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2018.10.04 page is reserved from key points discussed with dustin

articles will be in date order with latest at the top

2018.10.04 from Phill

1. review page content  - link above 

2. need to make a social media menu in induce people to bind in social media - sample menus

3. 360 Sphere - free apps
in this page at the top are links to FREE apps that allow you to make 360 spheres with only the smartphone (no separate device)

4. the collaborative mobile app share vid called mixbit is currently taken down  - so bail on that idea

in summary 
ensuring F&B is on hand / easy to access is a MAJOR MUST for the bkk entertainment culture 

for comedy shows 
forewarning audience they are welcome to access F&D bar during show is most welcome (dnt tell them they will be recognised as the shy will panic lol)

to avoid missing some of the show get extras drinks or note we have several intervals 

my social media menu link above
you also use the document to hilight key points 

1. check in social 
2. get extra drinks - we have buckets available  
3. we have intervals - if you cant wait to reload drinks - just go for it 
4. pls come forward for pics with performers 
5. photos will be shared in venue social media
6. if you get 4 friends to come we will get you 1 ticket free