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similar to VPN (Virtual Private Network) but better
Always home is a direct physical link to your home network which you can access from anywhere, ideally when abroad and bypass all GEO blocking 

The dongle inbuilt technology generates faster then normal portal speed

It's as if you are at home 

apps for smartphone or desktop 

Remember:  This ideal user is 

a traveller seeking access to home network to watch existing connections TV shows and the like that would be GEO blocked 

a traveller seeking access to employer office network 

Download useage

from home connect the access / streaming is an upload not download process

from your remote location you will be downloading the data, typically you should try to use a local / wifi service NOT mobile as mobile data pack are usually more expensive but this depends on the local system  

ie., check you allowance on home and remote 

info extracted from a site as general info re useage 
Streaming video for a minute uses an estimated 4MB data (at 480p). This varies greatly depending on the video quality of what you're streaming. Making video calls using an app like Skype also counts as streaming video. A Skype video call could use twice as much data as a YouTube video of the same length and similar quality, because you’re streaming two videos (one from your mobile to your mate's, and one from their device back to you).


info below was a special offer I shared when i wrote this review, the offer has expired so use the link above 

old offer from time of review 

sections listed 
1. standard price on their website 
2. reduced price for my readers / followers 
3. massive discount for solo life pack 

1. Standard pricing: 

always home website - pricing  BUT  scroll down to see better offer and best offer 

2. reduced price

Better offer

screen shot below shows Indiegogo (crowd funding) campaign page 

The product is ranked "InDemand"  and 259% sales above campaign estimates 

in this link to the page you will see the special offer for LifeLong Solo Pak  at Indiegogo  US $149

the page shows other options for annual licence US $39 and US $39 for a dongle (require 1 dongle per licence)

3. Monster discount with Sololife pack

Best offer 

this link will access their sololife pack at $10 less than published

share me your savings .....
I don't get any commission  (ask the host service) 
I like promote good stuff that I use and encourage people to reciprocate (return the favour) 

the host site does offer a referral code which gives users extra credits but I dnt use that link I opted to cut a deal for my network 
if you get value, please help me ... 
kindly donate half or all of the $10 saving to my charity project work Bangkok slum child care

to donate 
access this link "buy us a coffee", pls also include a message so I know its from you
in a few mths I will publish amount and hand to charity group during my visit/s

Buy us a coffee

if you like info, keep us going sponsor a coffee
when I roam around town with a few bags of camera gear, phones and compass I get tired 
in this link you can buy me a coffee and include a message which helps so much

ultimately I prefer support for visit my local charity project 
FSCC Foundation Slum Child Care log of my visits and money raised

Roadtest Aus

I have been using the service for the 6 months to verify successful connection to GEO locked channels in Australia from abroad 

1. iView  (ABC) Australia   GEO locked (will not work outside of Australia)
free to sign up and join and view in desktop or mobile app but GEO locked to Australia

2. Fox cable TV Australia  GEO locked  (will not work outside Australia)
all existing services / channels on fox a/c in Aus can be viewed in their app up to 5 devices via website on desktop or mobile app

       Note: AFL have another app to access abroad but you have to pay another fee .. W.T.Fox 

4. Netflix is Geo locked (have not tried)

5. 2018.08.15 Lotto  (can't buy from oside aus)  just bought via the app ..  

welcome to message details of a internet based GEO for me to test, provided its free to access (no join fee) 
otherwise if your not sure / confident to spent US$139 then buy the 1 year licence $39 + dongle 

it's incredibly fast ?  I dnt know how they make it go so fast ie., no buffering 
Ive watched the sports (AFL) however I prefer to go to a local bar in Bangkok to eat and drink and have some atmosphere, I mainly use the app to watch Fox cable TV from Australia and it works like a charm - no buffering


from talking to the host manager in seeking a discount to promote to my network I have discovered the service has been operating for several years and currently has a subscription client user base of 10,000

like most tech issues the more the cheaper 


GEO blocked 

Australia    accessed 

AFL           y
Fox TV        y
iView ABC     y
netflex a/c   y

line TV       not tested

Cost / savings

this is the approx cost savings for me, they will bee different for you based on what type of GEO blocked links you like to view 

1. internet service Australia  = Nil  (existing service)

2. dongle and sololife package US $139 over 70yrs      app $3 per year

Fox / Cable abroad
if I was using my Slingbox      Purchase device $200 no ongoing fees
can only sling feed from TV and web based devices attached to TV ie.,, cable 

if able purchase rights to view outside Aus ..  perhaps $50 per year 

AFL aboard season pass                                $120 pa 
If your a Telstra Australia customer you get free access to the AFL app australia and free annual subscription however it is GEO blocked
if you have fox cable tv with sports package you don't need to buy the app afl abroad 

you can watch some games on free to air but it might be GEO blocked thus you need this app

iview abc  
good shows and docs .. but many are GEO blocked but not with this app

again this app can not be GEO blocked because the connection is from your live home network being "slinged" to you 
similar to VPN but better and faster


Smartphone IOS and Android

Desktop mac and Windows  scroll down the page 


widget below external link   "Get the most use a Host" > Bangkok PAC Small cost Big Smiles!

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SM Comments

AlwaysHome app is a must do for frequent Travellers giving you direct access to your home internet which can not be GEO blocked, with their dongle you get high speed access anytime from anywhere .. details
#AlwaysHome   #TravelTools  #TravelApp   #BetterThanVPN  #LuckySaidSo   #BestBuy  

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app Rabbit IOS and Android

FREE and no licence costs or ongoing subscription

recently downloaded but not properly tested, from the info page its quite amazing 

extract from their webesite

Never count down and press play again: Rabbit makes it simple to sync up anything you’re doing online, from catching up on your favorite shows with friends across the globe to playing games and listening to music.

✓ Watch movies, TV, videos together in sync
✓ Video, voice, and message chat
✓ Play games
✓ Browse the web together

The possibilities are endless: Anything you can do in a browser, you can do in Rabbit.


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when I roam around town with a few bags of camera gear, phones and compass I get tired 
in this link you can buy me a coffee and include a message which helps so much

ultimately I prefer support for visit my local charity project 
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