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Member eCard / Dashboard


fastrack index links below image
fastrack index 

IGST member card


Society is free to join

Member Card is free to download 

I.G.S.T.  International Golf Society Thailand  

  • FREE to Join <> Bangkok based 

  • 3 games per week / different courses 

  • Plus Quality Hospitality events & Tours

Scan or Long press QR code to access
member Dashboard or use link

The card automates access to member Dashboard

for all the best trips and tricks .. follow the info below 


best practice is as image on your smartphone
hardcopy (print) version is also available, see below


W.I.F.M. (Whats In It For Me)
  • Long press QR code to access member dashboard (essential links)
  • Show staff at Drop off and Registration for quicker process
  • Show fellow golfers, tell them take a photo then press QR to discover IGST
  • Include in your social media 

to download the Ecard, its just 1 click - see "how to" this page

Data fields (optional)

Name helps staff at Bag Drop Off & Registration
Nationality nice to know your home country
Joined helps all know the connection
StatusBronze / Silver / Gold   (self honor system)
old: 20 games              
              Silver: 10 games
 Bronze: 5 games

adding your data D.I.Y. 

the Society is considering a surcharge option do all for you - see price under "How to" 

below are

1. templates, select the style that "floats your boat" and "Longdo" is Thai for please try 
2. followed by tips & tricks

To download the Ecard, its just 1 click - see "how to" this page


as at January 2023

2 styles:

Landscape: add name (3 styles) 

Portrait:  add Name & Photo

Landscape: add name (3 styles) 

Style L-1: template

Style L-1: completed sample 

Style L-2: template


Style L-2 completed sample

Style L-3: template

Style L-3 completed sample 

Portrait:  add Name & photo

Style P-1 template

Style P-1: completed sample 

How to

eCard is designed to use as image on your phone 

QR code: Long press feature
Modern devices allow "long press" on QR code to access link
IF NOT (same web pages remove metadata) THEN download the image (or take pic with native camera app) save to your camera roll and then long press or manually type the link

the process is very easy  - see procedure below

try it now  !

(If something goes wrong, pls let me know so we can help)

1. Download image (from this page) to your smartphone camera roll

2. long press on the QR code or scan the QR code
if it does not work ?? please let me know..
I've tried on Iphone 14 and many apps and all work fine

if the long press not work then you've downloaded from a site that removes metatfile data
only download from this site

Option: Print and laminate


or we or the Society can considering for a surcharge to do for you.. details below 

What I did 

eVersion / image

1. Download image to my smartphone

2. used Photo edit app to add my details 

3. saved image to my password app (Keeper details below) 

3. tested long press feature - works fine ! 

have an eCard (see samples above

added my biz card for dual image (below)

can show this at bag drop off, rego desk, to other members to make contact and share in social media 


1. Printed to paper  (takes a while to get the size correct) 

2. added my biz card to the back (back to back)

3. laminated both to have a dual double member card

Example: flip cards 

Landscape  (cards back to back laminated)

Portrait  (cards back to back laminated)

Benefit of double sided card
IGST side for IGST stuff
flip it to show / share my personal contact info to members


FREE by D.I.Y.  
easy steps, download template and photo edit app to add text and profile Pic
instructions above under "how to"


Pay for the service below
we currently discussing options if IGST team wish to offer or give to 3rd party

fee service under review as at 21/01/23

indicative costs 

Image only / eCard 

Landscape: data only (4 fields) 100bt

Portrait: Data + Pic (to be supplied) 150bt

Delivery: email address to be added if service offered

Print & Laminate

Landscape   (data only)

add 150bt (total 250bt) + postage or collect from igst rego desk

add your biz card to flip size +100bt  total 350bt

Portrait        (data + pic)

add 150bt (total 300bt) + postage or collect from igst rego desk

add your biz card to flip size +100bt  total 400bt

Payment ?
process pending - likely (online link to "buy my coffee")

Delivery of member card 
Image only: email to preserve highest quality
Printed:   ? postage or collect at registration desk


storing eCard 

hard to find in the camera roll ? so make a special IGST Folder

I use and recommend AWESOME password app called "Keeper Security"
  • Syncs with Mobile / Desktop / Chrome extension 
  • save all passwords / images (eCards / Passport / Credit cards)
  • also share access options

how to manage in Keeper
1. create a record called IGST member card
2. save image and actual link
3. show card or long press on qr code or link

in this photo 
Display my IGST eCard V style from my phone within keeper app

Photo 4/1/2023

screenshot keeper app record 

within the keeper app
click on image icon to see card full size to show or share  
Long press on QR code to access dashboard 
or click the link to dashboard (no typing)

QR code links to Members Dashboard

sample page Dashboard 

suggestions welcome on what to add to the dashboard

about me  (Lucky Phill)

I'm Vloging IGST golf games AND capturing 360 images to Virtual tour the courses 

  Games / Courses Vlogged IGST Roaming reports

my eCard L style 

my eCard P style 


Game day

What you should see on the registration desk 

take a photo of the image and scan the code when ready


Members e-tools

widget below - if not display use the ext link

best viewed in external link  

Best regards and Happy Golfing


The International  Golf Society of Thailand


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Charles Marques


International Golf Society of Thailand

(: +66(0)6 4416 2823


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