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Comedy Club Bangkok

Welcome to Bangkok's first ever dedicated English language comedy club with weekly shows every Friday, located at Sukhumvit 33/1 above 'The Royal Oak Pub'!

How funny life can be! What started as a casual first time stand-up comedy open mic over 4 years ago soon turned into Bangkok’s longest running open mic. Now with the growth of the comedy stand-up scene, improv, plays and workshops it’s time to have a new home! 

Co-founder and performer Chris Wegoda, who also runs stand-up comedy nights declares the newly furbished venue will be dedicated to comedy in all forms, as well as workshops and training.


Language: English 

Location: short walk from popular BTS skytrain station with a treasure of tourism Icons before or after the show

Located inside (4th flr) of Royal Oak Pub with great food drinks to suit before or after

Show themes: Check the events to know the culture
  • Bronze: Open Mic:  workshop for new comedians &/or new material (crowd empathy needed)
  • Silver: Improv / Whose line is it - group performance interacting with audience input
  • Gold:  Main events  - accredited / seasoned comedians 
Prices from 300bht to 1000bht depending on the theme

Capacity: approx 60  - cosy
Bar inside the comedy room

Food: dine at 2nd flr of the Royal Oak Pub

Post events: most performers are avail for photo or social chat (drinks) in Bar downstairs

360 Spherical photo:  Audience juggling beers and drinks before show time

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Sukhumvit Soi 33/1,  Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok, Thailand
4th flr of Royal Oak Pub

note: map image may not be true North, rotated for best view

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Getting there: 

350 mtr from BTS (skytrain) station Phrom Pong - view, exit gate 5, 
200 mtrs to enter Soi 33/1, then 150 mtrs to Royal Oak Pub 

entrance to comedy 
1. afront entrance stairs on the right 
2. or inside pub at rear is internal stairs to each level of pub and comedy club

Transport: map link type BTS station / MRT station, best search tricks

before the show enjoy high quality meal on 1st flr of Royal Oak Pub on, then go up stairs to Comedy Club 

Bar service in the comedy room access during the show


Youtube below

Created: 18/11/2022
Theme: Newbie info
Duration: 3mins

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19/11/22 old

Comedy Club Bangkok

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