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360 camera mount


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We have and use four (4) different brand 360 spherical cameras with the Mavic Pro drone using "The Cradle"

we can effectively bind a cradle below and above the drone at the same time allowing use to operate a 360 camera below and above the drone at the same time

connectors used

1. standard 1/4 in camera thread
2. Go pro accessories 

The cradle is designed to serve both with multiple thread points and multiple go pro anchor points 

The Cradle has an extension bar (called Cross Bar) which is also designed with multiple anchor points for thread or go pro connection



add Cross Bar

add Tripod

add a tripod to to rest when not in use or simply fold the arms in and turn upside down

folding arms in is the best tip for quick flight option

add hand carry / fly device 


The is a google Doc link converted to webpage at embedded in website