About - Giftzy G-Gift
Born in Bangkok,Thailand HoneyG is blessed with exotic good looks and an air of confidence. Added to this is a determination to succeed which has seen her accomplish a high standard of DJing and a solid rep to go with it, despite the obvious hurdles facing a female DJ in a male dominated scene.

One of the most talented up and coming artists is HoneyG from Thailand. She has everything a perfect DJ needs. There is no second option, HoneyG has to be experienced! HoneyG’s development as a DJ has been as fast as it gets. Her first public appearance occurred in 2011 when she performed at GLOW Bangkok the Night Club. Since then, she has developed quite a name in Bangkok nightlife scene. Her appreciation for music and dance has always been part of her character. In 2011, HoneyG has played in Europe as a professional DJ. Known House, Deep House, Tech House, Techno & Electro-house, HoneyG has raised eyebrows, pulses and hands across club floors around the world in her year as a DJ.

My name is DJ Honey G
I play deep house,tech-house,tech-minimal,tech-techno and progressive. I can play PIONEER CDJ very well.
I have a special mixing skill which is not same with other DJ. The style is very unique and it is absolute my style.
I am an exthusiast DJ who can entertain a lot of people and always make them happy.
The beautiful DJ is hotter tunes. Her unique style and music knowledge will guide you into a new a fresh sound that Party lovers will be dying to listen
With her impressive skills and cheerful personality, it's no wonder that Honey G is on the way to be one DJs

Get Ready to be Honey coated with fat beats, crisp highs and cutting edge mixing.
Rates: Negotiable depending on event & time. :) Book me:  email : giftzy_giftzer@hotmail.com   my phone /what's app : +66805914442

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