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About facebook social media  - fan page

updated: 03/04/2014

using network agents

  • They have networks / channels (friends / fans / groups)
  • They charge a fee to access their networks
  • They influence genuine facebook members to like to your fan page 
  • BUT they can not control the outcome

What can go wrong with Network agents

  • They usually generate fast volume of likes - you may notice a quick increase

  1. Sometimes facebook security will over react and reverse the likes
  2. Sometimes the fans change their mind immediately or after your next few posts
    • The fan may not like your page or the posts but remain 
    • The fan may click “unlike” the page and leave

If you notice a quick increase and then a decrease - don't worry, just make a note of the maximum likes and the lowest point after a few days and report to the agent

what we have to do before proceeding

  • advise you of this process .. that the likes will go up but might come down.  

what you can do

  • Make sure you fan page has the best content for 1st viewing by many new fans (apply best tips below_

Best tips

  • always use your fan page before your personal / profile page for work related posts


1. fan page should be public which means it can be shared by anyone (not just you) 

your fans can share to their networks

and their friends (who may not be fans) can share to their friends 

if you don't 

the post is limited to your profile page which has many security and privacy settings so many people (potential fans can not view)

2.  while you are logged into your fan page, use that moment to click likes on various posts .. ie., use that time click like on things that you fans will see you have liked as they may follow your style

3. after you 1st show a post in your fan page switch to your personal page and share

  1. from personal page 
    1. share the post from your fan page to your personal page
    2. share the post to other groups
      1. find groups that can be the source of fans and share to them

All posts are now linked back to your fan page which means 

1. people may like and become a fan 

2. you increase viewer traffic which makes your fan page go up in the google search engine ranking 

Think about 

how can people tell the difference between your personal page and your fan page?
  • most people in business do not call they business name the same as their personal name right
  • fans will be confused if it is your fan page or your personal page?
  • Is the name different ?
  • is the thumbnail different ?

When you are using your fan page .... think of it as a separate business, .... pretend it's someone else that you are excited to promote and recommend.

Promoting / finding you fans
  • Think about new places groups where you would want to promote the fan page to find new fans
  • Find new groups and join them, then share posts from your fan page into those groups 
  • Encourage fans to share your posts to their friends

Daily tasks

  • you or your friends invite friends to "like" the fan page 

    • on the fan page you should see an option to invite friends: select around 20 to 50 each day to keep the likes coming

  • add a post to your fan page - but make sure you logged in as fan page

    • switch back to personal page and share
    • tip: it's better to wait and hour or a day before sharing ... why 
      • this means the activity on the post is a different times which looks natural and people may view at different times (it's almost like repeating an add)
      • maybe morning is the fan page and afternoon is the personal page?

  • daily posts should be a mix of photos and videos that is work or social
    • Example: post a photo, next post a video
    • when logged in as fan page notice each post shows "how many views" , this means the reader opened the post from the news feed

  • the daily post can be about things other than your fan page topic
    • Example
      • about things you find interesting and what to create interaction 
      • about a topic you want them to share
  • anything you upload to your fan page and share is linked back to your fan page as the host site.
    • Example: add a short funny video and share it, when you click on it to view you will see the name of the host location
upload a funny video
watch the number of views and how many shares
when it's shared to many people and places everyone will see your fan page name as the host site and that means traffic / visitors which may become fans

warning: this will excite or dis appoint fans so be careful - they they may or may not like the posts some fans just ignore the stuff they don't like and other fans will unlike you.. it's the same as you meeting a new group of people, some will be polite and say nothing others will leave

    1. short videos capture a lot of attention .. it might be a funny video or something different and people will share it to their page and groups, and that creates exposure of your fan page


- if they have future value ie., work topic related
  • 1st add them to fan page albums, then either add a comment or click share to force them to appear in the fan page time line

why create all the material

  • the more the traffic / clicks and likes on your fan page the more your fan page moves up the ranking in google and becomes the priority search listing of key words that relate to your fan page
  • so make sure your fan page profile includes key words that relate to your fan page topic as google uses them to help index your fan page to match the search words used by people on the net.

finally: google search:

1. facebook fan page - how to increase likes

2. facebook fan page how to increase fans

the admin aspect of your social media is important - you either do it yourself or get an expert and that means cost versus convenience