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Daniel Jung

Gife Thaksaphon

Kedganok Suahan


behind the scenes assistant tour director to Khun Por

Noon fbk Atinuch Kotarak

Paul Masa - fbk friends only post group photo after Shadow Puppet show

appears in Phill media at various events

Kru Por
Teacher Por Phattida Rattanasillapakorn

Phill R Smith


Ploy:  Pulyploy Ploy

Suci Nurlaeli

Tutor Por
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Event / LocationIndustry / ThemeCost (L M H) / Durationwhy goName / link
2019.06.23 / Bangkok Photos with models - rooftop 5000 exclusive timeslot and lunch unique  fbk page bkk tourism - invite details 
2019.05.04 /  Comedy / Magner Festiva low  fbk group bkk nightlife 
2019.04.06 Bts Asok Comedy - International Jimmy Carr med -  in 2016 he rocked Bangkok fbk bkk nightlife 
2019.03.04  Comedy low  GLOBAL ROAST BATTLE PHENOMENON--YOUR HOOD'S A JOKE. fbk bpac  
2019.02.21 to 24 Bts Phloen Chit Garden Fair - Nai Lert Flower & Garden Art Fair 2019 low - 150 bt astonishing - heritage home TB events: Nai Lert Park Heritage Home บ้านปาร์คนายเลิศ 
2019.02.16 / Saraburi 9am to 9pm Social: Meet Locals day trip low - day trip activities Thai and Foreigners mixing it up TML: Saraburi hypo 
2019.01.26 / Suk Soi 19 Comedy / 5 star Westin Grand Hotel low international at Westin Grand Hotel Stand up Asia - fbk invite 
2018.12 30 days Dusit Festival - Aoon Ai Rak Warm love Free Thai Costume / heritage Warm love AoonAiRak 
2018.12.19 / Suk Soi 13 Comedy / battle off the best low  huge gig  fbk grp bkk nightlife 
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Topic / locationAuthorDate Publishedlink to mediaDate comment
summary Kru Por 2018.08.29 fbk public: group photos 18.08.29 many group photos 
3. Wat Khanon Nang Yai Phill Smith 2018.08.25 check in fbk public pic vid 18.08.25 360 pic and vid on the go 
5. diner Street Food Phill Smith 2018.08.25 check in fbk public: group photos 18.08.25 360 pic and vid on the go 
6. return to Bangkok Phill Smith 2018.08.25 check in fbk public: tour map link  
2. Damnoen Floating Markets Phill Smith 2018.08.29 video and more 360 fbk grp Bkk Adventure 18.08.29 brief vid with link to 2.46 min video 
Tour Map Phill Smith 2018.08.29 Tour map 18.08.29 partly completed - updating daily 
1. start tour Phill Smith 208.08.25  fbk bpac fanpage 18.08.25 360 pic and vid on the go 
2. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market Phill Smith 2018.08.25 fbk page Bkk Happy Tourism 08.25 5 pic, vid with link to venue and tour 
4. Khao Ngu Rock Park Phill Smith 2018.08.25 check in fbk public: group photos 18.08.25 360 pic and vid on the go 
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