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A Guide to Every Single Damn Club in Bangkok, Based on the Music You’ll Hear

Welcome to BKKme’s stupidly large guide to EVERY SINGLE CLUB in Bangkok, ever! Okay, so maybe we have missed a few dives out in the suburbs, but we reckon 27 entries is probably enough for now.

Every central area has been covered, from the top spots on party avenue RCA to the upscale clubs of Thonglor and the anything-goes backpacker joints at Khao San. Music wise, you’ll find everything from EDM (duh) to hip-hop, rock, pop, underground house and even a bit of ska/reggae.

We have sorted these Bangkok nightclubs by location, focusing on the genre of music you’ll be dancing to/scrolling through Facebook to. [UPDATED: Jan 2017]






Music: With three different rooms, the music you’ll be dancing to in Route 66 depends on where you and your mates are stationed. The small room at the end of the club is all about EDM, the central room focuses on live bands and solo artists, while the main LED-tripped out room is famous for its hip-hop beats (often courtesy of the Bangkok Invaders crew) as well as a bit of commercial dance.
Location: RCA, Ratchada
What else you need to know: The main room here gets seriously packed on the weekends, with lots of birthday parties booking tables in advance. Arrive early or come in the week if you don’t fancy standing outside on the road like a punk.


Music: House and tech
Location: Ratchada Soi 7
What else you need to know: With a roster of forward-thinking DJs, a banging sound system and a tight-knit community of techno/house-heads, a night at Mustache can be one of the most fun in the city if you’re into your underground beats and cheap drinks.

clubs in BangkokPhoto via Mustache Bangkok


Music: Deep house, techno, World Music, indie, EDM, UK house, etc, etc…
Location: Lower end of RCA
What else you need to know: Arguable Bangkok’s most diverse venue in terms of music, Live RCA hosts international artists on a regular basis, as well as themed parties and mini-festivals. Definitely worth checking out their schedule before to see who is playing.

OXA [The Rock Music Club of Choice]

Music: Indie, rock and metal
Location: Ratchada Soi 17 (inside Mansion 7)
What else you need to know: The newly-opened OXA Pub and Restaurant inside Mansion 7 is the hardcore venue Bangkok has been waiting for, focusing on local bands and the occasional international rock group.


Music: Non-stop EDM (local and international DJs)
Location: Top of RCA, Ratchada
What else you need to know: Since Onyx bought out and merged with the now-defunct Slim & Fix, this has become the largest and most popular club in Bangkok. ID, nice shoes and deep pockets are all required.

clubs in BangkokVia Onyx Bangkok


Music: Live Thai pop and EDM
Location: Ratchada Soi 4
What else you need to know: Ratchada Soi 4 is a like a small version of the nearby RCA, only for Thai teens with dodgy fake IDs. There are a few restaurants, bars, and clubs here, with Snop the biggest of them all.


Music: EDM
Location: Opposite the top entrance of RCA
What else you need to know: Located in the same building many a nightlife brand has come and gone, only time will tell how long Torque club can last. Right now, they are running ‘ladies night every night’, which means free entrance and cheap drinks for the girls.

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BEAM [The House/Techno Club of Choice]

Music: Upstairs is hard-hitting techno and house, with international DJs often appearing. The downstairs lounge has a more laid back and diverse music policy, with hip-hop and disco beats thrown in. But no Afrojack or Bieber.
Location: Inside Thonglor’s new 72 Courtyard complex.
What else you need to know: The club Bangkok’s EDM-haters have been longing for, BEAM delivers on the underground vibes with a warehouse-esque interior, a bass-heavy sound system and lots of flashy lasers. Oh, and the music comes through the floor, too.

clubs in bangkokPhoto via Beam Bkk


Music: The large main room is 90% EDM and 10% hip-hop and the small ‘Dirty Bar’ is the other way around – 90% hip-hop and 10% EDM. Those are not scientific percentages.
Location: At the back of Arena 10 on Thonglor Soi 10
What else you need to know: Ever seen those videos of Japanese commuters at rush-hour being pushed into the train by the station’s conductors like sardines in a tin can? Yeah, that is what it feels like to be inside Demo on the weekend.

clubs in bangkokVia Demo


Music: Live Thai bands and singers
Location: Part of the same complex as Demo on Thonglor 10 (see above)
What else you need to know: A more chill version of the Demo club next door, with lots of outside seating and more space inside. If you like your music pumped into your ears in Thai language, this is the place for you.


Music: Progressive house
Location: Sukhumvit 63, 2nd floor of Ekkamai Shopping Mall
What else you need to know: The grungy unfinished decor and gothic-like art fixtures make this odd bar feel like something out of a haunted house movie, while the progressive music policy enforced by owner Nod Nuanwan Tatong brings things a little more up-to-date.

clubs in bangkokPhoto via Darbarxlightroom


Music: Live indie Thai bands before midnight, live DJs after midnight.
Location: Sukhumvit 63 (Ekkamai Soi 5)
What else you need to know: DND is a cool but gimmicky version of your typical Thai nightclub, with a mix of live bands and DJs, a random ‘motel’ decor theme and plenty of standing tables to balance your glass of watered-down whiskey while browsing Facebook.

clubs in BangkokVia DND Club


Music: Thai pop, live local singers and DJs later on
Location: Thonglor Soi 10
What else you need to know: This upscale club is a good option if you want to avoid the crazy crowds of Demo, Funky and Nunglen nearby; on most nights, it’s definitely a lot less claustrophobic inside the main room here. Take the elevator to the top floor to check out their very chill rooftop restaurant with acoustic bands and good cocktails.


Music: Thai pop at Nunglen, hip-hop/dance in Escobar
Location: The corner of Ekkamai Soi 5
What else you need to know: Nunglen is actually the longest running club in Bangkok, and over the years pretty much every famous Thai band/singer has performed at this legendary venue. For a more western-style setting, Escobar sits just opposite.



Music: Commercial dance, live hip-hop cover bands and international EDM DJs.
Location: 6th floor of Aloft Hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 12 (Nana BTS)
What else you need to know: The most famous tourist club in Bangkok, Levels is just stumbling distance from many of the city center’s big hotels. Inside is a real mixed bag, both in terms of clientele and music. When you want to take a break from the Katy Perry and Ne-Yo remixes, escape to the outside terrace where you can take a strategical power-nap (and many actually do) on the flat cushions.

clubs in bangkokVia Levels


Music: Hip-hop
Location: Sukhumvit Soi 11
What else you need to know: Dubbed Bangkok’s premier after-hours hip-hop venue, Sugar Club is exactly what is says on the tin. Do note that the doors don’t open until 11:00 pm, and with these late night opening hours comes a rather ‘late night’ kind of crowd.

GLOW [The Techno Choice]

Music: Underground tech, house, minimal, drum & bass…
Location: Sukhumvit 33
What else you need to know: Known for their legendary house, techno, drum n bass and minimal nights, GLOW has nurtured some of Thailand’s best local DJs and projected them onto a much-deserved international stage. This is also the only club in Bangkok where you can treat your ears to a newly-installed Funktion One sound system.

clubs in BangkokThose big-ass Funktion Ones / Photo via GLOW Bkk

STUDIO LAM [The Hipster’s Choice]

Music: Molam (Thai country music), dub, reggae, World Music
Location: Sukhumvit Soi 51
What else you need to know: Over the last few years, Studio Lam has evolved from a niche bar showcasing vintage records into a proper club venue. The intimate space and soundtrack have managed to stay more-or-less the same, with their weekly Molam events pulling in punters from all corners of the Earth, helping to put Isaan country music on the map.


Music: House
Location: Sukhumvit 45
What else you need to know: Stepping inside this stunning venue (designed by expat celeb Ashley Sutton) feels as though you’ve entered the engine room of a ship, which for whatever reason has undergone a big-budget Chinese-inspired home makeover. Word of warning: Sing Sing has more of an after-work bar kind of vibe most of the time; it’s only later on at night during weekends does this place feel like a proper club.

clubs in BangkokVia Sing Sing


Music: Top 40 hits
Location: Sukhumvit 11
What else you need to know: Central Bangkok’s only late-night zoo draws in a steady stream of tourists looking to splash their cash on drinks and… other things…


Music: Main room is Top 40 hits and remixes, second room is house/techno
Location: Basement of the Intercontinental Hotel Bangkok (Chid Lom)
What else you need to know: A famous and long-standing after hours club right in the heart of Bangkok, Mixx relies heavily on local taxi drivers dropping off tourists (wanting to keep the party going after 02:00) – in exchange for a cut of their 400-baht entrance fee. As for whether that 400 baht is worth paying? Well, you get one free drink and nowhere else is open at this time – and that’s about as much as we’ll say. Next!


Music: Trance, EDM
Location: Sukhumvit Soi 23
What else you need to know: Narz is like the local version of Mixx (see above). It is where Bangkok’s party animals head after the clubs at RCA/Thonglor have all closed and, obviously, going home is not a viable option – probably thanks to the high level of alcohol/various other things flowing through their veins.


Music: House, hip-hop, dance
Location: Sukhumvit Soi 12
What else do you need to know: Historically, Sukhumvit’s Insanity club has always been an after-hours venue. However, a change of management in recent years has seen the club try to get punters through the door earlier by promising ‘international DJs’ on a weekly basis. In truth, most of the dudes up on the decks are expats trying to make a living, but at least Insanity is trying to shake off its shady image.


BRICK BAR [The ‘Local’ Choice]

Music: Live ska, reggae, Thai pop
Location: Inside Buddy Lodge Hotel, on Khao San Road
What else do you need to know: The queues outside this famous Khao San club most nights of the week are a testament to how popular this place is for young Thais. Music is upbeat, with a decent mix of Thai/English language covers from the very talented house band(s).

clubs in bangkokVia Brick Bar


Music: House and commercial dance
Location: Around the middle of Khao San Road
What else do you need to know: The Club is the club of choice for the vast majority of foreign backpackers on Khao San Road. Drinks are cheap and dress-code non-existant.

clubs in bangkokVia The Club Khaosan


CE LA VI [The Club to Go to on a Wednesday Choice]

Music: Wednesday is hip-hop/commercial dance hits, Thursday is house, and weekends are a mix of Wednesday and Thursday.
Location: 39th floor of Sathorn Square Tower by Chong Nonsi BTS.
What else you need to know: Bangkok’s most glamorous club, Ce La Vi’s popular Wednesday nights promise free drinks for the ladies and all the latest hip-hop beats courtesy of Bangkok Invaders. Other nights here can be a bit hit or miss, but at least you still get those sexy views from the 39th floor.

clubs in BangkokVia Ce La Vi


Music: Techno, house, reggae, funky, world music and everything in between.
Location: Silom Soi 8
What else you need to know: Club nights here have a sort of makeshift house party-meets-Boiler Room kind of vibe to them, with some pioneering DJs from around the world laying down the beats. There is also a cafe-cum-art gallery downstairs that is open in the daytime.

clubs in bangkokPhoto via Whiteline Bangkok

PLEASE NOTE: We have not included club opening times/entrance fees as these generally change on a regular basis. For up-to-date info on each club’s details, Google is your best friend.


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