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Lab tests


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Image result for experiments

Purpose:   road test all things 360; apps, devices, creative ideas 

fail fail fail its how we succeed 
some are dedicated for 360 spherical others are not but have some aspects that can be used so we test the limits and give feedback to app author and invite them to support the 360 Community 

many app authors are collaborating, the enthusiasm drives us 

If you get benefit from this my page: 
U OWE ME:->  give feedback; faults, improvements or pass the info to help others (Team work).
I dn't focus on spelling mistakes (I welcome voice conversation not text), feedback welcome (a complaint is a gift)
about me in feedback link or at top of 360 apps page

About me

The Nutty professor 
tests are done as an end user fueled with red wine at all hours of the night and shared here so I can remembered what happened 
often the notes are not clear .... its for me and when I get time I'm make it sensible, in the meantime use what you can 
I share the info to 360 Community free, my limited time is applied to lab test the product not selling it to you so there is little attention to spelling / grammar and window dressing.. cheers Phill Smith (more on me in 360 app page about me / my 360 stuff in devices my profile)

my 360 stuff

apart from recording to this website  in the table below 
VeeR 360 Profile Luckyroo  (mainly video and virtual tours)

fbk page Round to me in 360 Spherical  - social media of lab tests

all profiles a/cs in various 360 sites - profiles phill 

What's hot

2019 Feb best 360 camera for consumers

Feb 2019
what floats my boat (from my arsenal: theta, samsung, qoocam, insta)

Group shots / batch (typically virtual tours)
1. logo banner: insta is it: dynamic settings pic & vid 
2. app: vid to pic (in case I missed a shot)
3. host site: RoundMe - unique url on each image (multiple start points)

wish list: site to include option to share/sell rights to vendors

Individual shots
Night: Theta HDR is best
app: VeeR for multiple logos (when its working)

high action: insta360 one (small and a jet on 270cm selfie)
Videos: can't beat insta for endless reasons

2019.01.08 drone app Litchi beta test on in app stitching - page


Insta360 Stats is a new feature: add GPS overlay to your videos 

2018.10.07  ReTouch now with 360 support - lab test page


with all these images to move you'll need a turbo file transfer app SENDANYWHERE app for IOS Android and Desktop to move files via local wifi at lightening speed

short url to to section whats hot

Who's you Daddy

follow these legends 

last week I saw post by this chap .. wow Hugh Hou fbk
360/VR Videographer, YouTuber, Founder @creatorup Follow me on IG: hugh.hou

excellent reviews and these guys are dedicated passionate end users 

Life in 360  facebook  I website   I  Rumours 360  facebook  I website   

Best Practices

using this info in this page 

2018.06.22 added a look up table at bottom of page

TIP: for latest changes sort by column yy/mm/dd General comment and select descending

NB:  The info is free, and made on the fly (in my spare time lol  what spare time)  
I do NOT focus on spelling, grammar or detailed tutorial I focus on critical stuff and expect people to have passion and enthusiasm and be curious to discover and learn more .. learning / success is a serious of failures so go for it 

Spell checkers and and collaborators welcome 

About me, Disclaimer at top of 360 apps


nb: these are actual tests -> b4 creating this page many are shown in basic in page 360 apps

last 5 by latest edits - full list bottom of page with sort option
TopicstatusLink to more
Aeorplane bubble shots INSTA360 ONE X 2019.10.10 drafted Aeroplane gig 
Virtual tour: Google maps - how to make 2019.06.17 drafted to  Google Street view - Virtual tour 
Camera: Theta Z1 spec leak 2019.04.09 news flash  Theta Z1 leaked specs 
Photo app skylab - masking feature 2019.06.27 test, feedback  Skylab photo app masking 
Video tricks - by QooCam 2019.03.27 completed Qoocam - video tricks 
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sub page does not show all: some tests include several apps so best to use the directory (summary above and full at bottom of page with sort option)

in progress 

various apps listed here with draft notes (scribble notes), if they cut the grade they are advanced to a dedicated lab test page to expand the test with samples to verify with app host before we share to networks .. the app needs to have a minimum level of practical use for 360 users 

The tests are for 360 which squeeze of lot of content into the image as it wraps around into a sphere so we need super high resolution and 2x1

2018.11.12 spotted today, downloaded   - same theme as Plotaverse 
has 4K and original file spec - HORAH
cost $30 pa for pro or $80 lifetime 
requested code to test drive  - basics limited to 1080 which is impressive 

Plotaverse    IOS and Android  desktop and mobile
2018.09.25 Motion effect to image
2x1 vid res 1900

2018.10 reported to co need 4k res 

Vinci (IOS & Android)) FREE size: 25mb Purpose: Arty filters

2018.09.11  basics in progress page  - see section arty filters

Animatix  started 2018.08.27    IOS   - motion to pics  website
motion on photos to video  - single image to video  as gif, vid or live pic
Video format 2x1 ok, res 1280  (need to get closer to 4k) 
three base effects with sub effects 

2018.09.05 no screen rotation, can pinch zoom,  effects apply to full image not partial image ie, brush in/out or anchor/freeze for such things as signs or logos 

apps that freeze area within image Plotaverse (anchors) and MaskArt (brush), Werble use layer that can be sized 
feedback given to app team 2018.09.05 they confirm they are adding the freeze area option - yeah yeah 

same website as Animatix  

2018.09.01 Inkwork   (2x1) max re 5000  good for contrast, close ups
Pic only, not really getting this compared to others (needs to be up close or dramatic contrast content) - perhaps banner with scenery objects

2018.09.01 Brushstroke  2x1 max 5000 arty good for contrast
awesome canvas:   works best with bright contrasting colours
2018.09.18 fun app many aspects but limited for 360 as the brush does not do justice to micro detail which is present in 360

2018.09.01 ToonCamera  2x1 Pic & Vid: retain original resolution, very good used mths ago deleted in error glad to see it again. many filter levels
Pic or vid:  video scenes are amazing - many levels of toon effects 
  2018.09.18 enjoying tests with this app - many variables 

res:  image input      output             res: video: input 3840   output

2018.09.01 Relight  2x1 retains original res size pic and vid   
Pic or Vid:  far more then its sister app Brightly:  
1. many Modes (low light, artist, clarity, sky, dramatic, over exposure, fog; each has many presets and slider
2. save options: retain elements to change later

2018.09.18 enjoying tests with this app - many variables 
                      Vid res 3840 crashes 

Photo res: input                        output

2018.09.01 Brightly   2x1 retains original res size pic and vid   astonishing results so far
Pic or Vid: astonishing ability to work the media. auto lighting adjusted with manual override, plus option for usual variables such as contrast, structure, saturation, warmth and more, Geo tagging
  2018.09.18 enjoying tests with this app - many variables 

res:  video: input 3840  output 1920 

2018.03.20 Sky lab and Circular   - Lab test page skylab
skylab adds skies to photo + objects in sky
Circular creates little planet

Littlestar IOS    FREE AR app and cardboard and channels 
2018.10  - good channel lots of view

Cardboard Camera 2018.07.14 downloaded and enjoyed the quick glance and drafted a labtest page Pano

Insta Toon  2018.07.14  downloaded, paid for upgrade awesome effects .. no 2x1 so I emailed app author  otherwise so good features to compare to ToonCamera
                           2018.09.20 very exciting filters but not 2x1 so cant use for 360 .. email app author again

ToonCamera 2018.07.14 ratio 2x1 yes output resolution - original size     video output 1336   website
  2018.09.18 enjoying tests with this app - many variables 

Colour Pop IOS   2018.07.14    ratio 2x1  output original res   1st glance looks easy to drive about $5 to buy off ads and watermark 
                                                        2018.09 20 fbk post flat and spherical input 4096 output 4096  - will create lab test page called ? to compare to similar apps

Nception  2018.09.20  IOS

2018.10 trying to find time to test on 2D busy work and tour work  - so bad luck lol

Best value

1. endless free view of 360 spherical photo / video 

get the FREE app host site of 360 Spherical TV VeeR and watch endless 360 pics and videos
and they have excellent blog

Please use this referral link to sign up for VeeR and the referral credit will be handed to my charity project FSCC Bangkok
I'm guessing I get a report of people that join so I will share so you know it happened 

follow my channel on Veer TV - Luckyroo 

2. join the community groups to watch / learn and share - link in 360 apps

Submit your app

Minimum requirements for 360 Spherical

1. image ratio of 2 x 1 
2. larger than normal resolution (spherical wraps into a Sphere, 4k becomes 2k)

wish list
1. wrapping and warping for the sphere 
2. inject metadata 
nb: dedicated apps can handle this see details this page

1. image ratio 2 x 1 
2. Resolution 3000 x 1500 ideally app feature offers option for original size ...  consumer market average 5000x2500 as at 2018.08

1. image ratio 2 x 1 
2. Resolution min 2k but ideally 4k  (360 spherical wraps into a sphere 4k becomes 2k)

Inject Metadata into the output file
special data that gives intel for spherical - summary in this page under inject metadata or go to the detailed page

I enjoyed working / collaborating with various app hosts that show enthusiasm to develop and mod their apps to support the 360 community

most recent 
Video2Photo - labtest  extract stills from video in 2x1 in original file res 
collaboration:   added metadata to output file, making this app an must do for all 360 users

Vimo video app video editor 
collaboration:  corrected and fine tuned 4k resolution, added motion stickers and working on warp and metadata

Distribution channels


faults, ideas, new apps to try contact me 


Related topics

360 Community

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Name and linkChannel I Type I Size I yy.mmTheme FocusLocation I Manager
Google Local Guides World Fbk I Public i MS: 5000 I at 2019.01 local guides in Google Global I see group admin 
Insta 360 One X User Group fbk I Public I MS: 750 as at 2018.12 Insta 306 One X global I  
Virtual reality fbk / Public / MS: 46k VR / AR global / admin within group 
360/180 VR Bangkok facebook I Public I MS:  anything 360 / 180 / VR Bangkok: Admin see details in group 
Ricoh THETA Users on Facebook Facebook I Public I MS: 7k 18.10 Theta camera Global I Mngr:  
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about 360 apps

last 5 items by latest edit: open table to see all
app NameTopicyy/mm/dd General comment
Retouch IOS & Android Photo Tweaks: Vanish / Blemish / Clone 2018.10.05 lab test page created - link this page under Utilities 
Snow Face masks 2018.09.13 lab test page made 
Veer Experience Virtual Tour: Video mode 2018.09.11 see lab test - review page 
Circular Little Planet 2018.09.05 lab test page see sky lab 
Sky Lab skies backgrounds and sky objects 2018.09.05 lab test page made with samples 
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WARNING: lab test often includes multiple widgets embedded objects which means the page needs a little more time to download 
so be a little more patient than norm

the test are done by me as a end user and share to community free when I have time, the limited time is applied to the practical use of the product not spelling / grammar and window dressing as its not a commercial activity  

see disclaimer in 360 apps page  links showing at top of page

Buy us a coffee

if you like info, keep us going sponsor a coffee
when I roam around town with a few bags of camera gear, phones and compass I get tired 
in this link you can buy me a coffee and include a message which helps so much

ultimately I prefer support for visit my local charity project 
FSCC Foundation Slum Child Care log of my visits and money raised

Other stuff

Feedback / faults

360 spherical 
1. volunteered page contact: moderators speller checkers welcome
2. page topic:  contact Phill Smith - details in page 360 apps "submit your app

3. this website refer below 

email pls incl page url


nb: these are actual tests -> b4 creating this page many are shown in basic in page 360 apps

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Showing 65 items
TopicstatusLink to more
TopicstatusLink to more
Slideshow: Vidlab 2018.06.19 started VidLab 
PIV Picture in Vid - Vidlab 2018.06.19 started VidLab 
Video effects by Video Craft 2018.06.15 started app author is making changes as support tool to VeeR  
Photo effects 2018.06.19 done LenseFX 
video effects - Clips IOS 2018.06.19 done Clips by apple 
photo effects - Alien Sky IOS 2018.07.02 done Alien Sky 
photo effects: cloning 2018.06.25 360 apps page cloning 
Video effects - Animate / Motion  2018.07.01 1st run. very powerful loving this app Werble 
Camera tricks 2018.07.02 updated Tiny Planet by Guru Ben Camera tricks 
Camera review - Samung 2017 2018.07.02 done: by Rumours 360 360 Devices - see samsung 
Video: Narration 2018.07.03 tested ClippyCam 
Review cam: Wunder360 2018.07.06 labtest started on app only Wunder360 
Photo effects 2018.07.06  Snow: novelty faces 
Video effects - Animate / Motion  2018.07.06 completed Meipai 
Photo effects 2018.07.06 completed Meitu: enchance, mossaic, magic brush 
Video to Photo 2018.07.07 outstanding app, high quality good features well thought out by author and good related apps video to photo 
Photo from Video 2018.07.07 outstanding app, high quality good features well thought out by author and good related apps video to photo 
Camera devices 2018.07 dedicated page made 360 Devices 
Camera Review: general 2018.07 if not specific in then add to camera page 360 Devices 
Cloning (in Photo) 2018.07.12 tests shown Clonerase 
Vanishing (Photo) 2018.07.12 tests shown Clonerase and Vanishes 
Video effects - Vimo 2018.07.15 best on the market with 4k Vimo 
Photo Transparent background 2018.07.17 page basics and apps Transparent background app 
Display styles 2018.07 test page made display styles for 360 
Slideshows 2018.08.12 udpated  Slideshow - compare  
Video capacity 2018.08.17 app Vimo handled 4.3gb Vimo sub page tests 
Emoj 2018.07.17 page basics and apsp emoji 
Photo host sites 2018.08.17 in progress  Host sites Photos 
Virtual Tours sites 2018.08.17 in progress a  Host sites 
video host sites 2018.08.17 in progress a  Host sites Videos 
Device: Camera QooCam 2018.08.12 basic and advanced QooCam 360 Camera 
Video Banner: a heading or advertisement 2018.08.21 samples made Banner samples and how to 
Device: Camera Samsung 2017 2018.08.01 review by Rumour 360 Samsung 2017 
Drone use 2018.08.21 draft only Droning 
Little Planet image 2018.09.05 page made Circular (app) lab tested 
Sky background effects 2018.09.05 page made Sky Lab (app) page made 
sky effects day and night 2018.08.15 page made Alien Sky (app) page made 
Aliens  2018.08. page made LenseFX (app) 
Dinosaurs (Photos) 2018.08.20  LenseFX (app)  
Virtual Tour: image  2018.07.17 page made with 1st test Veer Experience 
Virtual Tour: Veer Video based 2018.09.10 info added to page review  Veer Experience 
Pano 360 (not Spherical) 2018.,.07.15 testing  Pano 
Face Mask - app Snow 2018.09.13 page created Snow 
Photo effects 2018.09.13 page started Pic effects 
Arty effects 2018.09.13 started page Pic effects - See ARTY 
Mirror Ball effect 2018.09.14 page started Mirror Ball Pic or Vid 
video promo 360 2018.08.25 workflow: various promo apps combined Promo add: Video 2 Photo 
Video Tricks 2018.10.02 page draft collecting posts Video tricks 
Photo tweaks:  2018.10.05 page draft Retouch IOS & Android 
Best 10 apps 2018.10.07 drafted page best 10 apps 360 Spherical 
Tripods 2018.10.08 page drafted Tripods 
Device: Camera Inst360 One X 2018.10.11 2 reviews Insta360 one X 
PIP and PIV picture in Picture or Video 2018.10.15 drafted PIP Pic in Pic 
Video: Mirror Ball vid from Theta site 2018.11.10 drafted Theta: Mirror ball video 
PIP video 2018.08.25 workflow shared 2018.09.25 Promo for Video 2 photo 
3D photo with QooCam 2018.11.25 added to Faq QooCam QooCam: 3D 
Camera: best 10 for 2018 2018.12.03 updated Best 360 camera of 2018 
Video tricks: Dolly effect with QooCam 2018.12.14 posted in qoocam faq dolly dolly effect in video 
Drone in app stitching by Litchi  2019.01.08 started  Litchi stitching in app 
Host site: 360 video 2019.01.09 started vresh 
Video tricks - by QooCam 2019.03.27 completed Qoocam - video tricks 
Photo app skylab - masking feature 2019.06.27 test, feedback  Skylab photo app masking 
Camera: Theta Z1 spec leak 2019.04.09 news flash  Theta Z1 leaked specs 
Virtual tour: Google maps - how to make 2019.06.17 drafted to  Google Street view - Virtual tour 
Aeorplane bubble shots INSTA360 ONE X 2019.10.10 drafted Aeroplane gig 
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