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we will build a library with tips and tricks for viewers 

how to best see our stuff 
how to best use the site to promote your stuff 
how we can collaborate and enjoy the best of all 

The Idea

We're so impressed with the features of Veer TV for 360 spherical VR (Virtual Reality) images and videos that we will create special collections (albums) of VR places Bangkok 

followers can select specific topics and areas 
followers can use our ideas tips and tricks 
followers can share their work in our media channels or join our community 

more to be posted as we develop this section 

Download App

Veer TV    IOS and Samsung   
Purpose: editor (sister app for viewing)
free app to view and edit, insert text, symbols, 
free host site for photos and videos, create albums (collections) with link
The site has good blog and lots of keen helpers and great prizes ..  no brainer 

Please use this referral link to sign up for VeeR and the referral credit will be handed to my charity project FSCC Bangkok
I'm guessing I get a report of people that join so I will share so you know it happened 

follow my channel on Veer TV - Luckyroo 

see below about our social Media networks 
Veer TV have a unique facebook Travel 360 group 

about me 
Phill Smith - my Veer TV channel is Luckyroo

Virtual Reality 

About Spherical 

360 Spherical images / videos are the most popular fastest rising culture on media 

The VR (Virtual reality) factor is all consuming, the photos and videos can be rotated to any angle by the viewer

Veer TV have an excellent blog on the subject which you will find on their website 


Google which 360 camera is right for you.. there are many so consider your lifestyle, size, shape and budget 

typically you need a dedicated device, there are many on the market in shapes and sizes 
we prefer the sleek skinny type that fits into your pocket, some of the ball shape just dnt fit well in your pocket  lol 
there are some models that can attach onto the smartphone and use the resources of phone as a camera

Google to search     Google best 360 cameras


2 short lists for those that need choices

1. by latest changes 
2. by Theme 


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Lab Tests  road test apps and devices 
360 groups  Social media groups for 360 
apps for 360  all apps avail 
Rooftops all zones Rooftop venues Bangkok 
Markets all zones all 
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by Theme

last nine (9) by latest edits: see all at (sort by any column)
Name / LinkDistance from Siam Theme / Feature
360 groups  Social media groups for 360 
Rooftops all zones Rooftop venues Bangkok 
Lab Tests  road test apps and devices 
apps for 360  all apps avail 
Markets all zones all 
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SML this page

360 Spherical images and video with Veer TV around Bangkok

#VeerTv   #360Spherical   #


FREE Virtual Tour site - Roadtest page VeeR Experience

Tourism Bangkok
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Attractions Bangkok Directory Attractions Bkk all Attractions 
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click: Vacation fun: all activities Prices Bangkok


or narrow the search in Viator Bangkok by category

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Tour zones

Google doc version with summary of tour zones 
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Buy us a coffee

if you like info, keep us going sponsor a coffee
when I roam around town with a few bags of camera gear, phones and compass I get tired 
in this link you can buy me a coffee and include a message which helps so much

ultimately I prefer support for visit my local charity project 
FSCC Foundation Slum Child Care log of my visits and money raised

Join our Community

Facebook groups Bangkok   
Adventure I Nightlife I Tourism I Models   members 100,000

Other stuff

Recommended Events

Approved Events: open page to sort by columns

Event / LocationIndustry / ThemeCost (L M H) / Durationwhy goName / link
2018.09.12 / Suk Soi 13 Comedy / Roast Battle grounds low 200bt few hrs Food & Drink at tables horrific battle of absurd abuse  fbk group Bkk Nightlife  
2018.08.25 / Ratchburi  social Networking Grass roots tourism 1000bt all day tour fun day make new friends Travel Thailand Meet locals 
2018.08.24 suk soi 13 comedy / mind reader low 500bt 40 seats only  special kinda fun fbk group Bkk Nightlife  
2018.08.24 / Silom / from 19.00 Bistro Bar: Craft Beer Event low the right people  fbk group Bkk Nightlife  
2018.08.15 / Suk Soi 13 Comedy / Roast Battle grounds low /  hilarious raw battles  fbk group Bkk Nightlife  
2018.08.11 / Suk Soi 19 Comedy show: GREG FLEET L-Med  International event at Westin Grande Hotel fbk group Bkk Nightlife  
2018.08.04 Suk Soi 11 Fight night: Bangkok brawl low / pm  Bangkok Brawl 5 fbk group Bkk Nightlife  
2018.07.21 Suk Soi 8 Comedy show  Low / 3 hrs  Stagetime: laughing is cheap health insurance fbk group Bkk Nightlife  
2018.07.21 Silom Pool Party - So Pool Party low / pm day to late hot music and people  fbk group bkk adventure 
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Places visited  

Where we have been link

why try .. . see places of interest, sort table by any column

Bangkok Hospitality & Tourism

Donate Photos, videos to to our Community Groups

Become a Roaming reporter how it works

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this info does not in anyway represent the company VEER or any other company, the info is created on the fly (as I go) in research and development of my hobby of 360 spherical cameras.  The info is available for anyone to use on the condition they understand they need to test before relying on the data .. take ownership 
if the matter is critical to you then make enquires before deciding  

Feedback / faults

email pls incl page url

Directory: in detail

Short url to here 

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Name / LinkDistance from Siam Theme / Feature
Name / LinkDistance from Siam Theme / Feature
Markets all zones all 
Rooftops all zones Rooftop venues Bangkok 
apps for 360  all apps avail 
360 groups  Social media groups for 360 
Lab Tests  road test apps and devices 
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