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Why join / how 2 leave groups

to join

Leave group

You may have been added thru an auto process, apologies, to prevent it from occurring again .. apply permanent block

The alternative is to change the notifications in your facebook privacy settings so you do not receive a news feed

2 CLICKS to leave group and/or permanent block

1. on the group page on the right hand side select leave group


2. tick the box on the left to ensure you can not be re-added

Did you know anyone (friend) can auto add you to any group .. what the ......... this is a facebook condition, the only way to manage is the process to "leave" the group, such is life.. 

The other option is "unfriend" your friends or stop using facebook

bulk add

some clever people figured out a script to allow you to bulk add friends to groups, see the options here, the options will be outdated, if they do not work, let us know to update from google search options such as "facebook how to auto add" or "facebook how to build add friends