Birthday Gig with Bangkok Model Natinee 

@ Checkinn99 Bangkok

August 2014               


Day: Make merit (Tham Bun) - donate to Slum kids Bangkok charity

Night: Party at Checkinn99 Bangkok cabaret
book table, party, cake and photos presented with band on stage, song requests and more 

Bangkok Model Natinee - faceook fanpage linked below



Natinee and friends celebrate birthday at Checkinn99, external link

uncut videos @ bottom this page

The Gig

Make merit (Tham Bun) - donate to Slum kids Bangkok charity

Checkinn99 and their awesome band (M.O.T.H.) Music from the Heart visited FSCC to donate 50,000baht 
Bangkok model Natinee joined in with the Bangkok PAC team together with Checkinn99 family to visit, party with the kids and donate ..

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                                                   Foundation Child Slum Care

The moneybox tour challenge engages everyone donate a photo or money, join social events to network and make new friends and come along to visit the kids and then lets go to a supporting venue and Party......

Birthday Party 

After sharing the morning wrestling with the kids (child care centre), we rested up and gave it up for "happiness" with a party gig at Checkinn99 to celebrate Natinee's birthday 

The girls from Bangkok PAC are seasoned professionals when it comes to part mode 
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B.PAC team:  Natt <>  Tippy  <>  Pat  <> Sa

Other Guests:  John Doyle <> Dave Harrington 

Checkin99 owner/manager: Chris Catto Smith

Birthday girl: Bangkok Model Natinee

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Happy birthday Natinee, thanks everyone to enjoy the day and evening 

best wishes Lucky Phill



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Video uncut


Birthday cake, free to all customers. Book your table, join the band on stage photos. external link


the crew hit the dance floor, go hard or go home, external link

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snippets of tunes from the MOTH Band. external link

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