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Internet Video File Tips

Internet Video file tips

 Tips to watch and download Videos on the web / Internet 
save your download useage!!!!
Viewing videos (files on the internet) means you are using your download usage. Depending on the internet traffic and your download speed the video file, when playing, might "flicker", stop/start (very annoying), some options to save your useage allowance and viewing options:-
1. If you wish to play the video on the internet ! ...   but it "stop/starts"!!!!
  • Press the play button (if you intend to view several videos, then start each) and immediately press the pause button!  
  • The video will continue to buffer (download), you will see the download/buffering indicator in progress (youtube is a red bar).
  • When the buffering is finished you can play the video at normal play speed, that is it will not "stop/start" waiting for more download.
the legacy - everytime you revisit the video on the web and wish to view you must repeat the download process and use up your downaload allowance!
Preferred method - option 1
2. Download the video file to your computer
  • The same download time and volume useage is required but now you have the file on your computer to view as often as you like and without:-
    •  using your inrenet useage allowance or 
    • internet traffic delays, follow these steps:-
before you action this read this section
Instal Realplayer (free) (click here) select the free premiere software (or buy as you wish), then whenever you access a video file on the internet and begin to play this software will display a  "pop up" icon (see below) offering to download the file to your computer.
if this pop up icon does not appear try moving the cursor across the video window during play.
The file usually downloads into a folder called "my videos" inside the "my documents" otherwise. If you can not find the file then manually start the realtime player (should have a icon on your desktop) and select the library command.
2010-05-01 - The Realplayer "free version" no longer appears to video download option?
SOLUTION - visit and download their free video downloader software..    It will instal and will produce a pop up window icon whenever you watch a video on the net and offer to download to your computer  
Orbit Rich Media Downloader: YouTube Downloader and more social video and music downloader
Preferred method - option 2
This is for Microsoft Windows operating systems only. 

1. Find the video on YouTube. When it has finished loading, copy the URL from the address bar. For example: -

2. Go to  and paste the copied video URL to the field. Push the "Get YouTube Video" button and save the video as a .flv file on your hard disk. It is best to save all your video files to the same folder, for example to My Documents\My Videos . That way it is easier for you to create playlists for your video files.

3. Go to  and download the free flv player.

4. Install the player and you can easily view all your favourite videos from YouTube anytime you want by double-clicking on the video where you saved it.

When you install flv player, you can view your videos in BSplayer, too. If you have Macromedia Flash Player installed on your computer, be sure to configure it so that .flv files are played with flv player or BSplayer, else it will not work.

Here are some more websites for downloading YouTube videos and playing them.  Some of them allow you to download videos from other sites, too:

How do I determine streaming video file sizes?

You can determine an approximation of streaming video file sizes by looking at the streaming data rate of that file. Depending on the compression scheme and encoding software, some streaming audio/video files may actually stream at lower or higher rates, but tend to average out to the data rate specified during the encoding process. Also, there is typically file header information that will slightly increase the file size.

The following table provides examples of streaming data rates:

Network connectionActual rate (in Kbps)File size in one minute (in KB)File size in one hour (in MB)
28.8Kbps modem201509
56Kbps modem4231518.9
128Kbps ISDN10075045
384+Kbps cable modem/DSL2501,875112.5
750+Kbps cable modem/DSL5003,750225
10Mbps LAN1,50011,250675


2010-06 understanding about video File size and spec info.. various good help on this page