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Over the last few decades Thailand's capital city has changed into a modern exciting and sophisticated city. It offers visitors not only the cosmopolitan amenities you would expect from other big cities, but also a unique treasure trove of cultural attractions.  

Thailand, in the heart of Southeast Asia, was never colonised and thus kept its unique culture and heritage intact.  

Experience a glimpse of Thailand's gentle culture amidst the bustle of a great and dynamic metropolis.
Share your adventure and experience about Bangkok with the group

The preferred language is English

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focus group/s
Value added to members
Share links and knowledge base
Connect people with common interests
Offer promotions that relate to the specific group/s
Open group policy; share photos / events / promos / websites
Best practices with defined rules to ensure everyone can K.I.S.S.


Open groups, anyone can join & invite friends. 
refer to Individual group link below follow by group rules of "K.I.S.S". culture.

Table below is last 5, for more open link to table or click here for Directory and sort by any column

Open table to sort by list

Name and urlRegion and group sizeFocus & Target Audience
Bangkok Happy Tourism Bangkok I 20,000 Tourism I all ages 
Bangkok Adventure Bangkok I 100,000 Tourism I all ages 
Bangkok Happy Nightlife Bangkok I 115,000 Nightlife I over 18  
Jaxx Rooftop Pool parties Bangkok I 3,000 Pool Parties I Mature 
Bangkok Foodies Bangkok <> 10,000 Food <> all ages 
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Activities, tourism and Adventure, join group @


Bangkok Foodies   - link

The group is about food / Restaurants in Bangkok, Thailand

please note: we have no association with the group (other than member)


Bars, Restaurants, Hotels, Shopping & retail, join group @   - closed by Facebook ?
  • the group exceeded 200,000 and is now a closed group 


We'e proud to promote Thai models, they're among the most beautiful in the world.

Group:    newsflash: 24/2/14 group vanished ... 109,000 members ? 
July 2015 new group made Bangkok happy Models   webpage: Bangkok Models
  • Job seek: Pls include deadline/expiry date
  • Promotions: Pls include details of any unique incentive for models to attend
  • Promote your venue: Models are available for PR and social media, contact group manager


Cabaret, Night Bar/Club scene, join group @


we figured a group called "Bkk Adventure" was cool (all we know is, we know nothing)
in June 2015 new group www.facebook bangkok happy tourism 

Posts update Tourism Directory, photos update Photo database
add posts, events, promotions, or see @ Bangkok's events


Pls note: many BPAC members (Farang / foreigner) gift their host fee (or time) to local charity, 
refer 2012 project Roof for Bangkok slum kids - media completed project  >>  2012 Xmas day Picnic >>  2013 Xmas Picnic

We want... a win / win.  We promote brilliance of Bangkok, you have a good time (value for money) 
so please use our team and support locals and/o charity!

Volunteers welcome .....
help us now: 1. like our fanpage  2. add friends to these f.b groups and "Live, Love, Laugh" with us

Hosts & Vendors

If your venue/product/service relates to group topics please use try the Nine (9) free web links, enjoy connection to members.

If you've got a special offer for members use the tips below for FREE, or BPAC can help for a FEE (such is life)
Our goal: 1st deliver value for money, 2nd make money to sponsor our charity (such is life)


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K.I.S.S. "Keep ISimple Silly"

short url this section

Posts must relate to Group Theme AND must be Bangkok related. 
(more on BKK Models group in link above)

We want to "like" your posts so please KISS or Yeeeer out.

If your post does not match the theme it will not be approved and/or deleted.  Three (3) strikes "your out" of the group rule applies.

Supporters of group/s with regular posts &/or
those that add many friends &/or sponsors (bribes are welcome, LOL)  
Time is precious, "get on board" with L.I.F.E.  Leadership, Integrity, Flexibility, Efficiency and without Flexibility, it's a L.I.E.

Bribes: "tongue in cheek", we favour sponsors of our charity projects and group mission statements, to know that you should network with us. xox

Add friends

The benefits:-
1. People with a common interest are connected - see more here
2. When you add a post / event it's shared to everyone in the group 
3. More members means vendors will offer bigger promotions and special offers.
4. We give credits and treats to our supporters, add more friends and get more from us

How to add friends
General knowledge visual image or try this Google search link add friends

How to auto add friends
on the facebook page, links for "auto add" using browser Chrome or Firefox
if you need help contact the group manager for assist

New posts / events

YOU CAN include Photos and links (spamming is not accepted)
Spamming is a token photo or comment with a link to your site -  It must have relevance

If it's an event (a date) would recommend you post in the "Events" section (see below).

Do add your friends to the group to auto receive a feed of your posts and articles.  

If your post is a "repeat / similar article" within a few days it will not be approved. 

We do not want volumes of the same stuff! you can force your existing post back to the top (see tips in repeat articles)
The exception (we will approve) for special circumstances, sponsors otherwise .. chose wisely!

Repeat posts / events

This means same article different date.  

Events: This can be done and there is an auto setting, refer help in facebook or google search. 

Posts:  Be warned; duplicating across several of our groups is NOT welcome (some exception), they are rejected 
it is obvious that it applies to both 
you have credits (refer that section) credits general means you've added lots of friends, good supporter or paid a bribe!

Be-warned: the 3 strike K.I.S.S. rule is applicable, so don't do it or get credits! 

Tip: repeat posts: 
you can force the article back to the top of the group feed.. 
each time the post receives a comment it's sent back to the top of the feed

Tips any posts:
When you create the post be clear about the day / date.
Make sure you've added many friends to the group so they auto receive a feed of your posts, See how in  google search link repeat posts

  1. Make an "event" this generates invitations to members and lets you see who is coming. 

  2. Need a promotion page? .....  If the venue is in Thaibis Directory we can add a promotional page, see below

Rejected Posts

Several reasons
your either NOT in "sync" with Group rules, Jamming (too much of the same thing) or your Spamming!!!!
   .......  > you can get solve this with a bribe; get credits by sponsoring or adding friends 

Group rules are very simple, refer above to "Group rules" 

NO Jamming:
Repeat / Similar post (from days earlier) is "jamming" (volume; too much), see tips under "repeat posts"

NO Spamming:
NO Articles explicitly intended for Commercial gain with no elements of the group rules

NO Duplicating
DO NOT copy post across groups - we do not accept and the time wasted to delete means a strike against your name 

If you do not agree! 
email group manager (details at the bottom).  Best wishes xox (ps: dnt forget the bribe option, see group rules))

Report Spam

Please don't waste your time replying to the spammers in the group....   

Best practice
1. Report directly to facebook (they have an aggressive policy) and will strike!
How to .... look for a link around article with the words... report abuse

2. Report to group moderators 
how to .....  ...  select link group members, the next page should show total number of members followed by a "down arrow".
Select the arrow to see category "Admin", select admin to see admin members, then click 1 and send a message.  
Please include url of the post or email, include url of post & brief message.

optional: ... have fun.... visit their page and add some spam ...  lol   

Add events

YOU CAN add events, they're much better than a standard "post"! because you can include more:-
  • make the event public or private, 
  • invite everyone in the group, 
  • see who is coming, to encourage others

how to ...
at the top of the group (under the header) click "events". There you can see any events posted or click "create an Event" and follow the prompts, 
don't worry about design .... you can modify / edit.  If your not sure make a dummy event and test the process before you go live.

  • add many friends to the group as possible, then when you post and event select the option to invite all group members.  
  • add the basics, see how in  google search link add events


Many options for members or vendors to share news of events, special offers, news and photos

It's FREE, so "get on board", add all the cool stuff to share and live, love, laugh

browse the following options, some are free 

B.PAC network

invite Bangkok PAC team to visit and experience your product/service
  • We populate results through 
    • our social media channels - scrolling window below (separate window) and B.Pac hosts

Social media Channels Bangkok and Perth WA

Events page

FREE:  Facebook events page

use our fb groups event section to post your event 
  • Select the group that best suits your event
    • reach all the members (see more in posting events)

Promotion page

Facebook events page
use our fb groups event section to post your event details to reach all the members (see more in posting events)

Best practice
Get a promotional page in the Thaibis Directory, for you / your host venue.
why...  it's high ranking Google search, option for map link, photos, videos and more, here are some examples

how to ....  
  • supply your promo image
  • supply photos of the event / product / guests 
    • ideally upload your pics to google picasa album so you control
      • tip: create a new gmail a/c to share password with us for help desk support  
  • invite the B.PAC team to visit and populate in their social media
    • accredited models and photographers available on request
Get banner rights to the facebook groups or offer prizes to our member competitions

Facebook fanpage manage and support service available 

find out more.. e:

Google street map

Help them find you quick 
Vendors: if google street map view shows your premises we can display in Thaibis directory

Your Photos

Donate Quality photos to our photo database, 
  • We include credit of Model / author / photographer as required
  • We include a link to the venue as required, more in donate photos

Vendors: Facebook fanpage create albums by topic and we can display in Thaibis directory
  • create an Album for Customers/Patrons and another Album for your products

how to make your photos stand out 
  • use our recommended Photographers & Bangkok models,  they have strong and reliable a social network
  • invite the Bangkok PAC team to visit and promote
  • we can link to your photos to the Thaibis web directory

Longdo map

We use and recommend Longdo maps 
High ranking in google search engine and it's a free!

It's more than a map:-
Dual language, website link, photos and guest book link to facebook
create Public / Private maps and much more. Longdo is Thai for "please try"...   See best map search tips <> Vendors welcome

Banner rights

"Go Awesome", and appear at the very top of the group of any of our Groups
1. View the group and see how many members 
2. Check the "Group rules" to ensure there is a match to your audience 
3. Contact the group manager for details 
  • Prices subject to the nature of product services offered
  • Banner / Header rights are generally for 2 weeks
  • For maximum exposure 
    • Make sure your in the Thaibis Achievers Directory, ask Group Manager (details below)
    • Invite B.PAC (Bangkok Personal Assist Concierge) PR team to visit and they'll populate results in groups.

Get Pinned

If your post contains special features that "stand out", we will pin you.  

This means the post is locked as the 1st article at top of the group, usually 7 days, see more

The post must support group rules, ensure you include a link to a webpage or photos.

Tip for Vendors: 
Contact the group manager with the details of your super special offer / article 
For maximum exposure
Make sure your in the Thaibis Achievers Directory, ask Group Manager (details below)
Invite B.PAC (Bangkok Personal Assist Concierge) PR team to visit and they'll populate results in groups.

Buy f.bk friends / likes

Facebook:  500 x friends or Photos likes: 3,000bht <OR> 2200 fanpage likes: 3,000bht > all genuine people
details are indicative only 

Contact: e:, lead time 7 days, payment in advance.

Add friends to the groups and get credits


go eBOOK style

ebook Pulsing site logo.gif
Create an eBook, to view on the web, smartphone or download as a pdf 

The document is a PDF format which can be downloaded and is searchable in google and other web engines 


Group Manager

Bangkok PAC (Personal Assist Concierge) 
If you like our work, please like our fanpage

What we do:  Popular venues will be accredited into this Tourism directory
Current projects: Bangkok
Community Service:  Longdo Map (Thailand's version of Google map)
Knowledge base: Tour leader Database & Website Directory - Tourism and Hospitality

Bangkok PAC (Personal Assist <> Concierge) 
Mission: Provide a seamless experience for visitors, induct locals to be quality hosts using a shared knowledge base

Earn Money

Earn a FEE or get FREE stuff 

Add friends and we'll pay you or sponsor your costs to come along with us to visit places
"Hospitality & Tourism": donate your photos at places and give us your views on the experience
Get on board Contact: Phill

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New to town?

Be Served 
Get the most use a Host" Local Travel Host Services

Serve yourself > D.I.Y. 
New to town? Bangkok Novice to Advanced, multiple search engines
Group leaders "tour database", logistics on 600 venues (free support for developers)

1st time Bangkok and not sure ? try "what would I do"

Map Central Bangkok   expand map image

Tour zones

Google doc version with summary of tour zones 
(option to download)

Buy us a coffee

if you like info, keep us going sponsor a coffee
when I roam around town with a few bags of camera gear, phones and compass I get tired 
in this link you can buy me a coffee and include a message which helps so much

ultimately I prefer support for visit my local charity project 
FSCC Foundation Slum Child Care log of my visits and money raised

follow BPAC

1. social media channels above include our profile page which you can like and follow
2. join our fbk groups Bangkok    
Adventure I Nightlife I Tourism I Models   members 100,000


Posted to Facebook Group Bangkok Nightlife  100,000 + members .. free to join 

Tourism Bangkok

showing last 5 changes see all  Directory Tourism

Industry and ThemeName & URLMain Function
Attractions Bangkok Directory Attractions Bkk all 
Hospitality Hospitality: Master Index Index 
Markets Markets Bangkok index 
Local Travel Hosts Travel Host Directory Index of local hosts services 
Local Host D.I.Y. "Novice to Advanced" knowledge base service only 
Showing 5 items from page Master Directory Tourism Bangkok sorted by edit time. View more »
click: Vacation fun: all activities Prices Bangkok


or narrow the search in Viator Bangkok by category

Other stuff

Media Channels

Recommended Events

Approved Events: open page to sort by columns

Event / LocationIndustry / ThemeCost (L M H) / Durationwhy goName / link
2018.03.17 / Suk Soi 19 Comedy show International low / few hrs / hot location  Doug Stanhope Bangkok  Fbk bkk nightlife comedy 
2018.02.10 / Suk Soi 63 Bar / Grand Opening Low / 3 hrs  OH CHIC Eatery Entertainment Social Bar 
2018.02.10 / Suk Soi 33  Bar Sports Grand Opening Low / free booze / food  Pavillion Sports Bar 
2018.02.10 / Suk Soi 26 from 14.00 Pool Party / Low / 6 hrs  5 star 2 nd Anniversary Blast Pool Party 
2018.02.03 Suk Soi 15 Pool Party / Low / 6 hrs   AmWet Pool Party fbk invite 
2018.02.02 - 4th Plonechit Rd Fair Nai Lert Park low  NAI LERT FLOWER & GARDEN ART FAIR 2018 
2018.01.31 / THE MOON SPECIAL EVENT  NIL SUPERMOON  happens every 150 years Supermoon Jan 31st 2018 look for it 
2018.01.28 / Chinatown 16:00 Fair 4pm to midnight Low - free 8 hrs family fair 30 venues Chinanatown 2018 Fair 
2018.01.27 / Silom Pool Party / Medium (600bt) / 6 hrs Classy 5 star venue So Pool Party fbk Grp Adventure 
Showing 9 items from page Approved Events sorted by Event / Location. View more »

Places visited  

Where we have been link

why try .. . see places of interest, sort table by any column

Bangkok Hospitality & Tourism

Donate Photos, videos to to our Community Groups

Become a Roaming reporter how it works

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