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2022.08 @ Thai CC

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Comp game a with IGST member Society at Thai Country Club Bangkok Thailand


The golf club / course 

Managed by The Peninsula Hotels group, Thai Country Club is one of Thailand’s most prestigious golf courses. Nestled on the outskirts of Bangkok, this 18-hole course has impeccable greens, some of the best holes in Thailand, and an award-winning club house. Thai Country Club has hosted numerous international and domestic tournaments featuring the world’s best golfers.

Thai Country Club is a prestigious member's course, has hosted PGA wins by Tiger Woods & Vijay Singh

.One of the best golf courses in Bangkok, Thai sets the standard for service excellence.


Designed to USPGA standards by Denis Griffiths, the course opened in December 1996. The design adapts to everyday member use up to very tough challenges for major international and PGA tournaments.


The 7,157-yard course was the venue for the 1997 Asian Honda Classic, where Tiger Woods cruised to a comfortable 10-stroke victory after shooting a final round of 68 for a 20 under-par total 268 for the championship. One year later, the second round of the 1998 Johnnie Walker Super Tour was also played in ideal conditions at Thai Country Club, won in style by Vijay Singh, who carded a magnificent score of 66 - two strokes ahead of Ernie Els and Jesper Parnevik. More recently, the Thai Country Club hosted the 2007 and 2008 Volvo Masters.


The Thai golf course, as expected, is well-maintained year-round, features a great variety from hole to hole, and an abundance of water hazards and sand bunkers. With its immaculate presentation and conditioning, coupled with a robust and classic parkland layout, Thai Country Club regularly voted as a Top 5 course in Asia.

Thai Country Club

more on the course in link above 
About, location, map link,  satellite view, virtual tour (in progress), social media, website





1. Satellite view of course in

scroll down to past the image of map for sat link

2. Virtual tour 
if we have visited the course we will create 360 virtual tour of the club house and parts of the course
check the "editorial" section this page to see what we achieved

Bonus: IGST chat groups 

use the chat groups to share intel or lift to the course as well as last minutes changes to tee - off times, link in main IGST page, link at top of page 


IGST ( International Golf Society Thailand ), free membership, 3 games pwk different courses,

more in section Editorial showing link to IGST page this site and member dashboard

About vlogger "Lucky Phill"

I visit the course and play a round (golf and gadgets) on the course 
capture photos, videos and logistical data to create a knowledge base
to share with all, details and links in section Editorial


approx 60 km from Bangkok - allow 60 mins in no peek traffic  

note: map image IS NOT true North, rotated for best view

Getting there


note: map image IS NOT true North, rotated for best view

Google map Satellite link view of course

more on how to use the features in the virtual tour page

Bonus with IGST 

Chat groups to members to share intel including share lift to the course

Link to chat groups in IGST page in this site .. see link top left of page 


From the 18th fairway

Big balcony zone extending off the restaurant,  smokers and outstanding view onto the course

You can see all the zones in the virtual tour 

The course


Driving range = Yes large zone, North of the 10th tee

Thai Country Club

more on the course in link above 
About, location, map link,  satellite view, virtual tour (in progress), social media, website

Game round up


Players are aware of their start times from Tee sheet group chat message 

often there is need for last minute changes due to player delays in which case admin will release updates in the group chat message 

Link to IGST Chat groups 

1. Member dashboard







Another  “rainy season” day in August,  along the journey from Bangkok on the skyway all around was the threat of rain and prominent on arrival but for a few drops it was a rain free day with a mixture of stunning blue sky and heavy cloud cover 


Insights by Charles of IGST 

video timeline 6.15 Charles in the know


Best practice

ideal to arrive early and take in the beautiful clubhouse and Restaurant


Club house Restaurant 

The club house restaurant 


the clubhouse Balcony - looking East towards the 10th tee








22 players  


One person in the group is required to sign on to record live score for the group


This means all scores are on a leaderboard for all to view 

and immediate results after the game and each player auto receives an email of their scorecard



Groups start at 1st tee

Photos courtesy khun Oh / IGST post


















2 practice zones - here is the chip and putt before the 1st tee






My group


From left to right 

Chris Plona   /   Phill Smith (me)  /  James Robinson   /  Harry Hansen 


I’ve played 1 game with Chris a few days earlier otherwise we are mostly newbies 

IGST membership experience 6 games / 4 games / 2 games / 3 games 

We were the last to tee off which gave us a little more time to prepare and watch the other groups launch

The following photos are from our journey around the course, I snap 360 photos for a virtual tour and extract standard / Pano photos to use here .. ie., all the photos can be seen (in better quality) in the virtual tour section (they also have a location Icon to see the position on the course)

3rd hole par 3 

3rd hole green

1 of the 4 or 5 kiosks around the course  

4th hole par 5  . need to get over water to start a long winding fairway with more water before the green

4th hole par 5 - fairway a long journey around water

4th hole par 5 - a long journey around water

6th hole - par 3 

Half way house on the West side of the clubhouse at the 1st tee  

11th par 3 over water … this is a big ask 

14th par 5 caught in a trap .. I can't look back 

17th hole - par 5  - the Green 

Can you guess which green this is   (photo extracted from virtual tour)

Back of the 18th .. the clubhouse has a stunning view from the front of the green

Balcony view onto the course 

Course challenges 

To gain a better insight of the hazards, try the satellite view options in the virtual tour page (link in editorial) where you can zoom in and measure the course on the desktop (it's also possible with mobile phone but a little tricky)

Example google maps: Satellite mode

View 360 images in position and measure distances

This is explained in our Virtual tour Page TCC - see section Google map









For the group generally 


Weather was, in the main,  perfect all day


Course in excellent condition 


Speed of play was good 


Food, drinks and clubhouse hospitality was high quality  



Quite a few stayed for the presentation 

(during covid this was discouraged and members needed to leave immediately after the game).  

Screen shot below taken before the game 



 Please do know all welcome to stay and enjoy the fellowship and excellent hospitality of the club restaurant


Charles announced the results 


Comp Winners:  Tad

show me da money 

screen shot below of results 

scores recorded live during the game by 1 person in each group into the free golf genius app 

and available to view in the app or on the Golf Genius portal 




Full details avail to view in IGST member portal



summary of results captured in video - see link under "related topics"

Don’t forget Khun Oh brings an excellent selection of golf shirts to the game 


Member eCard

as explained by Charles during prizes at Vintage

watch in the video at timeline 8.43 - 9.00 Member eCard

screenshot of member e-Card

pls test and give feedback to Charles or Phill




IGST Facebook post - players and  course

IGST at Thai Country Club


Facebook Phill (Lucky) - pics and short video


360 images in virtual tour this page 


if members have photos of the day please let admin know to share 



12 min video published 14/08/2022

Scene:  IGST visit, walk thru clubhouse, parts of the course & post game results


Virtual tour

Image result for gif virtual tour

Newbies go to  VT TCC

Pro users 
jump into tour at image below - VT TCC 18th Fairway

if your unsure how to drive the tour platform go the newbies section to get the basics

3rd party site/s and Google Street View - STEP INSIDE


when we visit places with IGST, we copy some of the 360 images (typically the members) into another virtual tour as a souvenir edition at IGST Virtual tour 


tips and tricks 

the 360 images can be shared in your social media 


or take a screen shot at any angle

In the roundme platform go to the top right to change the display options to best suit your screen capture


pinch zoom 


rotate screen

Social Media What we did today 


  • Play - a - round

  • Google mapping - “Step inside” (360 photos to virtual walk clubhouse and part of the course

  • Satellite view link of course
  • Virtual tour platform

  • Video of the outing with IGST

  • Directory page of the golf course
  • Vlog the IGST outing 

Scroll down to see each


Apart from golfing on the day, I attempt multitasking challenges (which often means not a good golf score)  

No problem / “Mai Mee Pbun Haa”

Photos / videos: 

very dependant on weather conditions and the vibe of the player group

If the weather is threatening rain / high humidity then its poor depth of field (low quality)

If the player group is not known or strictly golf then we avoid photo contact 

Today .. the golfing

My caddy today Khun Maew, lovely lady and now friends on “line” (a popular thai social media platform)

Tip payment to caddy is between 300 to 500 baht is the benchmark 

Threatening with rain at the start and a few drops fell which I kindly removed from the lense 

A few holes later a few 360 shots have a few blur sports which means there was a drop or 2 of rain on the lense

The weather, mostly fine, a few holes with vivid blue sky when the sun go through, otherwise most of the day was cloud cover which is ideal for golf 

About the course 

Pretty well STUNNING everywhere .. very meticulous in all aspects. The obvious anxiety of so much water is kindly dismissed with the appreciation of the beauty, sweeping fairways, accurate and well planned contoured water boundaries.  

Howz the awesome Japanese spa in the men's locker room

Extract from 360 image in the virtual tour 

After the game I enjoyed the food in the clubhouse

Phad Sii-ew Gai   (Pan fried noodles with chicken)

360 pics: Google mapping - Step Inside

Images are uploaded to google maps to … same same Street View but when the images go beyond the road it's called  “step Inside” into places, to allow anyone on the net to engage Virtual tour / Step Inside


55 x 360 photos taken on the day (already captured the clubhouse on previous visit)

It's become abundantly apparent I can not handle any more than about 4 holes, without an impost on other players let alone the lengthy process of a jig saw puzzle (trying to work out the position of the photos)  some platforms only have tunnel vision view during the creation which is just a nightmare when all around is green .. lol 

Screenshot:  show tips and tricks to access 360 images in google map

Directory page

section Satellite for examples of how to access with links

If your experience with Google maps Satellite is not seamless, please let me know, I will be pleased to help and get the feedback.

Hey … did we capture you in google map ?

if your in a 360 pic you can share the link

From google map: view the 360 section of the google map listing

In directory page section "Location" for map link, then scroll photos or you try the Satellite view (see down this page)

Tip: same (and more) 360 pics in virtual tour with many more options, see the section on virtual tour down this page

pinch zoom 


rotate screen

Satellite view of course

Golfers will enjoy this

zoom in and move along the course (you can also get measurements)

View on desktop or mobile phone

  • As we record 360 images on the course you can access via this view

screenshot showing tips and tricks

Imperative to know tips and tricks 

Map (desktop and mobile) has an icon / symbol to “change layers”,  please change them to 

  1. Satellite: ->  can now rotate screen desktop or mobile

  1. Street view - >  see blue lines / dots of 360 images to access (if multiple, you can jump / fly)

Bonus for golfers

I use an excellent golf app that has a “flyover” of each hole, welcome to ask me more as I’ve been using it for years

GolfPad - amazing app 

  • Does all the usual stuff like record score, shots, measure distance 

It also has 

  • flyover each hole 

  • History of games and players score

  • Dashboard of score with map of hole 

try it.. 
link to my game at the course August 2022 score view holes Thai CC

more on Golfpad

  • Also a live group leader board score to share with players or friends

  • Tag set (cheapest around) to record all shots club and distance

See app features 


Virtual tour 

same 360 images are used in a 3rd party platform for extra features such as info labels, links and more 

some images with members used in a separate IGST virtual tour 

Screenshot of image from virtual tour - comments how to access images 

Link to Virtual tour


if your unsure how to drive the tour platform go the newbies section to get the basics


You can change the display style of the 360 to various styles and then snap screenshots, 

more info on tips and tricks in the help section within the webpage

Separate IGST virtual tour at link

The concept is a few shots from each place with jump link to the tour of the course

pinch zoom 


rotate device

Video of the outing 

screenshot of timeline contents 

the video is embedded in this page with timeline as per screen shot 

Pls watch it directly in the youtube channel

please visit, we get 1 view credit

Vlog the course 

Screenshot below 

please visit the page 

we get 1 view credit


IGST Golf Air-club Bangkok

All we know (so far)  Screenshot 

And we are trialling a few ideas for the group

please visit page,

we get 1 view credit




Golf Hub Bangkok

We are building a service directory of all things Golf Bangkok

please visit, we get 1 view credit



Do let me know “complaints are a gift” 


or in the link below you will find a section on contact options 

such as mobile phone social media platforms 

Vocation:  Phill Smith (Lucky)

Aus: Finance/Insurance Thai: Tour Guru  Global: 360 Photo


   QR code url


Buy us a coffee

if you like info, keep us going sponsor a coffee
when I roam around town with a few bags of camera gear, phones and compass I get tired 
in this link you can buy me a coffee and include a message which helps so much

ultimately I prefer support for visit my local charity project 
FSCC Foundation Slum Child Care log of my visits and money raised


Pls share me

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Subhapruek Golf C - July 2022 Low / Medium 1600baht Kart&Caddy (walk or kart) - excellent value for money course 40kms South East - be aware gps route may be wrong 22.07.28 vlog: video, pics, virtual tour - great lay-out fierce water challenges 
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