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Best 10 elements for  VeeR Experience

VeeR recently created a Think Tank group, we want to present to that group the most popular elements of Virtual tour by the end users

pls vote on your best 10 elements 



VeeR Experience is a free host site for 360 Virtual tours using media of Images or Video

widget below external link  


all about the product including reviews and tutorials in the main page (link top of page) or click here

Veer Experience SM hub page, includes independent reviews, website and more

How it works 

about Fbk Poll system in Groups

most popular (entries with most ticks) appear at the top
the 1st 5 appear, to see all click more in the list

the poll has been set to allow anyone (member of the group) to 
1. tick as many boxes as you want
2. add entries (go to the bottom of the list and add an entry)
adding entries: you have 140 characters so use them wisely: start with category and example, if not sure ask us 
any problem pls message me fbk Phill Smith

so "get on board"  let us / VeeR know what features you believe are most valuable for Virtual tour site 

How to vote

to participate in the poll

1. voters must be a member of the group VeeR VR Creator Community
click to join and wait for approval (24 hrs)

tick as many boxes as you wish &/or add lines of your suggestions

how to explained above

any problem pls message me fbk Phill Smith

short link to here 

The survey is show below

Vote topic meanings

explanation of each item added for votes, if you add a vote topic we may ask you to give a explanation to list in this section

vote topics in alpha order  (colour code: green is already in Veer)

Vote: Hotspot link
meaning: a link to more info or a url (already in VeeR)

Vote: individual url per item (same as RoundMe)
meaning:  each item (pic/vid) in the tour can be shared out with a unique url which draws user to connect with existing tour
examples available (its very powerful)

Vote: Map point of each media within tour
meaning:  gps location of each item (pic or vid) in the tour (offered in site RoundMe)

Vote: Map point of tour
meaning: gps location of the tour 

Vote: Sell/share edit rights: let others control for free or a fee, typically u start a sample tour for a vendor and let them buy it
meaning: obvious from description

Vote: starting view
meaning:   1st aspect on open image (already in veer)

Vote: Symbols / Icons to have colour options
meaning: obvious (Veer symbols are white or upload your own symbols)

Vote: Transition options
meaning:  (same as slideshows / video transitions)


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to access the post within the page, click on the fbk icon 

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Lab Tests
we record our trials and reviews, we will also publish yours

nb: these are actual tests -> b4 creating this page many are shown in basic in page 360 apps

last 5 by latest edits - open table to see all and sort by any column  
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WARNING: lab test often includes multiple widgets embedded objects which means the page needs a little more time to download 
so be a little more patient than norm

the test done by me as a end user and share to community free when I have time, the limited time is applied to the practical use of the product not spelling / grammar and window dressing as its not a commercial activity  

see disclaimer in 360 apps page  links showing at top of page

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Feedback / faults

360 spherical 
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