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CLASSICAL: Night Icons with a Royal tunes

YouTube Video

Bangkok city at night presented with an uplifting Royal Thai tune.

Over the last few decades Thailand's capital city has changed into a modern exciting and sophisticated city. It offers visitors not only the cosmopolitan amenities you would expect from other big cities, but also a unique treasure trove of cultural attractions. 

Thailand, in the heart of Southeast Asia, was never colonised and thus kept its unique culture and heritage intact. Experience a glimpse of Thailand's gentle culture amidst the bustle of a great and dynamic metropolis

Duration: 2mins     External link

WHATTHE!: The real name EXPOSED 

YouTube Video

This is short video quotes FULL name of Bangkok.
The name "Bangkok" is used for foreigners, derived from 'Bang Kork' (village of olives) and refers to the original site.  
Thai's know it as "krungthep" or "Krungthep Mahanakorn", which means 
"City of Angels".    
Duration: 2mins