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3D image apps


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Facebook free

2018.10 rolling out free feature 

3D photos feature .. being rolled out 1st to iPhones 
when I arrives you will know in your fbk update - refer video demo


Transform your static pictures into impressive, dynamic 3D animations. Viewmee 3D photo animator is the New Standard in Photo Sharing.

Our mission is to combine photo and video into one new world. Viewmee brings your static images to life by creating immersive videos - this is the first mobile app which creates a beautiful animation from a single photo. You can also add your own music or choose from our built-in tracks to accompany your animated photo.

Computer tools like Photoshop and After Effects allow professionals to achieve 3d effect from static photos. We have been working over the past 2 years to deliver this technology to your phone. You can now become a professional animator using this simple app. Complex algorithms manipulate pixels to achieve mind-blowing effect.

If you want to make your photos alive - Viewmee will do it for you. Immerse into the moment and observe the beauty of each memory. Live photos are great for sharing with family and friends!


Fyuse is a spatial photography app that allows you to capture space, not time, in interactive 3D images. Simply tilt your phone or swipe images to engage with the “fyuses” and view moments from different angles.

Easily post your images within the Fyuse community, or embed and share fyuses through other social platforms, websites, emails, and texts. 
“This spatial photography app is about to rock your world (and your selfies).” - VH1

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