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Spiritual Amulets

Thai Amulets - Another thing most visitors to Thailand notice is that many people wear amulets. Amulets are special Buddha images, something or someone that you want to respect or believe, often gold-plated and worn around the neck. 

They are believed to possess a variety of sacred powers such as the ability to protect the wearer from accident, to be wealth, for good luck, to be compassionate,  to be loved, to be successful or ill-health.

Stalls selling amulets can be seen on virtually every street or market place. However, authentic Thai amulets should only be bought from particular temples and the monks who reside there. The amulets are blessed by monks or priests and often three or even five are worn together on a piece of cord. Never wear an even number of amulets as it is considered unlucky. 

You should avoid touching a Thai person's amulet as it diminishes the amulet's powers. Also, avoid  wearing the amulet in the toilet, while making love, in dirty places and respect to hurt someone or do something bad as it will no longer be sacred.

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