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Just back from the hospital, the dog rushed to hug his owner: “I was so scared!”

Posted on 20-08-2018.

The touching video about the dog comfortably consoled by the owner was widely share after returning from hospital.

What do you usually do when you feel lonely and scared? This dog below is lucky to have such a great owner who is willing to comfort and protect him every time he’s in sadness.

The dog hugged his owner tightly

This golden dog named Maomao has spent a long time in hospital treatment, its owner is also quite busy with work so he couldn’t visit him often. After recovering and returning home, the poor dog ran to the owner’s side and demanded for comfort.

The dog just came back from hospital for treatment

The images of the dog hugging the owner’s neck and wheedling makes anyone watching both excited and emotional about the close bond between the animals and human.

The man gave the dog sweetest kisses and hugs

Watch video:

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