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The Cradle


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The Mavic pro was designed for the traveller, minimal size, collapses into a need combo travel bag

We focus on the same concept

Portable; easy to pack for the traveller 

Dynamic; multi functional, all parts can be used for other functions 

The Cradle can be used below or above the drone, multi slots for standard camera thread or go pro

The Cross Bar; use with drone or conventional camera for lights, camera, flash
also used for land, catch, leg extender and float rig

The Go pro clips; leg extenders, camera clip, float rig

most everything folds to flat for easy carry in bag

1. The Cradle

  • Launch/land/catch

  • hand fly camera/s and light/s

  • landing gear extensions,

  • Float rig

  • Integration with land base tripods, cameras, flashes

2. Cross Bar

3. Go pro clip

Specs in project page

Road tests pending

hover engine rev:  mavic Pro - no attachments 570 

with cradle and cross bar 605 

with cradle, cross bar and camera Theta S 360, Samsung Gear

with cradle, cross bar and floats 

with cradle, cross bar and floats and cradle above with Theta S 360, samsung gear

Sub pages


we have designed an accessory cradle that can be mounted above or below the drone

the cradle has attachments for
crossbars for lights or cameras or floats
floats (float on water)
tripod mount
extend landing gear
go pro clips
selfie tripod 
hand held carry video harness
launch and catch pole

tests completed for all elements above except the floats which we are doing now (July)

expected pricing

The Cradle 2000bt

cross bars (need 2) 700bt each  made from Nylon for extra strength)
Note: cross bars designed for dual use with land based cameras   ie can replace existing camera accessory bars

go pro clips 150bt each (recommend 4)

the go pro clips can be used to extend landing gear or connect cameras or floats

final pricing is in the project page

Status quo

2018.10  stopped developing and started using, the intention was to give the orders to some Thai friends but it got too complicated 
if your interested in the cradle let me know as I bought quite a few accessories / add on items pending orders

due to laws Aus and Bangkok I dnt use much and now into 360 Spherical cameras and created info page to share knowledge

28/8/17 print new model with latest changes

10/08/17 2 slots need 1 mil groove to vertical wall and- no other changes to cradle required for this model

27/7/17 fly with all pieces and cameras - test engine load and battery life - make tweaks to enhance; change rear vertical support and cross slots 

25/7/17 making a few tweaks to 
1. cradle change rear support with cross slot and thread 
2. cross bar; widen slot for camera flash bolt
3. go pro clip: thread top and bottom 

making sample photos and videos .. (time permitting)

24/7/17 test down sensors with cradle - details

23/7/2017 created the google doc to explain the project

../05/2017 previous notes removed from May, design, test, fail, change, test, fail, test, fail, test, fail lol   constant improvement 


The is a google Doc link converted to webpage at embedded in website



Not final design 
modifications being tested, see link above for status quo or the link project 

The Cradle locks under or above the drone to carry devices or launch the drone as an elevated stand

Launch / Land / Catch
Land Gear extension
hub for carrying devices 

Cross Bar

Not final design 
modifications being tested, see link above for status quo or the link project 

Launcher / Catcher 
Float Rig
Land Gear Extender
Hand carry bar 

also used for existing land camera ext for flash and more 

Go pro clips

Not final design 
modifications being tested, see link above for status quo or the link project 

Landing gear extension
carry pins for camera, flash, go pro 
lock pins, extender pins, support pins

Float Rig

Not final design 
modifications being tested, see link above for status quo or the link project 

Landing Gear

Not final design 
modifications being tested, see link above for status quo or the link project 

Tripod Hand Fly

There are many combinations  see project page - tripods / Hand carry fly / Launch / Catch

These photos are only a few, many more pics in the project page page 2 and in the section tripods

Late in 2017 we have been using other accessories with great success

just google / find different shelf products to suit and strap them on 

example: this cheap lightweight tripod is ideal for hand carry, then simple close up the legs and use it to hand catch the drone

360 Camera mount

multiple connections above or below

Boat catch

many of the existing elements (accessories) can double for boat catch
latest example: March 2018 new camera accessories

flexi camera cable - use as a straight line or mould a hook into the end

short url to cradle boat catch


Mod Combo carry Bag 

simply changes to form a suspended work station of your hip to hold the RC (Remote Control), Booster, Sun Visor

Velcro to 3 places to Mod bag:

  1. Portable Stand for RC (Remote control)

  1. Suspend from hip
    Ideal when hand launch / land to keep RC in stable location locked to bag which is locked to hip

  1. Sunvisor on bag


combinations are endless
strong 3D printed plastic

see project page for pricing  - to be confirmed


Best apps  - tba

Hangar 360 Photos - all the pics we have taken so far, record; height, time, location and best tips and tricks


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