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T21 to Khaosan


Day / evening tour from central Bangkok Old Bangkok city in Rattanakosin 

The distance is only about 6 kms however we used various transport options to enjoy the experience 
subway train, local ferry canal and lots of casual pace walking to hear and smell all the local culture

Engagement / Major Icons 

Places / Icons experienced in this tour 

  • Sukhumvit - modern retail tourism 
  • Sub-way train system 
  • Canal Ferry system (locals)
  • Temple rooftop 360 
  • Heritage Icons ancient Bangkok 
  • KhaoSan (backpacker whacky zone)
  • Sukhumvit nightlife - Music Bar  (Soi Cowboy)

collage photos of the day 

About vlogger "Lucky Phill"

I visit places (places visited) with gadgets to capture media (photos videos) as well as logistical data to create a knowledge base with multiple platforms (more gadgets) to share ie., there will be "too many" widgets in the vlog ... just enjoy the ones you can handle


Food and drink

Lots of options from the start to finish 


Transport there
Subway 40bht, Canal Ferry, 40 bht, Wat Saket entry 50bht, 

Diner at Khaosan  (Street food 200bht) 

Transport back: 
Taxi return: 300bht to 800bht (whatever you can haggle based on location and supply demand)


you should check the local weather pattern and what time is sunset as this will be critical for photo ops depending on the Icons you wish to view at sunset

we visited the Golden Mount - for awesome sunset shots

we could have also visited Loha Prasat (golden metal temple) but you cant to both at sunset 

What you need 

for Subway ticket machine or use the counter teller service 
for Ferry (around 30 to 40 bht pax)
for Temple donation and drink machine 

(never go anywhere as tourist in Thailand without and umbrella (Thai word is Rom)

Local host
always get a local to join you so you can get extra insights 

don't commit to plans before and after as your in Thailand so time is not relevant, here it is about "Mai Ben Rai" (Thai word means its ok / never mind

always remember to understand Thai and the difference between a Tourist and a Traveler 

which Icons are your priority (for sunset / blue hour photos)
and then don't worry about the other stuff otherwise it's not sabai sabai (comfortable) 

Cultural awareness

to understand Thai is to understand Buddhism 

Mud Map

West (left) is Khaosan Rd and right (East) is Terminal 21 Shopping Plaza on Sukhumvit 

snapshot of the map of way points 

approx 6 kms
which can take 40 mins by canal ferry or 30 mins to 60 mins by car depending on traffic 

started 5.30pm (sunset pics) finished 2am music bar Sukhumvit

in the section (this page) Maps  we offer three (3) styles for D.I.Y. 


summary of points of interest along the journey

the same points are marked in the trek map (in this page) which you can use to follow the trail 

Start  / Muster 

T21 shopping mall - easy meeting place and option for Food and Drink

Image result for terminal 21 bangkok

T21 is ideal for launch / Muster as it is easy to access with Skytrain and subway stations 
and the shopping plaza is start of art with excellent hospitality facilities

About T21 Terminal21 includes virtual tour 

The Subway station

100mtr walk to Subway station 
there are several access points from the intersection 

be warned: 
using the subway at peak traffic times as it will have large queues and this means less people have patience to help 
so get there early and purchase your tickets and look at around the station 

from Station MRt Sukhumvit we go 1 stop (1km) to station MRT Petchaburi and then 60 mtr walk to canal Pier

from the exit 

The local Canal Ferry

The canal is called SAEN SAEP (Thai word meaning dirty smelly) - mainly only used by locals for quick cheap transport 
there is an incredible history to the canal created by the King when they moved the Palace but over time its lost its fashion to car, buses and trains
however going to the West side you will see a lot of the heritage along the Khlong (canal)

there is no romance or high retail presentation of this ferry ride, it is cheap charlie Piers and service .. its Grass roots tourism

at Pier Asok 
little tricky to find as it is located under the bridge that crosses the canal, you can only enter to Pier from the North side of the bridge

here you wait for the ferry (around 15 mins to 20 mins) and you need to work our which way is West as you need to catch the ferry going East

check the notice board to go West .. the direct of next stop is Nana Chard 

when you get on the ferry a staff member will wonder around and ask for your destination PIER FA LEELARD (last Pier West)
price will be around 30 to 40 bht 

do not let go or misplace your ticket - they will re check it on the 2nd leg of the journey

Interchange Ferry Pier

the ferry line interchanges at the Main Interchange Pier in the centre of town at Pier Pratunam (Thai word means Water Wheel)

Pratu (window / door) and Naam is water 

you aloft the ferry and walk 40 mts West and immediately get on the next ferry which will leave without notice 

Soon after the ferry departs (at great speed) it will go slow for 800 mtrs as it passed a private Palace / Royal property so they must respect and be quiet

 thereafter, get ready it stop starts with great impatience .. lol 

There is amazing views along the canal, temples, homes of yesteryear and those that are ready to collapse 

it's around 6 kms to walk the canal and well worth it when you have time 

Most of the people that live along the canal are very basic life yet incredible friendly and hospitable 

Last Pier 

Pier Phan Fa Leelard includes virtual tour 

last stop West end  

screen shot of view of Golden Mount showing canal Pier below left

to see this in 360 drone photo

Last Pier West at old city of Rattanakosin Island 

Before you start 

1. view basic tips below widget to be the best navigator

2. best viewed using the external link 


use the external link for dynamic rotation of screen (turn to any angle)
Navigation:  tap screen once to see options, tap again to remove

if your screen has 3 dots ... in top right corner "click" and select your browser

Screen Icons:  
bottom of window: images or zones
inside image: a. another photo  b. other is info and/or link 

Device will show help options within app

 fastrack: be pro in 1 minute

at this point it is the boundary of Rattanakosin which is the man made Island surrounding the Grand palace

There are sooooo many interesting heritage Icons, walking paths, canals Dtrok (narrow Soi) that you could spend days here 

The Golden Mount 

Dating from the 1800. It is an artificial hill topped by a gilded pagoda which is 260 feet in height from its base. 

When it was completed it was the highest view point in Bangkok, the rooftop offers 360 degree views


Photo below . before entering the top floor and then onto the rooftop 

on the roof of Golden Mount 

includes History and virtual tour 

Royal Pavilion 

with metal temple (Loha Prasat) behind 

you can access most of the Pavilion and gardens as well as the metal temple (small donation to enter and work your way up the spiral staircase to the top

most beautiful at sunset 


Metal temple below 

Democracy Monument 

along the road walking to Khaosan (around 1km) you will pass many Heritage Isons 

The Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall Next to the pavilion is outstanding for 

in the distance in the middle of the road you will see the monument 

at this point its ideal to cross the road at the traffic lights and continue along the other side of the road as Khaosan is on the right 

KhaoSan Rd

KhaoSan Nightlife zone is "Most unusual"  where East meets West with hilarious results, (in the old town of Bangkok near the Grand Palace) this zone is home to backpackers 3 main areas and hundreds of sub Soi /alleyways where you can find almost anything "it's Up to You", SM hub

Lost of touters  - people trying to lure you into their bar or restaurant 

 be polite and smile (don't be aggressive or rude)

we walked the main zone 1 Khaosan Road, approx 400 mtrs

end of Khasan Rd 

we turned right to view Zone 3 (Quiet zone)
around 150 mtr to the other zones

we turned left into the side street surrounding the temple 

stopped at a interesting street side bar 

and enjoyed a cold beer

we then walked back to Khaosan to find a street side table to eat

Taxi back to start point 

Be warned ...  Prices are negotiable 

as this is a high tourism spot there will be many touters trying to negotiate with you to get a higher price 

Price will be 300bht  to 600bth
depending on the time of the day, traffic and your polite "poker face" skills

Soi Cowboy - Country Road Music Bar

Soi Cowboy is one of several "red Light" zones in Bangkok, Soi Cowboy is arguably one of the most popular tourist destinations 

apart from mostly adult only venues they also have excellent live music and sports bars

we stopped at Country Road to wash down dinner and reflect on a great day 

the night finished when the bar closed at 2am, we tried the street side Hot dog stand (delicious) and then a short walk home 


Youtube below - 2 mins link 
shorter version

Created: 10/10/22
Scene: the journey start to finish 
Duration: 10.30 mins 

Best practice - use external link below widget 



photos only including 360 


Three (3) map styles for you to follow and use for your memories 


1. Fly map
3 min video flying the route with stops at points of Interest
below the video are some photos at the stops 
it also has a cool interactive section to drag the cursor along the graph to quick see the location 

2. Route map
this is a detail hike map which you can open and follow the map exactly
the app to use is free download 
ideal of newbies 
bonus: if you save your hike you can upload your photos and they save in gps position (provided you have gps data on for your photo app)

3. Trek map
story board, shows points of interest with a lot of text content with photos
you can also display the platform in various options as shown 

Fly map

by Relive 

Drone / fly the route with way points of Icons with photos as well as a video of flight video of the route 

not the start time is correct but the finish time is not

drag the cursor along the bottom graph to map the icon move along the map

Route map

All trails hiking map

you can open this route of our hike to see photos in GPS position and then use the app to follow the trail

note: the Trek map below has more content to explain details of each Icon / Way point

open the all trails route map Sept 2022 - hike T21 to Khaosan

Trek map

How it works

you can click / tab thru the location markers
scroll down the list

each location marker has brief comment, photo/s and link to more info

How you can contribute 

1. add comment to each listing waypoint
2. share the map link in your social media

the map is updated frequently after the tour including data contributed by participants

map app

Live map

map updated frequently after the tour completed with data contributed by participants

Live map link, add comments and share

various print view options below 

Story view

This is a new design, displaying the info from start to finish 
Please note: 
map updated frequently after the tour with contributions from participants


Print view

Please note: 
note: map updated frequently after the tour with contributions from participants

Pls Share me 

Day and evening walking tour from T21 (Terminal 21 Shopping Plaza) at Bts skytrainn Asok to old Bangkok city Rattanakosin for heritage Icons and the evening at Whacky backpacker zone Khaosan Rd, all intel at

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  • Google mapping - “Step inside” (360 photos to virtual walk clubhouse and part of the course

  • collect latest intel to update google maps and Thaibis directory

  • roll data into various platforms and app to demonstrate whats good to consume

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