Live Photos: An exciting iPhone Camera Feature

Posted by | September 1, 2016

Live Photos is an exciting iPhone camera setting that brings your photos to life by creating a moving image. Rather than freezing a moment in time with a still photo, you can now capture the moments just before and after you take the picture, complete with movement and sound. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to shoot, view, edit and share Live Photos so that you can create unforgettable living memories with your iPhone.

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What is Live Photo?

A Live Photo captures 1.5 seconds of video and audio both before and after you press the shutter button to take a photo. So in addition to a 12 megapixel still JPEG image, you also get a 3 second Live Photo.

The Live Photo feature was introduced with the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus back in September 2015, and it’s also available in the camera app of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

When you view a Live Photo, you don’t just see the still image that you took when you pressed the shutter button. Instead, you’ll see a 3 second moving image.

This allows you to relive the moments just before and after the photo was taken – complete with movement and sound!

As you can imagine, it’s great for photographing any scene with moving subjects or interesting sounds.

Here’s a 3 second Live Photo taken at the beach that captures the movement of the water and people. Just hit the Play button to view it:

In addition to the Live Photo, the iPhone also captures a still image from the exact moment you pressed the shutter button. Here’s the still photo from the same shot:

Live Photos Apple iPhone 6s 11

About Live Photos

So how does the iPhone know to record video for the 1.5 seconds prior to your still image if you haven’t pressed the shutter button yet?

It’s actually quite simple. With Live Photos enabled, the native camera app will start recording video as soon as you open the app.

That way, when you do press the shutter button, your iPhone has already captured the 1.5 seconds leading up to the button press, and it saves that along with the 1.5 seconds following the image capture.

All other video captured prior to the 1.5 seconds before you press the shutter will be discarded, so there’s no need to worry that the constant video recording will fill up your iPhone’s storage.

Take A Live Photo

Open the native camera app and make sure the shooting mode is set to Photo (you can’t shoot Live Photos in any of the other shooting modes).

The Live Photos option is the round icon shown on the left of the screenshot below. If the icon is yellow, Live Photos is switched on. If the icon is white, tap it once to turn on the Live Photos feature.

Live Photos Apple iPhone 6s 27

When you switch on Live Photos, the word “Live” appears in a yellow box as shown above. This will disappear after a couple of seconds.

Remember that the 1.5 seconds of video starts before you press the shutter button, so make sure you compose your shot and hold it there for a couple of seconds before you press the shutter.

If you don’t do this, the first part of your Live Photo will be of you moving the camera to frame the shot.

Likewise, remember that your iPhone will continue recording video for 1.5 seconds after you’ve pressed the shutter, so make sure you keep the phone still for a couple of seconds after taking the shot.

Also, be aware that Live Photos capture audio as well as video, so any sound will be heard in your Live Photo when you play it back.

If you need to tell your subject that you want them to move when you take the photo, make sure you do it at least a couple of seconds before you press the shutter to be sure that you don’t capture your voice in the Live Photo.

When you no longer want to shoot Live Photos, switch off the Live Photos feature so that the icon turns white.

The reason for this is that Live Photos take up a lot of storage space on your iPhone, so if you leave it on for every shot you may find that your phone quickly becomes full.

Play Live Photos

Once you’ve taken a Live Photo, it will appear in the native Photos app alongside your ordinary still photos.

Oddly, Apple didn’t create a separate album for Live Photos to go into automatically – like they did for Videos, Slo-mo, Bursts, etc. So Live Photos will only appear in your main photo library (the All Photos or Camera Roll album).

It would be great if Apple add a Live Photos album in a future update because there’s no way of knowing whether an image is a Live Photo when you’re viewing your photo library in thumbnail view.


For example, in the screenshot above, there are several Live Photos amongst these images, but it’s impossible to tell which ones they are when viewing them like this.

So how do you know which of your images are Live Photos? Well, they only appear as Live Photos when you view the images full screen.

Tap an image thumbnail to open it, then press down firmly on the screen (harder than you’d press for an ordinary screen-tap) anywhere on the photo. This makes use of the new pressure-sensitive 3D Touch technology on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7.

If the image is a Live Photo, the video that you captured will begin to play, complete with sound. If it’s not a Live Photo, nothing will happen when you press down on the screen.

When viewing a Live Photo, you’ll need to keep your finger pressed down on the screen. As soon as you remove it, the video will stop playing.

If you’re swiping across the screen to view the different images in your photo library, you’ll notice that any Live Photos will show a short burst of the recorded video – this is the only way to tell whether it’s a Live Photo without pressing down on the image.

While you can only shoot a Live Photo with the iPhone 6s/6s Plus and iPhone 7/7 Plus models, you can share them to other Apple devices such as an iPad or an older iPhone, as long that device is running iOS 9 or later.

The only difference when viewing a Live Photo on older iPhones and iPads is that they don’t have the 3D Touch pressure-sensitive screen, so you have to keep your finger on the Play button to view the Live Photo. Unfortunately this is in the middle of the screen, so your finger will obscure part of the photo.

If you have a Mac computer running OS X El Capitan, you’ll also be able to view your Live Photos via the Photos app on your Mac. Just click on the Live button at the bottom left of the image (shown below) to play the Live Photo.

Live Photos Apple iPhone 6s 17

Edit A Live Photo

You can edit Live Photos in the Photos app – just like you can with ordinary still images.

When you open a Live Photo, tap the Edit icon (three sliders) at the top right of the screen. The editing tools will appear as shown on the right of the screenshot below.

Live Photos Apple iPhone 6s 19

These tools allow you to crop and rotate, apply a filter, or make lighting and color adjustments. The wand icon at the top left is an autocorrect option for quickly enhancing the exposure and color with a single tap.

To crop or rotate your Live Photo, tap the crop icon (square with arrows) to access the following screen.


To rotate the photo by 90 degrees, tap the Rotate icon at the top right. To free-rotate the image, move the dial on the right of the photo.

To select an aspect ratio for cropping, tap the rectangular Aspect Ratio icon at the bottom right and select the ratio you want to use, e.g. Square, 3:2, etc.


Drag the corner handles to crop the photo, and drag the image to reposition the crop if necessary.


Live Photos Apple iPhone 6s 22

Another option you have under the Edit facility is to simply switch from a Live Photo to a still image (without making any edits).

So when you’re viewing a Live Photo, tap the Edit icon, then tap the blue Live Photos icon to convert it to a still image. The icon will turn white to indicate that it’s no longer a Live Photo. Tap Done to confirm.

How To Share Live Photos

Once you’ve shot some great Live Photos, you’ll probably want to share these moments with family and friends.

You can easily share Live Photos to other iOS 9 devices such as an iPhone or iPad using iMessage, AirDrop or iCloud Photo Sharing.

Simply open your Live Photo in the Photos app, then tap the Share icon (square with up-arrow) at the bottom left of the screen (as shown in the left-hand screenshot below).

Live Photos Apple iPhone 6s 26

You can choose whether you want to send it as a Live Photo or a still image by tapping the Live icon at the top left of the selected image. In the right-hand screenshot above, you can see that the Live feature has been switched off.

You can now select the sharing option that you want to use, e.g. iMessage, Airdrop, etc. Note that you can’t email a Live Photo – if you email it, the attachment will just be the still JPEG image.

If you send a Live Photo to someone with an iPhone 6s or newer, they’ll be able to use 3D Touch to play the Live Photo by pressing down firmly on the screen.

Post Live Photos to Facebook from iPh iOS 9

Step #1. The very basic requirement is to have the updated Facebook app. After updating, open the Facebook app from home screen.

Step #2. Once you are in the news feed section, tap on Photos.

Step #3. Select the live photo that you wish to share. Unfortunately, there is no indication, you’ll need to remember which photo is live and which is not.

Step #4. After you select the live photo, tap on Done.

Step #5. Here’s the tricky part, after you tap on the Done button, tap on Livelocated at the bottom-right side of the screen. If you don’t tap it, Facebook will take the still image.

Step #6. After that you can edit, add a caption, and tap on Post when you are done.

It’s very simple; all you need to remember is to tap the Live button. Viewing a live photo in the Facebook app is almost similar to viewing live photos of iPhone 6s. The only condition is that you will need to access the photo inside the Facebook app.

How to View Live Photos in Facebook iPhone iOS 9

  • If you are using iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus then 3D Touch the image to bring it to life.
  • If you are using an earlier version of iPhone or iPad with iOS 9 then just touch and hold the image to see it in live mode.

Live Photos: Conclusion

Live Photos introduces a whole new dimension to digital photography. Now you can capture more than just a still photo whenever you press the camera’s shutter button.

While you probably won’t use the Live Photos feature for all of your shots, it’s perfect for capturing any scene with movement, such as waves crashing onto the shore, a river or waterfall, trees swaying in the wind, or a busy street scene.

It’s also great for scenes where the sound would add an extra sensory element to the image, such as birdsong or the sound of water when you’re shooting out in nature.

Live Photos works really well when photographing people – especially children – as it allows you to capture those fun little “out-take” moments from just before and after the photo is taken. Without Live Photos, you wouldn’t be able to preserve these special little moments.

Remember that for a perfect Live Photo, you need to keep your iPhone held in position for a couple of seconds before and after pressing the shutter. If you keep in mind that you’re shooting a video, this will soon become second-nature.

Once you’ve taken some great Live Photos, make the most of these captured memories by sharing them with family and friends.

You can easily share to other iOS 9 devices, including older iPhones and iPads. And with a few simple steps, you can upload your Live Photos to Instagram and Facebook for all to see!

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