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>> Auto add friends via (Chrome / Firefox)

adding bulk people to Groups ..  

3rd party website below or view in separate page

Facebook groups

tips n tricks

The above code will auto add people to the groups, you can see it happen on the srceen

If you add more than about 200 in a session it triggers a harmless security check with Facebook, there program auto stops you from adding more to the group for about 2 days

The trick is open about the windows to access more than 1 f.b group and start the code on each window at the same time.
only the open screen (the one you can see) will execute (the others suspend), then you switch between screens every few minutes

this means there is a time lapse between adding people (ie., not adding 200 people instantly but over a 10 minutes or so as you switch between windows and groups)


4 windows accessing 4 different groups

switch windows and the open window adds but the others do not

once you get to the total you want to add you shut down that window


If you need help


1. we can add them for you 
tell us your user name and password and we can complete within an hour and then you change the password

2. we supervise you - we can give instructions on how to do it
you have to download

1. screen share software so we can watch your screen and and explain what to do:  
teamviewer - click here

2. you need a 
browser (chrome or firefox (prefer firefox)) 

3. let us know when your ready for teamviewer connection

4. SKYPE: If you have skype we can collaborate (talk and share screens in skype)