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live demo Pro

Test site live demo for Slingbox "PRO"  -  Pro can be used to connect up to 4 devices                    see My roadtest

Window below - if no display, try external view, follow prompts for browser plugin. You may need a demo "sign in" email:
NB the is a test site only, not for continuous personal use and may be disconnected without warning

Viewing TIPS & TRICKS 

tip: Streaming quality
Icon top left corner

Icon in top right corner
Drag remote to this panel

Icons top right corner 
click the arrow to expand

Slingbox a/c users can control the screen & stream size

bottom left corner see 
Icon for Settings
click to view
streaming quality options
and screen size 

Streaming volume (approx) 
smartphone 520kp
desktop: 2000kb
Streaming calculator

Slingbox Pro connects 4 devices
this demo is with Foxtel IQ

View demo Slingbox Solo
solo works with ipad

nb: slingbox includes a free app to play within facebook

Enjoy live stream from your local TV via internet connection on any www connection (within your home use LAN (local area network) or wifi)
Costs: No monthly fees:  1 cost for device (various models), free access via web, nominal cost for smartphone app
3rd party charges apply for your internet allowance (within your home on lan and wifi is free)

<report faults> 
or email
pls incl page url
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