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benefits to business


Google SV (street view) 



We live in a reality where Google is a household name.

Google recently added one particular service which should be considered essential for small businesses and start-ups.

Google Street View .... it's paramount for business owners of all types as service offered by Google as a part of their Maps program to photograph and record the exterior and interior of your business or work space.

Get noticed

Not only is Google Street View a necessary professional touch, it actually acts as exposure for your business.
  • Evidence shows higher ranking in Google’s search engine.
  • People see your business before your competition.
  • Google Street View feature is prominently displayed alongside traditional entry for your business

Save time & money

Rather than spending money on your own camera and the maze of the system and best camera tricks contracting with a trusted professional.
  • The individual or agency can handle the entire process
  • Actual photography to posting and managing of your photos through Google.
  • You can own the photographs they take of your business, allowing you to use these professional shots elsewhere.

Engage customers

Google SV ( street view ) feature allows users to ‘virtually tour’ your business space, allowing them to become acquainted and comfortable with your business before they even walk through the door. This is an extremely valuable asset for anyone looking to increase customer/ client engagement.

It's a No Brainer

Not only do we use it, we believe in it so strongly that we have actually become registered as a client of Google, a client that offers Google Street View | Trusted services to other Businesses in our area. 

We are located in Perth West Australia and Bangkok Contact us here to inquire about Google Street View for your business/ work space!

Sample tour

Old Mill Museum South Perth

Preamble: Basic photos "on the fly"  External link

Other options  

360 video

1. movement through the location with narration or interview 

2. slideshow of the photos 

loaded to youtube one of the known highest ranking search engines 

example: city view Cafe Optus Stadium - VeeR site 

3rd party site tours

photos only

photos and video

samples in W.A. virtual tours

There are many so consult with a trusted Google SV photographer 

We are located in Perth West Australia and Bangkok Contact us here to inquire about Google Street View for your business/ work space!

Step Inside

most everyone knows about Google SV (Street View)

but what about Google  'STEP INSIDE"

it's the next level where the map extends from the street 

  • to the path
  • the trail
  • your premises 

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