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Logos for Veer


content is made on the fly (draft what is tried and tested) without attention to spelling and grammar  
if  / when I get time to review it will be dressed up

in the meantime if you can get benefit from the info - terrific 

it's workshop stuff, the focus is tips, tricks .. its not a shopfront to sell something  

authors welcome 

this info does not, in anyway represent the company VEER or any other company other than the site


2018.06.01 updating the page as I test and use 

some file types dnt display if taken from google drive so I have also placed them in google doc 
google doc lets you resize and copy to webpages 

who am I   Phill Smith, my info is show on the page link above under Veer Bangkok

Background  June 2018
had an idea of making buttons for my hat with Veer / google st view 

the buttons look ok but not easily seen in the 360 pics unless the camera is super close to the hat
10/06 I messaged Samantha at veer to request that include emoj of hats with VEER (like the emoj hat with Rock) which I can then apply to myself or other subjects in the photo - that hats with branding and also privacy issues 

as I play around with generic logos I upload them to share with other users 


WARNING:  for transparency to work the image must be in format PNJ nor JPG
sometimes ???  when loaded into google folder the file may change to JPG ??
so if you dnt get the result let me know 
in such instances I also upload the image into the google doc (further down page) which retains the file format .. 

Folder below - ext link

Veer logos

Google Doc

Include gadget (iframe)


Generic square white blank: idea for story logo on multiple pics 
when creating virtual tour for google st or roundme or thinglink etc., 

the square blank image can house a logo and text which saves time typing on each photo

2018.06 fbk post Rivercity   in the 360 pics i used several square logos to tell the story 

generic logo for river city 
generic logo for my tourism Bangkok

building the logo: i have many ios photo editors.. on this instance Im using Pixomatic becoz it has an option to distort (prospective) images and text on the blank sheet, the distortion or rotated perspective compliments the final view in the 360 when viewed as a 360

also included the veer tv logo

Veer TV 360 transparent / rings

I'm using them more and more either as nadir or interesting places on the image, it works well on sign posts or as a option to block our a blemish


1. logo needs to be square 
2. allow 20% space between image and outside edge 

more in FAQ's


has a standard 1/4 thread and go pro connector

Selfie Pole 2.7mtr - ebay more info price and specs

Risk Management:  slightly worried if the pole will break so I'm going to try to connect a length of fishing line to the camera to my hand .. just a thought 
I'm also worried that hanging this over a bridge or rooftop I should have a safety line on the camera .. its comfort for me and the public 

if anyone tries before me pls let me know  Facebook  Phill R Smith 


this info does not in anyway represent the company VEER or any other company, the info is created on the fly (as I go) in research and development of my hobby of 360 spherical cameras.  The info is available for anyone to use on the condition they understand they need to test before relying on the data .. take ownership 
if the matter is critical to you then make enquires before deciding  

about 360 apps

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Veer Experience Virtual Tour: Video mode 2018.09.11 see lab test - review page 
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