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Ratchathewi: walk - canal - train - markets


note: when we visit a new area to "Discover" we usually return several times to build data so...

be patient or come and try and contribute to the discovery 

Ratchathewi area is near centre of town at Sukhumvit end

The Canal Saen Saep cuts through the back of the city

The walk was a few hours; pics and eats and a lot of walking as a discovery mission - you can fast sections by taxi

why this track

1. add Pier 18 Nana Chard to social media links 
2. walk along the Saen Saep Canal canal for pics / vid of ferry 
3. watch the hyper activity at Pier 17 Asok  this is the Interchange for the MRT (subway) and BTS (skytrain) and railway 

4. collect pics / vid of BTS Makasan - airport link 

the walk from the Pier is short, busy on the footpath lots of street food, lots of people going home, busy intersection to cross. The train stops at the intersection and flocks of people migrate to the skytrain above or to motor bile taxi or to the MRT (subway) or Canal   - it's pretty full on .. 

5. Random Adventure 
after buying some delicious street food chicken (local version of KFC lol) around 20bt the Random decision was made to try to walk to the night markets at Talad Neon
with so many taxi options it's never a rash decision coz you can just flag down a ride and finish leg of the journey by vehicle - motor bike, tuk tuk or aircon taxi

The walk around Petachaburi road (around 7.00pm) did not reveal many Icons, although a few sub Sois on the left leading back to the klong (canal) need to be explored

several stops along the way for street food, chicken and fresh coconut juice

6. at Neon Night Markets there are many interesting sights 
you have clear view of two (2) major rooftops 
from the front of the markets you can see Redsky (60 flrs) and from the rear of the markets at the open air bars you can see Baiyoke tower (83 flrs)

The markets are very appealing for tourist
wide isles 
very bright lighting for  an open air market
Thai and english signage 
cheap price food and souvenirs 
incredible sweets 
open air bars to the rear with foot massage service ontop of the bars (sea containers) with view of the city skyline 
loads of taxi and tuktuk

There are alternative markets - see links below 


walk or ride along the local canal

the ride on the canal is a given but the walk is interesting especially to watch the hectic rush of boats in and out of the small space 

street food, intensity of traffic / people cars at the intersection below the skytrain station 

walk to night markets was a little dull

Night markets fun way to enjoy eats and drinks and view of rooftops and plan more events


what we missed

did not take pics of 
1. street food
2. busy intersection of traffic .. at sunset a photo of the intensity of people traffic 
the railway crossing, train arrives, people aloft, cars and bikes waiting at traffic lights, people walking along overhead sky bridge
people on street, street food  - it's a buzz   - ideal for a 360 video .. 

3. the train stopping at the intersection below BTS and mass of people getting on off

Other stuff to try
1. walk along the railway track - looks scary .. where people live 
2. along Petchaburi road on the left some small soi back to the canal - looks interesting 
3. walk back to Sukhumvit along Soi 21 Asok - all retail Icons .. 
4. Walk 2.5km to Ratchada Train Markets 

How we used the info

1. Drone photos and videos will be added to the pages of the Piers, BTS station and MRT station
2. 360 Camera photos and videos 

3. share info into our Social Media Channels

How to keep in touch 

1. join our facebook groups - Bangkok Adventure 
2. be a roaming reporter - lets us know that you want to contribute and we will share your reports or simply show them in the groups and we will use the data in our thaibis pages with credit to you as the reporter

Mud Map

The actual map link of the trail is below this image - note: in the map link you can search for all sorts of Icons (help link below the live link below)

Map link

Longdo map is in Thai & English for taxi

Longdo map free to join lets you add your own info with tag words and much more 

tips:  live map link see map tools to measure distance, change map appearance, search for nearby Icons by Industry or key words 

   Longdo map search tricks Hospitality & Tourism 

Alternative night market is Ratchada Train Market which is a similar distance.

The massive transport to Neon is canal ferry (until around 8pm) and to Ratchada Train Market its the MRT (subway)

Photos and video

 to be added 

we normally visit the area several times to collect data , pics and videos so stay tuned 

or pls visit and contribute 


created for the Canal Pier of Nana Chard and Asok

Youtube below - 2 mins link 
shorter version

Created for BTS Makasan

Created for Neon Markets - already made months ago in 


1. 360 Spherical Photos 

Pls Share me 

to be added 

Walking adventure in Bangkok zone Ratchathewi - interchange of canal, railway line, subway and night markets SM hub

#WalkAroundBangkok  #BangkokAdventure  #LuckySaidSo   #BkkAdventure   #BkkGrassRoots  #BkkZoneRatchathewi

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