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Drone stuff


recording info with use and experience with DJI Mavic Pro


Hanger 360 
2017.05:  FREE: makes 360 spherical photos, uploads to server no download - more

2017.05  NOT Free Litchi  - seriously good - many flight modes not in dji 4
but no cache stream of video/photos to phone 
details to be added - in the meantime very good reviews in youtube and forum

2017.05 Not Free: Autopilot 


Good Drone Deeds

Review flights 

1. flight app has record of flights

2. view tips and tricks in forum

3. view flight in google earth on desktop - item 7 in this post - pic and instructions by user luckyroo
upload flight log into free healthydrones and output into csv or hml file
upload the hml file into google earth to view the flight
use that data 

many ways show in the tutorials

tips/tricks for close contact to buildings 
Litchi hub lets you plot waypoints with map co ordinates which you can get from replaying your flight in dji 
scroll to the desired spo

in dji do a test flight, agree a on potential waypoint and take a pic
in the reply the flight recording shows where you took pics to quickyl find the waypoint map co ordinate to type into litchi hub

once you have a mission saved you can replay it day / sunset / night to get same position of pics / videos