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content is made on the fly (without attention to spelling and grammar)
if  / when I get time to review it will be dressed up

if you can get benefit from the info - terrific 

it's workshop stuff, the focus is tips, tricks .. its not a shopfront to sell something  

authors welcome 


Tutorial by Guru Mike of 360 Rumours

facebook  I website   


buy the dedicated device 

but I try to use existing gear in the bag or items that can have multiple functions

basic light weight selfie pole WITH BALL HEAD 
connect to insta selfie pole or any selfie pole, make sure the ball head is NOT tight
and it will rotate with no resistance 


was shocked and annoyed !! to discover the Insta double charger only works with a unique cable 
BECOZ I misplaced it with 100 standard cables 

my work around was easy as i have several camers and many spare batteries 

2019.07 bought a few chargers to test 

ranking in order of preference 

best value $28 includes 2 batteries 
also includes plastic box for each battery - another nice touch
for this price the charger alone is good value 

Box 3 batteries: 
the closed lit makes for obvious storage AND protector to carry Batterues - good value 
simple led to indicate when charged 

dont like it - open sides collects dust and no obvious indicator when its charged 
ie., 1 big led of power flow but not per slot .. so wtf !

Frame Cage

2019.07 shared by member in group 
Frame and lense cap 
link to post by member with details to see more and buy  July 2019  - price $12

after viewing and I ordered 2 units .. frame around the camera is a major benefit 
for those times when u want to go extreme 
they are making an alum frame so I'll buy again ..if the current frame does not clagg the view

2019.08.16 post by a user with this rig showing results 

looking forward to receiving mine in the post soon  (ordered 2 sets)



I have three in the bag 
small, media, large (2700cm)

as at 2018.10.09   - 2019.07 update - no changes other than a monopod base for 2700cm selfie

Hand tripod

this flat base tripod is ideal as dual function 
to protect the camera as a bumber bar when you carry in the bag around your neck
also a small hand held and tripid 

2018.12 by chance I found this tripod in a draw, used it in a test "hand carry for drone"

trivia - drone project - cradle for mavic pro and what stuff we can add as accessories - hand carry devices 
scroll down to see this tripod as the 8th item 

turns out to be a windfall for insta 360 one x 

  • slim fold, only costs a few dollars, very light, 
  • acts like a bumper bar to safeguard the camera when worn in pouch
  • quick unfold tripod 
  • or hand hold and your hands are hidden nadir so you dnt have that ugly mangled hand image in the nadir

nadir view 

2019.07 - I now always have a lacky band (rubber band) aroudn the rig to ensure it stays together and counter act the slight inbalance of the tripod on 1 side the tipod acts as a bumper bar in tight space crowds and saves damage to the lense.

theta site image of 360 - click to open and view nadir position

  • Result of using a small folding tripod to hide hands for nadir on insta360 one x   Info in page faq insta360 one x or link #theta360

fbk post of topic - click fbk icon to open post and view photos 

use the title from this info to search ebay - ive bought some for around aud$4 
this tripod was not strong enough to hand carry my drone (compared to others tested) but its brilliant for use with the one x to compliment the pouch


I noticed it was a little top heavy so invested in a rubber band and all its awesomely

I hold the tripod with no hand showing, add a logo on the nadir, protect my camera in tight situations where people and equipment is bouncing around 

Snake tripods

2019.09 stick - flexible - strong about 30 cm

2019.04 stick - flexible - strong about 40 cm

Monopod base

screws onto the 270cm selfie pole and fold up

most of the monopod base have 3/8 thread so we need these converters 

saved this image to remind me of the name used to find these parts
convert 1/4in thread 


270cm - 9ft
I have the now standard 2700mm extender pole 
by standard it's been out since 2018 .. details in 

360cm - 12ft
2019.09.18  - D.I.Y. 3.6m pole
includes pics and details 

560cm - 18ft
2019.09.18 - from seeing Alex conversion of golf retrieve pole I checked ebay australia 
and found a pole at 5600mm AUD$31 so I'll buy it and try to convert 
I dnt think I need more than my 2700cm which has a monopod base  but boys will be boys lol

ID Cards

a little bit of courtesy / protocol in taking Google SV / Step Inside 

with the recent addition of wearing Google SV T-Shirt and A4 Sign on selfie pole
we now find people come forward eager to be in pics which is fine as we focus on tourism places and happy
 (time permitting) to snap people and share back there photos 

the cards are win win in all directions 

access to places 
eliminate anxiety of strangers 
make new friends  lol 

biz card on the fly
we made a paper size biz card to hand out to strangers 
(people that we snap along the journey of google mapping)

they can visit the ID info page reach out get the link to their image in the map 
as well as use the page links to get knowledge base of paths google mapped

Lens cap

2019.08:  3D printed protector - invisible in the shot 
clips onto camera - 

includes youtube vid to show its invisible 
youtube vid includes link to the 3d print specs

2019.06   they did not fit snug and snap 
gave them a good squeeze for 30 seconds and now they snap lock 

great value - bought a few more as I have 3 cameras  

2019.09.17 update - these crate a flaw in the image - a streak line of the colour is visible - no good

another version in fbk user group includes a cage for the camera July 2019  - price $12
also listed in this page under Frame Cage 

2019.08.15 another style on ebay & ordered 

Double sided lens cap detailed on section FRAME CAGE

2019.09.19 rcvd and tested - very good - solid structure

Power Banks

2019.07 bought a few that are design of a selfie pole - BRILLIANT  

we testing them
some short or long and diff power bank 3000 and 5000
some too fat or have go pro clips which are visible 
some have camera thread in base - so important to add onto existing selfie pole

bought model Feiyu Tech power Bank (selfie pole design)
smaller in length and only 3000mAh 
work fines on 2700cm selfie except when horizontal - the weight can cause too much shake

not ok if you want to make the pole vanish - slightly visible 

2019.07 longer length and more power bank and heavier on the selfie pole

2019.08 not tested yet other than normal camera

Rotatable wrist mirror is PRICELESS 
walking riding you can see whats behind .. 

Street view


everyone has a view of whats good, dorky ...  its up to you

Ive made various rigs to suit different outings 
be it an all day tackle paths or just mix it with social 

key points

1. Duty of Care courtesy 
we wear lots of signage for courtesy to the public (others on the track)
it eliminates stranger danger (stalker) and gains rapport - people dnt mind and even want to join in 

2. pre check the gps (re set all phone and camera before start)

3. use google desktop to screen capture existing SV points and send to sel in email as a work flow 
it also help if you need to show people to confirm your mission 
ie  someone might think your snooping on them 

4. the weather issue is no brainer and best speed settings are noted in the street view app help section 

stuff we have use or used and abused

2019.07.30 walking rig for street view - STEP INSIDE

The sign on selffie pole, T-shirt and ID cards gives comfort to the public and often attracts people to come forward and say hello
or join in the pics  - we take photos of people that ask and give them a link to their photo and tutorial info about GOOGLE SV Step Inside and 360 cameras


we show a bunch of stuff to suit who can use it - some people can handle a lot of info .. its ok as your not a paying customer .. lol
simply use the index at top of page to find the item of interest and focus on that section 

Social Justice Warriors - instead of protesting .. try to lead by example ie. make it better in your time and let us have a link to see

Backpack rig

the pic in the fbk post does not show the complete name 
walimex pro ??  - cant find it in search - similar products ar Aud $400
but found this item below in ebay

Veho Muvi X-Pack Handsfree Wearable Mounting Camera Rig for Muvi KX-Series
for AUD $100

whilst most people say you look dorky 
1. GOOGLE SV pros do use them for big rigs
2. some circumstances warrant - for example 
on pushbike I hold selfie pole over head but on scooter (see below) its been too risky
to keep balance 

the other alternative is the Sports Backpack at AUD $22

2019.07 bought Sports backpack  aud $22

clip google sign to jacket (see below), lots of pockets in front and back
2700cm selfie pole slips into water back zip in rear or use the multti slips in the front 

the benefit is the rig is multi functional to snap together or pull apart to carry
and the jacket can be worn by a helper

the idea of wearing google signs is to give notice to the public as a duty of care and courtesy 
also people then come to join in pics so you build community awareness 

Public awareness
we wear lots of signage for courtesy  - see details under street view - walking Step Inside rig

2019.07 testing - works fine for Street View 

although not easy with 1 hand while holding selfie overhead 

so I bought clip rotatable hat clamp (see big ST rig) to test

2019.07 ideal for the hat or other - test pending

might be ok as base for selfie stick withsports back pack. the clip is extreme strong in terms of grip

16/8/2019 hat arrived - with go pro clip - to be tested ..  intial inspection is the camera is not up high enough
so we have to attach something to get it up another 20 cm ?  - pending solution 

2019.07 double thickness to include power bank or car keys and such 

the current model is plastic mould frame to accept the iphone to slip into the plastic shell, it can not take any other phone 
whereas the new model above is better as it takes any phone AND has space and separator for other stuff such as power bank

2019.09.17 the 360 swivel is best buy for me

Sports Phone Holder 180 Degree Rotating Wrist Strap Bracket Mobile Phone Stand

Street View Project 

doing same thing in Bangkok

Top 10 video tricks

by Shanil

2019.09.18 by Guru Shanil Kawol by UK

By Ben

24/10/2019 by Ben from AUD

Pls share me 

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Buy it


The best consumer priced camera on the market is 
Insta360 one X

2019 Feb best 360 camera for consumers

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Veer Experience Virtual Tour: Video mode 2018.09.11 see lab test - review page 
Circular Little Planet 2018.09.05 lab test page see sky lab 
Sky Lab skies backgrounds and sky objects 2018.09.05 lab test page made with samples 
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