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Visit The Grand Palace

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We made a late afternoon visit which is a little risky as they normal close time is 3pm (as we soon found out)


Na Phra Lan Rd, Phra Borom Maha Ratchawang, Phra Nakhon Bangkok  
Longdo map link   is in Thai & English for taxi, Google map link in Social media menu for GPS navigation

Getting there:
River:   300m South from express boat Pier Chang 
Canal: 2kms from Pier Fa Liliat on canal Saen Saep 

Transport: map link type BTS station / MRT station, best search tricks

Google map:  for live link, scroll down page to Google street view  


Youtube below - external link
shorter version

Two (2) formats 1. standard video 2. 360 spherical (use smartphone for VR)

please note: we dashed thru in an hour so the coverage is broad

2. 360 Spherical video

best viewed in smartphone for VR Virtual Reality

Scene:  blazen thru and around in 1 hour 

the video is loaded into two (2) sites

site 1
if stream too slow or low quality  - > use youtube link below 

get your free VEER TV  - follow my channel Veer TV - Luckyroo 

site 2
note: if youtube screen does not show spherical, copy n paste (right click) link to mobile browser

The ultimate 360 view is with google cardboard for Virtual Reality

place smartphone in google cardboard and .. wow !!!!  


beside the Palace is a boutique Park called Saranrom Park
this photo is taken from above the park showing the position of the Palace and Wat pho

the widget below is the full 360 spherical image of the photo above the park
above target 
starting view is Wat Pho - SCROLL DOWN to see Park
high quality  hangar site H SP 1801 H90Pabove T: Sunset

360 Spherical photos

Best view with smartphone
why: VR: Virtual Reality effect, turn you or device at any angle 
Note: Images are hosted in different sites for different effects

Site: Theta:  Powerful zoom in / out

why Theta site: many display controls,  

Zoom out to make a crystal ball, all display styles can be downloaded. 

click a thumbnail to watch in 360 
   - have fun morphing the images

  • 360 Spherical Gee team brief visit late in the day to the Grand Palace one of Bangkok's most popular destinations, our pics n vids  https://goo.gl/v8fcf7 BEST HASHTAGS  #BkkGrandPalace  #BkkCultural  #firefly3d #theta360
  • 360 Spherical Gee team brief visit late in the day to the Grand Palace one of Bangkok's most popular destinations, our pics n vids  https://goo.gl/v8fcf7 BEST HASHTAGS  #BkkGrandPalace  #BkkCultural  #butterfly3d #theta360
  • 360 Spherical Gee team brief visit late in the day to the Grand Palace one of Bangkok's most popular destinations, our pics n vids  https://goo.gl/v8fcf7 BEST HASHTAGS  #BkkGrandPalace  #BkkCultural  #firefly3d #theta360
  • 360 Spherical Gee team brief visit late in the day to the Grand Palace one of Bangkok's most popular destinations, our pics n vids  https://goo.gl/v8fcf7 BEST HASHTAGS  #BkkGrandPalace  #BkkCultural  #firefly3d #theta360

Theta site lets you change the display styles - see options below images in Theta site or    
  channels: Bangkok   I   Perth WA

Tour map

the idea journey from the city is Bts skytrain from the city to the river at
from Bts Siam (city) it's around 20 mins to travel the 4 or 5 stops to the river and then a short walk down the stairs to the pier

there's lots of places to visit around the pier (see the list of Icons in the pier link above)

inter change with express river ferry at central pier sathorn

the main pier is quite hectic but well sign posted and many staff available to get you going

the ferry ride is very in expensive, little crowded but part of the action. the priority is get going not safety which is a little more common sense approach so pay attention

the 4.5 km journey along the river gives you a quick snap shot of the Icons along the river
and if you have time try the "hop on hop off" package which is like an all day ride multi rider
and jump on the double decker and enjoy the view 

stop at one of several piers at the Grand Palace, we stopped at Pier Chang
this pier is way busy but you'd expect that

short walk to the main entrance to the palace, then follow the signs to buy your ticket and access the main zones

there are so much to see you really need several hours which we did not have but we marched around quickly for a quick browse

Image result for the grand palace

During the visit of the Grand palace we used the 360 spherical photos to start a virtual tour, note - some of the photos are extracted from the 360 video so the quality is medium btu ok if you view in a smartphone (small screen) and this is ideal so you can get the VR (virtual reality) effect

in future visits we will add more photos to the virtual tour


Wat Phra Kaew (Emerald Buddha) a historical temple in the compound of the Grand Palace 

we have 360 spherical photos in and around the temple - see the link this page to virtual tour 

The Grand Palace - pics, vids and general info 


many options to get home (back to the city)

1. return along the river

2. cut inland to local fast ferry canal Saep Saep at pier Fa Liliat, which is what we did after visiting other places in this area

Virtual tour

Image result for gif virtual tour
from this visit we drafted a VT The Grand Palace

note: image quality is low as some photos are extracted from the 360 video

please use a smartphone to enjoy the VR (Virtual reality) effect

Dress code

strict attention to conservative attire, they used to have a hire clothes service but no longer, however good luck .. lol
many locals selling the applicable clothes on the street - not much chance of haggling late in the day

the clothes being slip on daggy pants or shirts - you will notice in the pics and vids


Rated in "Most Popular Tours" -  latest tips

HIGH SCAM SITE: Please be warned scammers roam the entrance suggesting the venue is closed, offering another venue

Opening Hours: Daily 08.30 - 16.00 hrs.  Note: minimum dress standard required.

Admission Fee: Free of charge for Thais and 500 baht for foreigners (including admission tickets to Vimanmek Mansion, and the Royal Thai Decorations and Coins Pavilion).

Dress Standards applied: no singlets, shorts, bare feet exposed or scanty clothing, cover over items avail for hire

Tour guides:  They will be located inside the main gate and display ID cards

More information:: +66 2623 5500 Ext. 3100

Since the founding of Bangkok, the Grand Palace has been the major architectural symbol of the Thai Royal Family. For about 150 years, the Grand Palace was not only the official residence of the King but also the entire administrative seat of government. In the reign of King Rama V, the royal residence of the kings was relocated to Dusit Palace. Now the grand palace hosts royal ceremonies and state receptions.

The Grand Palace is a complex of buildings at the heart of Bangkok, Thailand. The palace has been the official residence of the Kings of Siam (and later Thailand) since 1782. The king, his court and his royal government were based on the grounds of the palace until 1925. The present monarch, King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX), currently resides at Chitralada Palace, but the Grand Palace is still used for official events. Several royal ceremonies and state functions are held within the walls of the palace every year. The palace is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Thailand
The architectural plan is almost identical to that of the Royal Palace in the former capital of Ayuthaya. In the same compound located the royal chapel or Wat Phra Kaew.

There is so much to see refer legend below (expand image)

Post event 

as it's only around 3pm 3.30pm and we have special clothing to respect the code,
let's walk around the corner and visit famous Wat Pho - our journey

Reclining Buddha - 45 mtrs long ..... 

and after visiting Wat Pho - we try the local speedway canal express boat - wow 

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Gee team brief visit late in the day to the Grand Palace one of Bangkok's most popular destinations, our pics n vids  https://goo.gl/v8fcf7

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