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The word Traypod is used to title this page, it also means: hand carry tripod / hand fly device 

Translation / intention: 
a device connected to Mavic pro to allow physically hold the drone while static or moving to take photo or video

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we will display all the different models that we find and you submit with links 

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google search"  Mavic Pro Tray


US $20

good value for money BUT ..  
function traypod only, takes too long to switch from fly to non fly, have to remove props, need space in bag to carry device which can break

Image result for Mavic Pro tray
Katana - DJI Mavic Tray US 50

EXPENSIVE compared to similar items on market 


3D Print product 

Image result for mavic pro tripod

3D Print design/download file + links to additional (2) shelf products required

our view 
nominal cost to print and add shelf products, limited use and a lot of pressure on the undercarriage support to break and drone crash

the cradle system (below) with velcro straps is hard to beat, can flip top/bottom and multi use


Our design uses the existing "Cradle" and "Cross Bars" and "Go Pro" clips

AND combines for many other devices for landing gear, floats

Price of Cradle, cross Bar approx US 60
includes all other elements and less pieces ...  dynamic multiple application 

more pics in the link below "Project Cradle Traypod"

The main Project page includes examples of the various extensions and accessories we have tried and tested with the cradle

Sample cradle Pod

2017.07 DIY Tray Pod concept with Cradle

1. we fly with the cradle connected below the drone with 1 velcro strap because it makes it easy to launch and catch the drone
2. when we want to photos/video at ground level, simply fold in the arms and re connect the velcro strap then add whatever mount (tripod / traypod) system to suit your job. 
secure it to the cradle using standard camera threads and add another velcro for good measure .. here's the video made 20 knt winds at The Roof Siam@Siam

The actual Cradle and accessory options are listed in this page or linked in this page otherwise go to the page Mavic Pro Cradle

Project cradle traypod

Project Cradle

The is a google Doc link converted to webpage at embedded in website