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No Camera


using only Spherical app   ie., no camera 

as at 2018.05.05  this means you dnt need a camera - just use the phone  

full spherical:  you have to stand still (dnt move) and rotate slowly in a true axles and take many photos 
the apps usually have guide markers to indicate the process while creating the sphere 
allow a few mins to build the shot .. its good its free 

Smartphone apps

to create a image without other devices

how do they work
they take multiple photos and stitch them together, this means a little bit of downtime 10 seconds or a minute to snap the pics and when it's moving subjects you will get ghost overlays, thus the ultimate is a 360 camera to catch it all in 1 shot but that's cost V's convenience

Free stuff

There are many FREE apps that create either 360 degree photos, but some are cylindrical and others are full spheres 
out of many tested, these are the best as at late 2015

in 2018 we tested more and created a dedicated page called 360 apps

Google Photo sphere app

Photos: Full Sphere - auto, you have to turn rotate about 3 times.. stopping each time to take about 6 photos in each rotation 
it takes a little practice but once you get a handle on it's then wow

Google street view  Free IOS and Android 
1. its free
2. it can build a sphere without a camera - manually stitch the photo as your rotate (slowly) the view. stop at any time and accept part of full sphere
3. saves to camera roll 
4. upload to your profile and apply to a google listing 
5. when you have multiple images in google location you have the added option to connect them together to form a virtual tour 
6. when you have uploaded more then ??  50 pics as at 2018.07 you have the option to be accredited and be promoted as a trusted photographer 

 Explore world landmarks, discover natural wonders and step inside locations such as museums, arenas, restaurants and small businesses with Google Street View.

 Also create photo spheres to add your own Street View experiences. Start with your phone’s camera or add a one–shot spherical camera (like the RICOH THETA S) for easy 360º photography.  

  Then, you can publish to Google Maps to share your photo spheres with the world.

note: you will need a gmail a/c  and once you upload you can immerse yourself into the photo with google cardboard (see below)

more on this app in conjunction with street view link

video how to take a 360 with an app - link

YouTube Video

Street walk the world

using the google street view app, you can navigate to anywhere in the world and view in 360 degree or in street view and move around ... awesome 

whats; better is you should put on the google cardboard (goggles) and feel like you are actually there.  Once you try this you will be hooked

DMD Dermanda Panorama app - Iphone and Android link

can be used to create a spherical photo without other devices (slow and multi pics required)
free host site

Photos: cylindrical only (not sphere) very fast with on screen help (2 icons must line up and auto click)
typically will be about 4 or 5 photo auto clicks as you rotate

free cloud storage and share to social media

can output the photos to video .. amazing

can display photo spheres in it's app and free cloud so 
use this app for 360 degree and use the google sphere for spheres, save to camera roll and view in this app

Heads up... 
Because you have to take many photos, most often you will find DMD the best coz it's quick, however the phone must be vertical
if you want non vertical or full sphere then use google app below

Panorama by Dermandar   IOS and Android Free 
2018.07.14 -  more detail in section Photo Pano 
build a full sphere (same as google st view)
free host site 
make albums based on tag words, maps of photos locations
option to output a 360 pano video 

also has awesome video output option on a 360 pano horizontal only ...  you cant beat that unless you had a video on a tripod .. try it 
see also under Photo Pano 

2018.09.13 notified by 360 legend Dimona Dougherty the option is free within fbk mobile app
limited features but it will improve and its' FREE

FOV    7/2/18: tested: not like.  manual create ok but not save to camera roll so u have no control of image .. online only.

Dedicated camera app   ie., to control the camera 

apart from controlling the camera, some offer addition features 

the ones that I know are listed under editor to outline their editing features 

additional comments follow 

Drone app

many on the market 

DJI option is low grade 

Lichi is very good - not cheap app but well worth it 

My best choice is FREE app Hangar 360  the page includes our logo of photos which are in high definition and can be downloaded into facebook

The intensity / fine detail of the desktop image is quite amazing, the view in a mobile is good with pinch zoom but the desktop is incredible detail
we now snap screen shots of landmark icons using a free host screen capture program (Lightshot) as show them as cover photos on tour pages

dont know of all, many make panorama but not spherical - welcome to let us know to update this page


Dedicated devices 


Many models, some are stand alone and others are attached to a smartphone to use the resources of phone
either grab a cheapie and gets started or spent a little time reviewing with those that have tried 

Google to search     Google best 360 cameras

The experts should and do tell you that .. it's not easy to be clear about which camera will suit as each has for and against 
for example: I  have three (3) different brand 360 spherical cameras and each has attributes that I use depending on the day or night light or shadows and video requirements V's Photo... Ive made a brief comment under section "Equipment" 

There are some apps that allow you to build a 360 spherical without a dedicated device so why not try these 

Camera tricks:  2018.07.02 labtest page Camera tricks


Samsung Gear 

about the camera 

value for money - arguably the best value for money 

at around 1/3 of the price of Theta (the 1st playing in the consumer market)

SD card
wifi to smartphone - live view
read / view images and Vid from sd card (theta you must transfer (annoying on long vids as it may be a dud))

small menu to view options

HD very good
self time options and audio is good

not slim to go stealth in pockets - compared to Theta
bright lights (more flare than theta) 
night shots - not as good as theta 

very basic
1 major for: has an option to pull images from vid .. and at high quality - brilliant 

full review down the page 

the biggest threat is damage to the lense cover

1. Silicone case lense (pic below)  the best but easy to lose .. ive lose several .. coz I have several cameras working at same time and mis place the cover .. doh

2. Socks (baby socks) - they work so well 
3. Standard camera bag, cut a small round hole in the bottom to connect a selfie pole, then slide the bag down over the pole, this way u never lose the cover 

There are many more .. just google the topic and explore to see what best suits your lifetstyle 


by Rumours 360  facebook  I website   
one of the best resellers in the market

Query I have for Mick at Rumours 360 
2018.07.03 I note the video displays characteristics / tricks - rotating which is only found in Insta360 app so i will ask Mick how he did this 

1. buy the camera from Rumours 360 
2. get into the awesome PRIZES from VeeR 360 TV .. details below 

VeeR 360 TV

Best value:
get the FREE app host site of 360 Spherical TV VeeR and watch endless 360 pics and videos
and they have excellent blog

Please use this referral link to sign up for VeeR and the referral credit will be handed to my charity project FSCC Bangkok
I'm guessing I get a report of people that join so I will share so you know it happened 

all tricks and tips about 360 apps and groups to join to learn and share in 360 apps


short link to this section

Image result for instaone 360

Insta360 One: Bought May 2018
critics rate if well,  I bought for the  resolution 24 mp and now find it has some cool features

2018.06 after using for a month I now believe it's one of my best (of the 3 cameras)
small, great audio, incredible stabiliser, post production tricks in app AND racking option is amazing 

small, protective carry case that doubles as tripod
standard tripod thread
SD card, view from SD card (no need to 1st transfer)
excellent stabiliser
excellent audio

amazing onboard editor tricks
tracking and a few other tricks

no preview unless attached to IOS device  

string or bullet vid

VeeR 360 TV

Best value:
get the FREE app host site of 360 Spherical TV VeeR and watch endless 360 pics and videos
and they have excellent blog

Please use this referral link to sign up for VeeR and the referral credit will be handed to my charity project FSCC Bangkok
I'm guessing I get a report of people that join so I will share so you know it happened 

all tricks and tips about 360 apps and groups to join to learn and share in 360 apps

Example of Tracking
there is soooo many good examples in their host site as members upload their videos 

here's an example where i used the insta360 One to record a promo video of a alwaysHome app
and then used the tracking feature to follow me around the room as i talked about the app

you can see the original 360 version which is linked in the original post


my 1st device the S and now have 2 x V 

V model 

Image result for theta v

HD option is oudstanding 
image fast transfer
Vid transfer is painful u must transfer b4 view  which is megga annoying as u dnt know if the vid is a good quality and need to re shoot

no SD card 
no view from int drive - u must 1st transfer  

very good


1. Silicone 
2. Socks
3. Hard plastic lense cover

There are many more .. just google the topic and explore to see what best suits your lifetstyle 


short link to this section
QooCam can shoot 4k 360° VR & 3D 180° video and photo. Featured Refocus, Shake-free, 120FPS, Time-lapse, Live Streaming, And App Editor


July 2018 launched on crowd funding and expect to be delivered in Oct 2018

review by 360 spherical guru Michael at Ty of 360 Rumours
to view click anywhere in the post to open the page to see practical and technical 

short link to this section

order on crowdfunding site - pls use this link so they know I sent you   - short link


I can only comment on devices I use   (for more broader insights view info from the industry leading resellers - listed under resellers in this page

2018.07 entry point

1. Samsung 2017 gear 
lowest price of recognise brand name, SD card (no issue with storage), LED display to change modes and settings (most rely on app)
video playback from device sd card  (Theta must 1st transfer to phone - super annoying)
HDR feature is very good
small device for easy carry

then use Theta app for support to mod / edit and host site pics 

2. a little expensive is instaone 360 
the best stabiliser on the market (2018.07) 
small easy to carry but favours IOS with built in connector and no live visual unless using the ios connection

3. Theta is steadfast on ransom price based on past reputation 
annoying with no sd card and must trans vid to view
but excellent stitch and less glare and best night shots

also have 
Qoocam 2018.08 

Latest news

208.08.11 QooCam being delivered to customers - added their fbk group to this page 

2018.07 by Rumours 360  facebook  I website   
one of the best resellers in the market

Review 10

Video tricks

Camera tricks

Drone Mount

LuckyPhill  GIF
have MP Mavic pro and made a universal Cradle to attach above or below drone 
the cradle has accessories for wings and floats and has swiss army knife type concept with holes everywhere to attach more things such as lights or cameras  - details


updated  2018.06 
started in mid 2017 with one camera Theta S and soon hooked  lol

you evolve based on your needs and wants in terms of which cameras have and how you use 
my rig 

Sling bag full of stuff 
standard camera, several 360 cameras, power bank, tripods, lights, cables and spare cables, wires, band aids, masking tape, audio jack spare sd cards  

when I'm taking photos Im generally multitasking 

using 2 smartphones at same time    - photos and vid 
1 x 360 on long / medium length tripod for still photos  - usually the Theta
1 x 360 on 90cm self stick for video   (usually instaone as its brilliant stabiliser)
1 x 360 in my pocket - usually the Samsung which i can snap pics in help held or place i on a table or chair

the other (2nd smartphone) i will use for taking photos or driving the drone

If im flying my drone,  I often shoot 360 spherical photos from the sky using free app HANGAR, the hang time to complete the shot (23 pics) is 3 mins .. during that time I try to have the land base cameras set up around me to take photos &/or videos (depends on the location and risk management issues)

I do like to multitask 
I do not like to waste my time on spelling and grammar and invite anyone to help with that  topic

Tripods are critical to the task as is the mood and whether the weather or people around are in conflict
in regard to other people (privacy) since I made and display and ID card most people (strangers) are enthusiastic to be in photos. 
I made a simple half size ID card with social links that I hand out if people want copy of the pic or to know what channel it is displayed

Phill Smith (about me page 360 app page about me / my 360 stuff in devices my profile)


was three but Ive tried more 

No automatic alt text available.

short url to tripods this page

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Social Media
page of 360 devices used / reviewed or general intel at


Both of these guys have a popular presence in the industry 
very good tech info and tutorials many reviews on devices 

Life in 360  facebook  I website

Rumours 360  facebook  I website


WARNING: lab test often includes multiple widgets embedded objects which means the page needs a little more time to download 
so be a little more patient than norm

the test are done by me as a end user and share to community free when I have time, the limited time is applied to the practical use of the product not spelling / grammar and window dressing as its not a commercial activity  

see disclaimer in 360 apps page  links showing at top of page

Related topics

from this author
several other apps worth considering - see details in website

apps that do similar things

1. Vanish
2. Blemish
3. Nadir

these are listed in the general directory of 360 apps at -> top of page: contents of topics
Bottom of page sort DIRECTORY by name and topic

must do ....  apps for 360 

1. Vimo Video editor 
2. Werble incredible 
3. Video to Photo   - details in the link


Lab tests
nb: these are actual tests -> b4 creating this page many are shown in basic in page 360 apps
last 5 by latest edits - open table to see all and sort by any column  
TopicstatusLink to more
Aeorplane bubble shots INSTA360 ONE X 2019.10.10 drafted Aeroplane gig 
Virtual tour: Google maps - how to make 2019.06.17 drafted to  Google Street view - Virtual tour 
Camera: Theta Z1 spec leak 2019.04.09 news flash  Theta Z1 leaked specs 
Photo app skylab - masking feature 2019.06.27 test, feedback  Skylab photo app masking 
Video tricks - by QooCam 2019.03.27 completed Qoocam - video tricks 
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360 Community

last 5 by latest edits, open table to see all and sort by any column
Name and linkChannel I Type I Size I yy.mmTheme FocusLocation I Manager
Google Local Guides World Fbk I Public i MS: 5000 I at 2019.01 local guides in Google Global I see group admin 
Insta 360 One X User Group fbk I Public I MS: 750 as at 2018.12 Insta 306 One X global I  
Virtual reality fbk / Public / MS: 46k VR / AR global / admin within group 
360/180 VR Bangkok facebook I Public I MS:  anything 360 / 180 / VR Bangkok: Admin see details in group 
Ricoh THETA Users on Facebook Facebook I Public I MS: 7k 18.10 Theta camera Global I Mngr:  
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about 360 apps

last 5 items by latest edit: open table to see all
app NameTopicyy/mm/dd General comment
Retouch IOS & Android Photo Tweaks: Vanish / Blemish / Clone 2018.10.05 lab test page created - link this page under Utilities 
Snow Face masks 2018.09.13 lab test page made 
Veer Experience Virtual Tour: Video mode 2018.09.11 see lab test - review page 
Circular Little Planet 2018.09.05 lab test page see sky lab 
Sky Lab skies backgrounds and sky objects 2018.09.05 lab test page made with samples 
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WARNING: lab test often includes multiple widgets (embedded objects) which means the page needs a little more time to download 
so be a little more patient than norm

the test is completed as an end user and shared to community free, the limited time is applied to the practical use of the product not spelling / grammar and window dressing as it's not a commercial activity  

see disclaimer in 360 apps page  links showing at top of page

If you get benefit from this my page: 
U OWE ME:->  give feedback; faults, improvements or pass the info to help others (Team work).
I dn't focus on spelling mistakes (I welcome voice conversation not text), feedback welcome (a complaint is a gift)
about me in feedback link or at top of 360 apps page

Buy us a coffee

if you like info, keep us going sponsor a coffee
when I roam around town with a few bags of camera gear, phones and compass I get tired 
in this link you can buy me a coffee and include a message which helps so much

ultimately I prefer support for visit my local charity project 
FSCC Foundation Slum Child Care log of my visits and money raised


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2019.12.31 / Chao Phraya river Party Boat NYE  fireworks, DJ, Party fbk grp Bkk nightlife 
2019.12.20 / Silom fashion Show - Grande Prix charity low - Charity event Models in Fashion - Charity event thaibis page KP Models X Opal Fashion show 
2019.06.23 / Bangkok Photos with models - rooftop 5000 exclusive timeslot and lunch unique  fbk page bkk tourism - invite details 
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