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Talat Noi or Talad Noi is a historic neighbourhood in Bangkok. It roughly occupies the area of the subdistrict of the same name in Samphanthawong District. Located on the periphery of Bangkok's Chinatown, Talat Noi has been home to various ethnic Chinese communities since soon after the foundation of Bangkok


The Rong Kueak Shrine is a historic building in Talat Noi.

Talat Noi or Talad Noi (Thaiตลาดน้อยpronounced [talàːt.nɔ́ːj]) is a historic neighbourhood in Bangkok. It roughly occupies the area of the subdistrict of the same name in Samphanthawong District. Located on the periphery of Bangkok's Chinatown, Talat Noi has been home to various ethnic Chinese communities since soon after the foundation of Bangkok. Several historic buildings are located in the area, including the Holy Rosary ChurchTalat Noi Branch of Siam Commercial Bank, the first headquarters of Siam Commercial Bank[1] [2] and the Sol Heng Tai, which the old mansion is over 200 years old, it is the home of a local magnate with a career loan, built with Chinese courtyard architecture.

Talat Noi has a long history since before the founding of Bangkok. The first ethnic group to colonize here was the Portuguese from Ayutthaya, so they built a Portuguese church, this is the Holy Rosary Church in today. Later, many other ethnic groups came to live, not only Chinese but also includes the Vietnamese and Khmer. In the reign of King Rama V or Rama VI and the previous period. Talat Noi is an important port. There are steamers picking up from overseas and long lined up to Song Wat in the Ratchawong port, which close to Yaowarat.

And is the birthplace of Dr. Puey Ungphakorn, former Governor of the Bank of Thailand, he was the leading thinker in Thai society in the 1970s.

The name "Talat Noi" means little market (talat in Thai means market and noi means little or junior). It comes from the name of the daughter of landowner in the past.So, Chinese who living here are often referred to in Thai term in Teochew dialect Tuk Luk Kia (ตั๊กลักเกี้ย; Chinese噠叻仔)

Nowadays, it is well-known as a cultural attraction. It also connects to other attractions, which are the same historic neighborhood on Charoen Krung Road, such as Captain Bush Lane and House No.1, The Old Customs HouseBangkok General Post OfficeAssumption Cathedral, they are all in the Bang Rak District. Including River City, a shopping center by the Chao Phraya River etc.

In addition, local elder also recalled Talat Noi is origin of the Kuaitiao khua kai (ก๋วยเตี๋ยวคั่วไก่), a popular stir-fried noodles dish. It adapted from dried chicken congee in during World War II period.

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