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International Golf Society Thailand

The largest Bangkok golf society with over 900 members , we play every Tuesday and Thursday at 10h00 and every Sunday at 12h30 , also we have regular away days, tours, matches - come and play with us - golfers of all levels are welcome!

  • free sign up
  • weekly email updates; games events with online registration
  • weekly games at different courses 

Why join

Point of Difference

updated 31/08/22 per Charles

  • free sign up / no member fee  - pay a nominal comp fee and win cash prizes 
  • Network of players - good for social and business
  • Access to courses not available to the Public
    with a membership base of almost 1,000 players with connections that grant access to courses that are normally members only
  • Society shirt available - available on the day (high quality)
  • weekly games / comps (3 per week) at different courses
  • monthly events
  • complimentary subscription to True Handicap where every player can record their scores and obtain a current WHS handicap

Courses played 

all ranges: low - medium and high priced, whilst the regular games are around Bangkok (60km radius) we visit other provinces including Pattaya, Hua Hin, Chang Mai, these provinces are usually based on weekend events with accommodation options

Dates of games are shared in regular emails with a link to the time sheets to book. 
Ideally we need you to commit to the booking 2 wks in advance so we can fine tune the allocation times with the course admin.

29/8/22 Map "courses played" under trial - show IGST courses on google map

trialing July 2022 a webpage calendar to show future game dates (see sub page)

Member dashboard

How to Join

updated 21/06/2022

To initially join send an email  or a Whatsapp message to: (66) 0644162823.

with your name (1st and last) and golf handicap

The player's name and email is added to the system and register them for event, as they receive invitation to the game they accept or decline.

IGST plays every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at different courses around Bangkok. Membership is free and open to golfers of all levels.

Each new member receives a complimentary subscription to True Handicap (normally 15 USD).

IGST uses the latest Golf Genius software and all players are required to hold a current WHS handicap (this is obtainable through True Handicap).

All new members receive an explanatory email and a pdf of the club rules.

on submitting your email, receive weekly emails with details of events / games and links 
approx 5 emails per week being 3 games and results of games


like the IGST facebook page and receive updates in your fbk stream

Who are the members 

the main regular players (20) are expats and Thai based in Bangkok that have a strong love for the game and play 3 x per week
the others are people from all around the world that visit Bangkok and want to join the comp to access courses they would not gain access 

Player group is typically 20 to 30 people however this dropped during covid 

Sub page

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Photo taken from IGST fbk page showing group photo after game


80 Soi Sukhumvit 22, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110

office only - admin for air-club at Wilshire Condo

note: map image IS NOT true North, rotated for best view

Charles (CEO) has stock of IGST logo golf shirts available 
khun Oh brings them along to games 

snapshot of photos from IGST fbk photo album post

Member dashboard


Youtube  Pending
shorter clips


some videos are shown in IGST facebook page - videos

Sponsored visit by 



snapshot of photos from IGST fbk photo album post

Virtual tour this page 

360 Spherical photos
Best view with smartphone
why: VR: Virtual Reality effect, turn you or device at any angle 
click a thumbnail to watch in 360 

    • 360 spherical photo Siam Country Club Bangkok Samut Prakan (35 kms from Bangkok) est 2021 tour hub BEST HASHTAGS  #SiamCountryGolfBangkok   Industry #GolfBkk  #ThailandGolfCourse  #BkkAchiever #BpacApproved #theta360
    • 360 spherical photo Charles Marques at Siam Country Club Bangkok (35 kms from Bangkok) est 2021 tour hub BEST HASHTAGS  #SiamCountryGolfBangkok   Industry #GolfBkk  #ThailandGolfCourse  #BkkAchiever #BpacApproved #theta360
Theta site lets you change the display styles - see options below images in Theta site or           
channels: Bangkok   I   Perth WA

Virtual tour

Image result for gif virtual tour

Pro users 

sample image from tour to show how to access images 

if your unsure how to drive the tour platform go the newbies section to get the basics

3rd party site/s and Google Street View - STEP INSIDE

Tee Sheet

note: Generally registration opens at 12H00 two weeks before the event but earlier for special events - you can view all rounds open for signup by using the golf genius app:

Nominal comp fee (usually 300bht) with cash prizes on the day

to join a comp

1. you must be a member to sign up for a round 

3. Login to the golfgenius app using dedicated code: IGST21 

and IGST

  • includes display of Tee-sheets

Once registered in TEE SHEET

you receive email confirmation (the society manager has tagged your email to your name to automate the process)  

You can add guests and send a message to the league manager.

If you wish to see who has already registered for open events then choose TEE SHEETS.

tip:  use the chat group to share rides to the games 

Member dashboard

Chat Groups

If you wish to join the IGST Whatsapp chat group ( no politics or obscene trash talk allowed) please join using this link


If you don't want to chat but just need to see the tee sheets posted before every game then please join using this link:

Member dashboard


image of monthly events as well as a calendar you can merge 

July 2022 trial 


The society generates multiple emails during the week, typically 1 for each game and a refresher on Monday

see sample emails 

Member eCard

Free to Join the Society 
download a member eCard

Members Dashboard

option to make your card Personalised 
Bronze / Silver / Gold

July 2022 trial

Social Media

SM channels & best hashtags below please give a like, review and share

  • link to reviews pending

 many more channels links below best hashtags 

SM channels

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Facebook (page link above pls give review)

#IGST   #IGSTGolfBangkok   #GolfBangkok   BpacApproved    #EtBkkYes

Youtube:  search words IGST Golf Thailand 

follow us, Happy Bangkok

Flipagram:   Pending <>

Smartphone tag words only, our channel Luckyroo59

Instagram:   #IGSTGolfBangkok    

smartphone search and tag words only, follow us Luckyroo 

Twitter ac   search  IGST Golf Thailand

follow our Thaibis twitter channels 

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follow our Blogger ac Exec Tours Bkk

Pinterest Board: Golf Places Bangkok

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Tumblr blog - Pending

our Thaibis blog channel Livelovelaugh channel

Line:  (Pics, videos)     #IGSTGolfBangkok 


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IGST ( International Golf Society Thailand) based in Bangkok is an air club playing various courses weekly with online registration tee off times

#IGST  #IGSTGolfBangkok  #GolfBangkok  #BpacApproved    #EtBkkYes

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Golf Society Bangkok

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Google doc version with summary of tour zones 

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FSCC Foundation Slum Child Care log of my visits and money raised

Join our Community

Facebook groups Bangkok   
Adventure I Nightlife I Tourism I Models   members 100,000

Bangkok PAC 

Personal Assistant  
(translated: Laeh kha suan dtua)

Our priority is You! 
We Orientate, Translate and Negotiate to ensure your seamless experience.

Tourism Bangkok
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Industry and ThemeName & URLMain Function
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Attractions Bangkok Directory Attractions Bkk all Attractions 
Hospitality Hospitality: Master Index Index 
Markets Markets Bangkok index 
Local Travel Hosts Travel Host Directory Index of local hosts services 
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Other stuff

Recommended Events

Approved Events: open page to sort by columns

Event / LocationIndustry / ThemeCost (L M H) / Durationwhy goName / link
2020.01.17 / Huai Khwang Comedy various Ardal O'Hanlon Live in Bangkok fbk grp bkk nightlife invite 
2019.12.31 / Chao Phraya river Party Boat NYE  fireworks, DJ, Party fbk grp Bkk nightlife 
2019.12.20 / Silom fashion Show - Grande Prix charity low - Charity event Models in Fashion - Charity event thaibis page KP Models X Opal Fashion show 
2019.06.23 / Bangkok Photos with models - rooftop 5000 exclusive timeslot and lunch unique  fbk page bkk tourism - invite details 
2019.05.04 /  Comedy / Magner Festiva low  fbk group bkk nightlife 
2019.04.06 Bts Asok Comedy - International Jimmy Carr med -  in 2016 he rocked Bangkok fbk bkk nightlife 
2019.03.04  Comedy low  GLOBAL ROAST BATTLE PHENOMENON--YOUR HOOD'S A JOKE. fbk bpac  
2019.02.21 to 24 Bts Phloen Chit Garden Fair - Nai Lert Flower & Garden Art Fair 2019 low - 150 bt astonishing - heritage home TB events: Nai Lert Park Heritage Home บ้านปาร์คนายเลิศ 
2019.02.16 / Saraburi 9am to 9pm Social: Meet Locals day trip low - day trip activities Thai and Foreigners mixing it up TML: Saraburi hypo 
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Bangkok Hospitality & Tourism

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