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Thai Movie Ghosts and Comedy TIT


Review by Lucky

I was going to use the title review by Farang (foreigner) by some Foreigners living in Thailand get stressed and complain lol  

sorry.. this 20 sec comment is not high quality (testing an app ClippyCam) 
pls jump to reviews below and watch the movie

ok ..  
watched this movie on a Thai Airways flight in July 2018

I selected this movie coz is suggested COMEDY ...  
Title: Ghosts all around    COMEDY   ?  um not quite 

None-the-less it was very entertaining, if your visiting Thailand these topics are a great starting point with local culture 


1. intensity of Thai culture re spirits and Ghosts 
2. slap stick comedy 
3. slang words  (sub titles) .. use them   lol 

about this movie 

Three short stories in 1 movie, the period is ...  during Songkran festival so we know that's in April and ....

Songkran festival does not really get much air time which is fine so lets stay with the focus topics above

for you
I found a youtube of the movie and show below, duration 90 mins

Best tip: find a Thai friend and watch the movie with them, appreciate the culture, ask some questions and watch them shrink during the scary scenes as there are lots  

Awesome scary scenes
Sub titles so you can try to learn thai
Somehow many Thai people learn English from movies

1 Tar wants to leave his hot looking gf khun Som  (u idiot Tar) she is hot but the good looking ones are usually mad .. lol 

anyway .. he thinks she killed herself and her ghost refuses to let him go..  

It's a little heavy going / quite dramatic  - > dnt watch this alone

2. at the 23 min mark of the movie ...  
4 young Thai boys are making a movie about ghosts
When tragedy strikes one of them ... 

apart from many scary scenes the slapstick comedy is priceless 
it's very common in Thai movies and TV to include slapstick comedy 

I love the slapstick comedy 

3. 52 min mark is story No 3 
Khun Cat, goes to ChangMai with her transgender friend .. 
lots of twists in the story same the others 

The slap stick comedy with hotel staff; when they discover that holding a statue of budda lets you see ghosts .. OMG what a cracker

Naturally this movie include lots of emotional scenes 

mos tall Thai movies include over acting emo about LOVE and SADNESS it's the country of crying 

The cornerstone of Thai Culture .. the Heart Culture

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I'm not knocking it / complaining ..  it's about laughing at life 

there are few things I do not like about Thailand 

I dnt understand why people come to live in Thailand and complain about stuff ...  leave leave same any country 

the crazy situation when people from another country / culture come and start demanding change ...  what the 

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Review by IMDB

basic details but has a link to all people in the cast 

Review by Student Weekly

a lot of detail, includes three (3) trailers .. 1 for each story within this movie 

Watch it free

90 mins    - > External link 

story 1: Tray and Som:  23 mins:  Scary and sad
story 2: Mod and friends: timeline 23 mins to 52 mins  Scary and very funny
story 3: Cat goes to ChaingMai: timeline 52 mins  Scary, funny and sad 

Your comments

pls add them to this facebook post in Bangkok Adventure Thai Movie review Ghost is all around

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