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posted 20 Jan 2016, 00:07 by Happi Mess   [ updated 20 Jan 2016, 00:37 ]

At the Airport

You will see many beautiful sculptures at Suvarnabhumi Airport including giants that look like the ones at Wat Chaeng and Wat Pho. They are tall and frightening. 

One such statue that you can't avoid (after passing through Customs is a litter scary ...  it has god-like statues on both sides, they are pulling the serpent (the king of Nagas) from both sides. However, the center of the serpent is coiled around something that is set on a turtle with Indra stands on its top. We guess many people are questioning what it is, what it is for and what it means.

We have the answers for this sculpture.…

The Churning of the Milk Ocean


The sculpture 

called the Churning of the Milk Ocean or the Scene of the Churning of the Milk Ocean. 

It is believed to be the place that holds the nectar of immortality; thus, it portrays immortality and stability. Likewise, Suvarnabhumi Airport represents the golden land, resources, prosperity, stability, and eternality.

The sculpture has the statue of four-hand Narayana (Vishnu) placed on top of the Mount Madura, 9 gods are on one side and 9 demons on the opposite are pulling the king of Nagas from both sides. The turtle (Koorm Avatar) is the tortoise-incarnation of Vishnu, which is the third incarnation form out of the ten forms according to the Scene of the Churning of the Milk Ocean. Koorm Avatar uses the shell to be a pivot for the churning stick.

The Churning of the Milk Ocean

The Churning of the Milk Ocean

The Churning of the Milk Ocean

The Churning of the Milk Ocean

The agenda 

of this sculpture is the eternal prosperity as if Suvarnabhumi Airport is the "ETERNALLY GOLDEN LAND" 

360 Panorama

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inside the airport  - after Passport control you will pass the Sculpture of "The Churning of the Milk Ocean" see below  external link   

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in the image is a watermark image of "Muang Boran" - Ancient City open air museum in Samut Prukan - 30kms from Bangkok

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