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posted 2 Jul 2015, 09:35 by Happi Mess
Suvarnabhumi airport has the world’s fastest WiFi service, according to a study released in June.

Speed-test website Rottenwifi.com created a graphic showing results of tests it conducted on quality and speeds of WiFi at more than 130 airports, in which Suvarnabhumi came out on top.

The Top 10 airport WiFi speeds included five in Europe, two in the United States and three in Asia. The specialist website said the average Suvarnabhumi WiFi speed topped all airports at 41.45 megabits per second, well ahead of the airport in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where the speed was measured at 30.99 Mbps.

The airports serving Dublin, Ireland (19.45 Mbps), Vilnius, Lithuania (18.04 Mbps) and Helsinki (17.46 Mbps) rounded out the fastest five.

Two other Asian airports were in the top 10. Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali (16.01 Mbps) placed sixth, followed by Taiwan’s Kaohsiung International Airport (15.55) in seventh.

Travelwire Asia, a British multilingual travel magazine which operates on the internet, said the Suvarnabhumi speed was “pretty impressive. Suvarnabhumi provides two hours of WiFi for free after a quick registration.

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