Big Balls | The Biggest way to Take Strokes off Your Score

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About this project

No, they’re not what you think. Get that mind out of the gutter.

Big.Balls. are oversized golf balls that are designed to improve your score while out on the green. Though Big.Balls. are 30% larger than your average PGA-approved golf ball, they feel the same, have the same weight and roll exactly like traditional golf balls.

Golfers spend 33% of their shots on the green- you, or someone you know, is going to want to give Big.Balls. a try.

You might be wondering why we decided to go larger, rather than smaller. Well, when it comes to training for golf, it’s all about perception. Look at it this way- when practicing on the green, a lot of golfers, novice or advanced, tend to overthink their putt and lose confidence in their ability to hit it home.

After putting with Big.Balls. in practice, and it comes time to bring your A-game to the course with a standard size ball, the hole will subconsciously appear larger and you will have the confidence to hit any short putt!

Putting is an art form that can always be improved, regardless of a golfer’s skill level.

A three-putt is obviously something all golfers want to avoid. With the average amateur golfer requiring 1.72 putts per hole, or around 30 strokes per round, there is a lot of room for improvement whether we like to admit it or not.

Big.Balls. is the only tool that will accurately and effectively improve your game. When you practice with Big.Balls., three-putts will become a thing of the past.

A single putt can make all the difference- so why not give Big.Balls. a try?

We all want to hit more birdies, and with Big.Balls., you finally can. It isn’t very often even mid-handicappers reach a birdie, but when golfers practiced with a larger ball, their confidence went up and many finally saw their putting score fall one under par.

What’s the point of having Big.Balls. if you don’t know what to do with them?

Your package of Big.Balls. comes with a guide of short putting drills, so you can effortlessly perfect your putt. The new and improved way to achieve putting perfection is here.

Example of Putting Drill Example of Putting Drill

The golf industry likes to over-complicate things when it comes to practicing your putt. Sure there are some snazzy tech-balls out there, but you don't always have time to analyze the data, trajectory and adjust your putt while on the green.

Clayton (Golf Instructor)Big.Balls. is an effective tool for golfers at all levels, building confidence for short putts, a crucial part for everyone’s game.

Mitch (Golf Operations) At first I was skeptical of the idea, but after 20 putts with Big.Balls. pre-round, the hole felt huge when I stepped up onto the first green.

Alex (Average Golfer) – I have always struggled with short putts, hoping my buddies would give me a “gimme putt”. After practicing with Big.Balls. my confidence in the 2-5 foot range continues to get better. Excited to continue building that confidence and start breaking 90 consistently.

Nancy (Beginner)Beginner to the sport of golf and putting is by far the worse part of my game. It is nice to see a simple training tool that is easy to use with Big.Balls. Like have you seen the training tools that are out there? Some are too complicated and I would never use them.

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