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Cannabis Bangkok

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Did you know

1. One hectare of cannabis releases as much oxygen as 25 hectares of forest. Cannabis grows in 4 months and trees grow in 20-50 years.

2. From one hectare of cannabis, you get the same amount of paper as 4 hectares of forest.

3. Trees make recyclable paper 3 times while hemp makes recyclable paper 8 times. Hemp paper is the best and most durable.

5. Hemp plants are a radiation trap. Cannabis plantations purify the air.

6. Hemp can be grown anywhere in the world, it needs very little water. Furthermore, because it can defend itself against parasites, it doesn't need pesticides.

7. Hemp textiles outperform even linen products in their properties.

8. Hemp is an ideal plant for the production of edges, ropes, bags, shoes, hats...

9. Cannabis is banned in Bulgaria. But technical cannabis does not contain a drug and can be grown freely.

10. The protein value of cannabis seeds is very high and two fatty acids contained in it cannot be found anywhere else in nature.

11. Growing cannabis is much cheaper than soy.

12. Animals that eat cannabis don't need hormone supplements.

13. All plastic products can be made from hemp, hemp plastic is environmentally friendly and fully biodegradable.

14. Hemp can also be used for thermal insulation of buildings, it is durable, cheap and flexible.

15. Hemp soaps and hemp cosmetics do not pollute water, so they are completely environmentally friendly.

And about the benefits of medical cannabis in the treatment of many different conditions, one more time
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