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22/06/2022 drafted focus: entry point ... for newbies

General knowledge of people and places Bangkok and surrounding for golf

what's available for Golf based in Bangkok - courses / practice / shopping / the networks
each visit (monthly) from Australia we visit the courses, the networks and update the directory Golf Icons Bangkok

in the meantime your welcome to send us info of others  include the words "golf Icon Bangkok" in the subject fiel
last updated 07/07/2022
author: Lucky Phill

Phill Smith (Lucky)

Aus: Finance/Insurance Thai: Tour Guru  Global: 360 Pics


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Away from the hustle and bustle of its vibrant street life and ornate shrines, Bangkok offer visitors an ever growing number of quality golf courses to enjoy. Thailand is known as the ‘Land of Smiles’ and for good reason, especially for those looking to enjoy a round at some of the capital city’s most unique venues. Despite each course offering visitors something different in terms of layout and difficulty, one thing in which they all have in common is the tropical perfection with surrounds them. With water prominent among many of Bangkok’s most popular courses, be sure to make use of the tips offered by your own personal caddie, of whom can range from a wise old head to a beautiful young Thai lady.

Bangkok golf courses generally offer great value for money partly due to the fact that new courses continue to open and the number of golfers around the world is in decline. The capital city is home to many of the country’s best golf courses, many of which have been renovated to world class standard in the past few years.

Indeed, Bangkok is now viewed as a hub of golfing activity, and offers the perfect combination of city and leisure facilities for all to enjoy. Excellent clubhouse amenities and challenging scenic courses, along with a smiling and friendly service, help to ensure that a golfing holiday in Bangkok becomes a golfer's paradise. With many courses offering transport to and from your hotel, be sure to hit the fairways early to avoid the afternoon heat. You will certainly not be disappointed with what Bangkok has to offer, and here are our top ten courses for you to try.

Golf Bangkok - subpage



updates 7/9/22 added widget to subpage with course price comparison

what does it cost to play golf Bangkok 

Game prices are from 1,000baht to 4,000baht depending on the course

price may include caddy and kart 

Caddy fee: approx 300baht (tip from 200 to 500) 
Kart fee approx 800 baht

many courses are private but also allow for public access 

Tip:  Traffic can be a serious issue so please sync that to your tee off times
most courses have grand clubhouses with extensive hospitality so plan to arrive earlier than normal to avoid traffic grid and enjoy excellent restaurant and spa services 

How to get started 

If you plan to bring your own group and host your own tour  - go to the "tour" section below to see samples prices and organisers

if you plan to join into other networks .. view their calendar of games / events to decide on the best selection for your visit 

Competitions / groups / networks 
there are regular comp games and tournaments which are linked down this page under various topics

some "air clubs" are D.I.Y. online rego of nominated courses minimal admin services which makes them inexpensive however this is better suited to seasoned visitor that can manage, for the newbies it is better to jump in on an organised event which includes staff to call on for help 


some seek an organised tournament and others wish to structure their own group tour

some of the air clubs and event organisers host special events (scroll down for detail)

Accommodation is from 1500 baht to 5000 baht per day 
Transfers to/from 2000 baht per 3 people 
Games from 1500 to 3000 baht 

scroll this page to section "tours", see sample packages with costs for tours Bangkok Accommodation, transfers and games


Bangkok, has over 60 golf courses to choose from in the city and surrounding areas. 
Bangkok is without doubt, one of the most vibrant and fascinating cities in world. Luxury hotels, glittering temples, colorful markets, hospitable people, great shopping and exotic nightlife make this a city that you will never forget. During your Bangkok golfing tour holiday, soak up the history, relax with a traditional Thai massage, and stay in a wonderful hotel. Bangkok has it all

to see the courses use the link below to map or go to subpage directory of courses to see them listed by distance from Bangkok


we present several map platforms such as (Longdo (local)) and Google to produce live maps

display courses &/or Golf Icons (shops simulators / driving ranges) in and around Bangkok ..

Pls note - the page is upgrading monthly as test and add concepts 



Many indoor services - simulators 
Typically a game of golf in Bangkok / Thailand takes a round 5 hrs whereas in a simulator its approx 1 hour 

price approx 1,000 baht per hour 
some have food and beverage 

recent visit (June 2022) to Rak Screen Golf in Sukhumvit - newest simulators as at June 2022 3 bays, aircon, lounge approx 1,000 bht

Outdoor driving ranges - several within the city 
price approx 150-200 baht per tray (30 balls) 
with option for food and drink at your bay

example: recent visit June 2022 to 42 Tee off - centre of town next to BTS skytrain station - 2 tier 80 bays, 
licenced premises with food and drink available at your bay




local comps, games and events 

either jump in (join) the comp of a local air club (virtual) or book direct to a course or call an event organiser for your personal group tour

Air clubs have privileges with connections to get access to courses that are not available to the public but preset tee-off times

Event organisers are not likely to assist with 1 or 2 games unless its a big group  


Organisers - Games / tours 

Fore Management

Main focus us Bangkok
bi-weekly corporate and high end events at various courses - price range medium high 2,000 to 4,000 baht all inclusive of game, caddy, kart, presentations
live leader board, scorecard and online link your player history

player size events from 60 to 140 players
they can arrange tours, tournaments, accommodation

Throughout Asia 
tour groups and corporate 
they can arrange tours, tournaments, accommodation

most clubs have member base with joining fee

Air clubs

meaning: not based at a static location, a virtual / online member group that play at different courses

Several "Air Clubs" hosting daily / weekly / monthly competition games. 

They welcome new members with minimal join fee 
Tee off time are allocated with online registration and you join the existing network

typically their use online registration and live scorecard using services of Golf Genius
The club have subscription to the service and add you as a player to retain record of your scorecard history

3 listed below - weekly / Monthly comps

weekly comp

International Golf Society Thailand 

comprising approx 800 members, typically a D.I.Y. air club / community group hosting comps 3 x per week at different courses 
Tues, Thurs and Saturday at different courses as well as other regular events 

Game price range from 1,500 to 4,000 baht

tee off 10am
D.I.Y. book in service
managed by community group  

player size events: 20 to 45

DIY registration 

The regular weekly games do not have a formal structure or ie formal speakers organisers presentations so it’s a less cost to the corporate events and more suited to those that know how to get around

how to is listed in the page link - 
free sign on for email newsletter 
self registration to tee off times 

this is a little tricky for newbies whereas the HOOters and Fore management comps have staff support 

Bangkok Wanderers 

approx 100bht life membership 
online registration - weekly event - different courses  
tee off 07.30am or 11.00am 
player size events: 20 to 45

Monthly comp

managed by Fore 
monthly games approx 2000 - 4000 baht
live leader board, scorecard and online link your player history

tee off times: usually 10.30 or 11am 
hOOters girls on course with drinks 

player size events: 20 to 45

post game presentation / social event at hOOter venue 

how to is listed in the page link 
free sign on for email newsletter - 1st game pay 1,000 member fee to get privileges 


the obvious is Thaniya Plazacomprising 40 golf outlets
in 1 shopping plaza, located in Silom (business district)
the plaza has walk in skybridge access from the Bts skytrain station Sala Daeng

map search pre sets

              drop down menu to select sub categories


generally speaking costs to play in organised events (tournaments) with live score / caddy / cart and presentations after the game are around 3,000 to 4,000 baht same will be over several days which will reduce the daily cost

event / tour organisers 

small operator based in Bangkok
monthly comps and or tournaments 
efficient operation with events up to 140 players 
they can arrange individual tours: games transfers accommodation 

many staff - high ranking in tourism and Industry awards - substantial website info, sample holiday packages and prices - see below 
they can arrange individual tours: games transfers accommodation 

Sample costs

Bangkok Golf Holidays | Golf Tours

accommodation, transfers and games

to see the expanded view within the widget below use the external link  

widget below external link   "Get the most use a Host" > Bangkok PAC Small cost Big Smiles!

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Golf Hub Bangkok
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70 page book Asia golfing   external link


Google doc version with summary of tour zones 

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Accomm Bkk

Accommodation options

Obviously very extensive from the budget cost of 1,000 baht per day to 10,000 baht 5 star

some people focus on quality comforts others prefer to spend it on adventure - so its up to you

Ideally the location becomes the focus then what accommodation therein 

the sample golf holiday tour packages in this price give indicators of price of accommodation 

sample location

Sukhumvit area of BTS Asoke

High reputation for ideal tourism retail location 
BTS skytrain interchanges with MRT subway, short distance to local high speed canal ferry

lots of hotels, shops, nightlife 

We use and recommend Suk Soi 19 at BTS skytrain Asok

ideal location at skytrain station and subway interchange 
surrounded by hotels, retail shopping and nightlife

try this location - SUKHUMVIT SOI 19 

Other stuff

Places visited  

Where we visited link

why try .. . see places of interest, sort table by any column

Bangkok Hospitality & Tourism

Donate Photos, videos to to our Community Groups

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