits heading to the UK found to be contaminated with Covid-19

Testing kits which were headed to the UK have been found to be contaminated with coronavirus.

The Government has said that it aims to boost the rate of tests to 25,000 every day by the end of April at the latest and has asked private companies to help drive up test production. But one production firm, Luxembourg-based manufacturer Eurofins, told UK labs on Monday that deliveries would be delayed as core parts had been contaminated with coronavirus, the Telegraph reported.

This shouldn't significantly affect the UK's testing efforts, Government sources told the paper.

The news comes after days of confusion over how much testing the UK is doing.

Cabinet minister Michael Gove said on Sunday that the UK had met its target for this stage of the coronavirus response with 10,000 tests done that day.

But Public Health England later released figures showing that just over 8,000 tests had been done in the previous 24 hours, although the NHS had capacity for more than 10,000.

Meanwhile a former director of the World Health Organisation has criticised the UK's testing efforts .

Professor Anthony Costello, who now works at University College London, told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that the UK isn't using its resources as efficiently as countries like Germany - which is doing 70,000 tests per day.

He said: "We have 44 molecular virology labs in the UK. If they were doing 400 tests a day we would be up to Germany levels of testing and that is perfectly feasible...

"If you look at Korea, they have done 490,000 tests. Their death rate is three per million and they have suppressed the virus.

“I don’t see why we can’t get these 44 labs up and running, finding cases and testing.

“We must go to mass testing and when we remove the lockdown... then we will have a control mechanism which will enable us to wait, without socially distancing the whole country, for drugs or a vaccine for herd immunity.

There's more 

other media reports confirm faulty and contaminated equipment in other countries


Test kit confirms something on this day BUT not tomorrow 

Evidence shows the virus does not effect 98.50% of the population - the exposure is to the elderly and/.or those with weak immunity so ensure they are quarantined (same as a Seasonal Flu)

You most likely have already has the virus but can contract it again during 14 day period, once your body has processed the virus it develops its own immunity but this takes approximately 14 days  then you can't get it again

you can google this information or you can view the fact checks we recorded in page IMMUNITY 


Round up

The overwhelming evidence in 70 min video interviews with Dr Kaufman  and Dr R O Young demonstrate quite clearly that

a. the test kits are defective, they don't isolate the virus

b. most every person already has strains of Corona in the genetics (its been known for 30 yrs)

c. that is does not matter who tests positive or negative (its incidental just like symptoms of a flu) , the issue is the state of your health to endure the flu type effect 

d. the flu type effect is insult to your body (an attack) and it's why only people with a weak immune system are dying 
most all patients that have died have been elderly and/or underling (chronic) health issues 

Evidence shows - the longer your on a ventilator the less chance you have of recovery 

e. a Major trigger for the cell poisoning is STRESS when you feel threatened, therefore it is IMPERATIVE you view the video 
  • to understand that you have the power to be in control of the situation "Mind over matter" to discourage stress. 
  • Think of your body as having a battery (inside your chassis) 
    • if you do not maintain healthy cells the battery fails (will not hold charge and the car can't start - no charge).

You must realise you are overloading your body with toxins, that the current exposure of EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields) in electrical devices, beams, radiation, microwaves is accumulative effecting the electrical energy that is within the cells of your life battery. 

It is why 90% of the patients that require Ventilators do not survive - its too late 
refer video report by Dr in New York Hospital below 


short link to this page 
Cameron Kyle-Sidell MD critical New York

How the media can manipulate 


Fauci said 0.1%

how can it be that USA leading Disease expert publishing in the Industry JNL that's its likely to be 0.1%
yet then in MS media tell the population its serious 

The Scam Pandemic 

LITERALLY Shutting Down the World for NOTHING - CV "EXPERT" Anthony Fauci Spills the Beans


short link to this section

same vid in facebook

Not dead yet

UK:   Govt workers creating Hysteria and scare mongering 
placing "dead person" on premises notices tenants
without confirming the facts

can you imagine the amount of stress caused to people 

No Patients


This is Italy.. 
The mainstream media are saying 900 people a day are dying!! 
Hospitals can't cope.. Watch this ☝️patients 

Conspiracy tips

Conspiracy, The Psychology On How To Ignore Them

#1: Facts. Just the facts.
#2: Use consensus as a guidepost.
#3: Don’t overthink it.
#4: Trust in probabilities


In Short

S.T.O.P Start TObserve Purposefully

understand the difference between a Knee Jerk and a Reflex
be aware that people give you advice for financial gain

see also related topics this page

1. video KWNC King Wears No Clothes

2. Conspiracy videos - 60 mins on 5G mind blowing

its just weird how some people already know stuff 

speaker and source of video not know, nor is the reason for the country symbol 
it could be a comedy skit but it happens to make sense in sync with 5G refer below 


updated 28/3/2020

status quo 

updated 28/3/2020

analytically speaking 
death and chaos from global shutdown will far outweigh 
the death from the virus 
the majority of deaths would most likely be occur Season Flu 
(global stats 500,000 pa) 

  • Seasonal flu for 2019-2020 is down stats shifted to covid-19 (graph down page after stats)

2009 Season Flu  (Swine Flu) PANDEMIC https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2009_flu_pandemic
  • Jan to Aug 2009 According to WHO death approx 20,000 
    no global reset / shut down effected 1 billion of 7 billion (more than 1918 Pandemic
  • follow up study in Sept 2010 showed results no higher than seasonal flu, 
    WHO estimates 250,000 to 500,000 deaths seasonal flu 
  • no global shut down, Media Hysteria, financial crisis; leading to suicide stress cancer, looting 
  • no exhausting resources, denying of emergency health services 


Covid-19 / Corona novel (animal) virus

updated 28/3/2020

28/3/20 covid-19 global
known cases deaths  % day recovery
600000 27000 4.50% 74.0 95.50%
Existing illness 67%
 28/3/20 covid-19 global
UNknown cases deaths  % day recovery
4,000,000 27000 0.68% 74.0 99.33%

compare to 2009 season flu - Swine Flu
  2009 swine flu
cases deaths  % day
1,000,000,000 27000 0.00% 74.0

Related stats

population Tuberculosis % day
8,000,000,000 10,000,000 0.13% 27397.3
population starvation % day
8,000,000,000 9,000,000 0.11% 24657.5
population fin stress % day
8,000,000,000 500,000 0.01% 1369.9
population %
8,000,000,000 major threat
elderly (60+) 960,000,000 12.00%
serious sick 400,000,000 5.00% 17%
not at risk 83.00%
83% of global population NOT AT RISK of death

FC stats

stat clocks

added 30/03

added 28/3

added 28/3 
world Death clock window below https://www.worldometers.info/
scroll the window to see deaths per year or day

Outcome: Covid-19 

95% of the deaths were underlying illness or elderly / terminal 
the data is not accurate as it has been collated in a rush / best guess / using untested equipment 

Italy reported 30% of test equipment from China failed 
Australia has cases of people turned away from initial test station to later confirm they have corona

The Elderly
90% of the elderly that die from Covid-Con would otherwise die from the Season Flu during the next 9 mths
that will be evidenced by the stats for Season Flu (Globally 500k)
Season Flu 2017 600k  2019 400k  - average is 500k  (google search it)

Crisis of covid-19
1. MS media Hysteria reporting 
2. Financial chaos - stressed families, looting, starvation, 
3. Broken emergency service to elderly and sick dying at home from Hysteria no medicals or care support as those
people have to keep a social distance or in isolation due to contracting the virus

Related topics 

best fake and Truth on COVID-19 Rebrand of Seasonal Flu 

join the group and "Get on board" 

Scientific Community fabricated data on COVID-19  

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg vid: 

added 24/3/20 
10 min vid by Dr Thomas Cowan
explains that a virus is created inside your body becoz of disease
and what caused the disease  (5G)  - easy to follow vid

link to video 

new data shows 5G triggers Covid-19

Best Diary of COV events Rock Fell cut cover

A Swiss Doctor on Covid-19 daily log at wab

More Conspiracy videos wab https://lnkd.in/duk_7Kp

Sheep Society

or just watch video below

LuckyPhill heads or tails

undecided .. flip it heads or tails 

So you don’t know WTF to do with your life? You’re not alone.

Let the internet determine your future destiny. This website exists as a choose-your-own adventure guide to happiness and life fulfillment.

WA All you have to do is click here

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