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March 2017 - page see pdf   - in simple terms if under 2 Kg and hobby only - no registration required, if over 2kg and under 25kg registration is required

Feb 2017 - refer to archives in website - any drone with a camera required registration - note 'archives" that means the info has been changed so refer / search for the later news

Mig 18. September 2017Reply

Notification of the Ministry of Transport Regarding Licensing Criteria and Conditions for Enforcing or Releasing Aircraft with No Type of Aircraft Controlled by External Aircraft BE 2558

Posted on July 2, 2015.

According to the announcement, the definition is as follows.

“Aircraft controlled by external flight” means aircraft controlled by an aircraft operator outside the aircraft and an aircraft control system, excluding small aircraft. Which is used as a player under the Ministerial Regulation prescribing non-aircraft objects, 2005
“Aircraft control system” means a set of equipment consisting of a linking command, control or aircraft control. Including stations or places where these sets of equipment or instruments are used to control flight from outside and aircraft.
The aircraft in this notice fall into two categories, namely

Type 1 is for playing as a hobby. For entertainment Or for sports
Type 2 is for purposes other than Category 1, ie news coverage. TV shows or movies Research and development aircraft Or for other purposes
Type 2 is not over 25 kg while Type 1 is broken down by size as follows:

Type 1. A weight of not more than 2 kg requires that the operator or aircraft release must be over 18 years of age or have a legal representative supervised. Which aircraft in this article. Ministry of Transport allowed to fly. Must meet the conditions set.


(1) before flying

(A) verify that the aircraft is in a safe state of flight; This includes aircraft and aircraft control systems.

(B) Get permission from the owner of the area to fly.

(C) Study areas and layers of airspace to fly.

(D) an emergency plan, including a plan for an accident. Medical treatment And to solve the case can not force the aircraft.

(2) during flight

(A) shall not fly in such a way as to cause harm to the life of the body, property and disturb the peace of another person;

(B) Prohibit flying into restricted areas and hazardous areas as declared in Thailand Aviation Press Release Paper (Aeronautical Information Publication – Thailand or AIP – Thailand) as well as government offices. State agencies, hospitals, unless authorized by the owner of the area.

(C) The downward flight of the aircraft shall be unobstructed.

(D) An aircraft operator or aircraft must be able to see the aircraft at all times during the flight and not to impose the aircraft on an aircraft or other similar device.

(E) Flight must be made between sunrise and sunset. This can clearly see the aircraft.

(F) Do not fly near or into the cloud.

(G) No flight within nine kilometers. (Five nautical miles) from the airport or the temporary rise and fall of the aircraft. Unless authorized by the owner or operator of the aerodrome permit or temporary permission.

(H) Flight shall not be made using a height exceeding ninety meters (three hundred feet) above ground.

(ฌ) Do not fly over city, village, community or congregational areas.

(J) Prohibiting the aircraft from approaching an aircraft with a pilot.

(K) Do not violate the privacy of others.

(L) Do not fly, causing trouble to others.

(M) not to transmit or bring the dangerous substance as prescribed in the Ministerial Regulations or the laser emission device attached to the aircraft.

(N) Do not fly with a horizontal distance to any person, vehicle, building or building less than thirty meters (One hundred feet)

As it stands today Sep 18, 2017, Registration is not required for a Mavic Pro. The Drone weighs in at .7348Kg and you must adhere to all of the above stipulated rules. 300ft max altitude. Guys, please adhere to this so that we don’t lose our flying privileges. PLEASE!!!


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