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Beginners Class


Beginners Class - Bangkok Impact Wing Chun with Sifu Julian 
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Mission statement 

1. Develop fitness so think of the class as a exercise 
2. learn techniques so you can practice in conjunction with fitness 
3. create posts each week of class which you can use to practice the techniques to improve skills and fitness

as the class progresses we will add a short summary of each week to focus on 

Our culture
to feel welcome, respect and enjoy fellowship and fitness
students receive discounts to the health club membership
we share social media to show everyone this is what we enjoy so "get on board" follow the videos and try or better come along to class and get some attention


all are welcome regardless of the stage of the class or lateness of arrival on the night, you will find it tricky to find the place, see tips under Directions to class

CONGRATS to newbies and late arrivals to class .. easy to find excuse to no show and harder when your running late .. so well done for effort and new friendships begin all welcome the culture is endeavour, persistence

Directions to Class

It is NOT easy to find the class room let along the location, before you go make sure you have the longdo map link and the facebook contact of the teacher for help

Longdo map location below, once you get to the building it's confusing to find the room so 
1. get to the 10th floor and ask for help OR just contact the teacher by phone or facebook messenger 
2. other students Lian and Phill (see their fbk contacts in photo links below) are also available to contact for directions

10th floor Balance Health Studio
758/22 Waterford Diamond Tower 10th Floor, Soi Sukhumvit 30/1 Bangkok 10110

Longdo map is in Thai & English for taxi, Google map link in SM menu for GPS navigation

Getting there

half way between BTS (skytrain) stations Phrom Pong and Thong Lo

once at the 10th floor ask for directions as you need to weave through a series of corridors and stairs  

Longdo map search tricks Hospitality & Tourism 


Monsoon rains come down and blocked access but some made it including newbies 

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Facebook post by Phill Smith external link
Phills comment to share 
soon there the program will be available on different days, highly recommend for reasons of self defence, fitness and enthusiasm (enthusiasm comes from the passion and positive encouragement vibe from the teacher) it's easy to see why previous Wing Chun schools by Julian became so popular) I do recommend .. you are not measured by fitness the class is absolutely about teaching you technique passed on from many years of experience, in that regard alone it's priceless..

The focus is sharing you technique for you can self teach at your pace to strength in body and mind

stuff from this session 
1. Repeat the basics of previous week. 
2. Exercise routine to strengthen the core, arm actions and fitness exercises
3. Leg movements ns, positioning, movement
4. practice with opponent - technique in slow motion to foster muscle memory

now added Checkin - Facebook page location link 


to be updated in a few days with a video from teacher of topics covered 

Video 1: Cover technique - external link
There are six (6) basic actions have been taught to block a punch. This is a new action to "cover" a Jab punch and counter attack
This session is focus on technique (muscle memory to "cover") AND move (counter move) which can be to the inside or outside  
body movement (not just arms) is critical as we are working in close and rely on the strength of speed that comes from using the core body starting from the feet up thru the hips, it is important to come along to lessons to gain this insight from the teacher.

Video 2 fitness challenges - external link

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Facebook post by Phill Smith Photo link - includes link to 360 photo
students tagged in the photo

less students today huge rains and floods made it difficult to get to class

stuff we did
1. Repeat the basics of previous week.Respect to opponent, exercise routine to strengthen the core, arm actions and fitness exercises 
2. new Arm actions, positioning, movement
3. New stuff: leg steps

Technique leg steps

how to stand in a certain posture and why, to move in direction and why

class practice - external link to video

Fitness and a 6 Pack  - external link

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Facebook post by Phill Smith Photo - students are tagged in the photo

1st class .. fitness levels and knowledge is not the issue, we are all new and learn at our own pace

stuff we did

1. Respect to opponent, exercise routines strengthen the core, arm actions and fitness exercises 

Techniques Arms

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